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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Leadership Styles

Leadership style is the manner and approach of providing direction, implementing plans, and motivating people. There are many different leadership styles. Different styles work in different situations. A team will be a stronger with a variety of different leadership styles. Some basic leadership styles are:-

  • Authoritative: This type of (autocratic) leaders provide clear expectations of what needs to be done, when it should be done and how? Decision-making is less creative under this style. Autocrative leaders make decisions independently with little or no input from the rest of the group. However, this style is ideal when there is little time for group decision- making.

  • Participative / Democratic: This style is based on 'Let us work together' philosophy. This is considered as most effective way of leadership style as the democratic leaders welcome the ideas / suggestions of their subordinates / group members. Here group members are motivated to participate and be creative.

  • Delegative / Free-rein: Here the leader allows the employees to make the decisions. However, the leader is still responsible for the decisions that are made. This is used when employees are able to analyze the situation and determine what needs to be done and how to do it. Free-rein (also called as 'Laissez Faire') is non-interference in the affairs of others. This style can be effective in situations where group members are highly qualified in an area of expertise.

Overcoming Mental Illness / Trauma

Going through any mental illness or trauma (an act of violence or natural disaster, something which is not in your control)? The first human reaction to any incident is shock and denial which results in sleepless nights, anxiety, irritation and disorders. How to overcome this type of traumatic-like behaviours and / or mental illness? Solutions here:-

  • After exposure to stressful incidents like death, accident or something bad news, one should not immediately go for sleep. Because one sleeps immediately after the incident, even after years, it is consolidate in the head. So it ideal not to sleep at least for 6 hours and talk to friends and family members to get relief from the mental stress.

  • Having a group of friends / colleages who share their life experience will enable one to learn from their experience.

  • To reduce stress, one can follow the technnique of being positive about future and being compassionate to the problems of other people.

  • Most of us know that laughter is the best medicine to get relief from stress. Watching comedy shows, reading jokes in the internet and organizing jokes-only party will help get stress-free life.

  • Omega-3 rich foods like wallnuts, eggs, soybeans and fish will lift mood more effectively.

  • Simple and easiest exercise to reduce post-traumatic stress is to deeply breath at least for 30 minutes daily.

  • Physical traumatic incident has an impact on anybody's mind. One should not avoid such incident's memories. To overcome such incidents, one should think and talk about it. Getting engaged in self-care will help.

  • Anybody who wants to over from traumatic condition should be able to withstand or recover quikly from difficult conditions, illness, change and misfortunes.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Festive-Look Home Decoration Tips

On special occasions / festivals (Diwali / Christmas / New Year & other special days for you and for your family) at your home, you can bring a new look for your home by making some internal alterations at your home:-

  • You do not need to paint your house. Just decorate your home walls with decorative wall papers, display flowers at strategic locations. You can even place some beautiful pieces of crockery wherever you think will be suitable.

  • You can concentrate on curtains, cushion covers to replace them with new ones and with suitable colors. You can make cushion covers with more beautiful or attractive pictures of lace, jewels, stones or ruffles which will add festive feel in graceful manner.

  • To have a complete new look / change in all rooms by altering the arrangement of furniture temporarily.

  • Placing highly decorated plant varieties will add further freshness, cheer at minimal cost.

  • To give festive feel, you can use candles, diyas and colorful lights indoors and also outdoors.

  • Tissue flowers / paper festoons can also be used to adorn the doors.

  • Floors can be adorned with powder rangolis and a large 'urli' can be used with floating candles to grace the entrance with a floral pattern.

Steps Before Filing a Legal Case

Have the plan to knock the doors of the court for any legal dispute (civil or criminal)? What you should keep in mind and how to prepare for filing a legal case? Here are some basic steps:-

  • First and foremost, check whether you can file the case according to 'Law of Limitation Act, 1963.' Simply put, this act stipulates the period for each type of case the period within which you can / have the right to file the case.

  • Collect some background information about the case and find out relevant sections of the Act, under which your case falls. This will enable you to present your case to your lawyer.

  • You should then collect a list of evidence, including documents, photographs and other relevant documents. Prepare a list of people who can act as witnesses for your case and arrange an interview for them by your lawyer.

  • A more cost-effective option is to settle the dispute out of court.

  • As the case (in India) will drag for several years, you should be mentally prepared to bear litigation cost, paying fees to the lawyer and also the mental and emotional stress. This will have the impact on your job and business.

  • You should also keep in mind that losing the court case can damage your reputation.

  • Most important thing you should keep in mind that the defendant may file a countersuit against you. Needless to mention that you will have to incur the cost of not only your case but the cost of case filed by your defendant.

  • Choosing the right lawyer is another important task for you. Choose the right lawyer who has sufficient / vast experience in handling your case. Conducting a background check of his education, skills and experience will enable you to decide whether to go for him or not?

  • Never hesitate to ask any type of questions, doubts or clarifications (related to the case/his fees etc. ) before and during the case. This will avoid misunderstanding between you and your lawyer.

What is Insurance Repository?

IRDA (of India) launched Insurance Repository System (IRS) in October 2013. The insured can demat their Insurance Policies by using this new system. Some ins and outs of this system:- 
  • IR (Insurance Repository) allows to hold the insurance policies in demant form. The insured can now keep their policies in an e-insurance account with an insurance repository.
  • A policyholder can open an e-insurance account with any of the five repositories (NDSL, CIR, SHIL, CAMS & KARVY) approved by IRDA. An individual can have only one e-Insurance Account.
  • If the insured has policies with different insurance companies, the insured can store all the policies in one account.
  • If the insured wants to buy a new policy, the insured can just quote the existing account number of e-insurance in the application and opto for a policy in the electronic form. As an existing customer of e-insurance account, process will be must faster.
  • The insured / policyholder has to pay nothing to open an e-insurance account. Insured does not need to pay anything to convert the existing policies in to electronic form.
  • The insured can make all their requests (for change of address, nomination, sum assured, account detailscontact details etc.) online.
  • All the existing life insurance and pension plans will have to be converted in to demat form, if the insured want to store them in e-insurance account. Insured can submit their request for the same online.
  • If all policies are stored in e-Insurance account, insured will not have the fear of losing their physical documents.
  • Insured can track all their policies at one place and no need for them to visit different insurance companies for their services. Paperwork will get reduced and updating details online will become much easier, faster and more reliable. 

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

When to Sell Your Shares?

As everybody knows when to buy shares, knowing when to sell them is also crucial. Here are some basic factors to dispose off your shares:-

  • If you think that your portfolio has grown to the level beyond comfort zone, you can sell some of your holdings.

  • If you feel that thre is a chance to earn higher returns from another stocks, you can consider disposing off the underperformed stocks. To recover some of the lost money and possibly make more, you should get rid of the underachievers and seize the opportunities.

  • When your stocks price skyrocket by more than 30% in a few weeks due to market speculation, it would be ideal sell your stocks and look for other opportunties. And if you are sure about company's prospects, you buy the same later at a lower price.

  • You can learn from the past mistakes and should know the 'stop-loss' technique. You should intervene in time and sell your stocks.

  • You would have bought the company's shares as you were convinced about its growth prospects, competitive advantage, superior product mix and its upcoming projects. Same way, you will have to rethink when situation takes an u-turn like fierce new competitor who offers good quality products at low price in the market, exit of key personnel from the company etc. and should immediaely dispose off the stocks.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Bridal Make-up Tips

Perfectly blended make-up with the overall look of the bride is most important thing as bridal make-up has to be perfect.

  • For the flawless look, it is ideal to use as little make-up as possible and most important is to focus on eyes of the bridal.

  • As bridals in India wear a lot of jewelry, they should avoid choosing very bright or light colors for make-up.

  • For blush and lip colors, it is better to stick to red or peach tints.

  • Cream-based eye-shadow with powder stays for long hours as compared to only cream. For shading, gold and brown will be more suitable than darker shades.

  • Skin color of bridal plays an important role in make-up techniques. Below the eye- brow, highlighter should be applied and it should blend well with eye-shadow.

  • For darkening / thickening the eyelashes, waterproof cosmetics should be used for bridal make-up.

  • Curler should be chosen according to mascara. A different curler should be used as compared to volumizing mascara. When comes to highlighters, shimmer and glitters, golden color should be used.

  • Eye-lashes should be of good quality to avoid discomfort on the day of wedding.

  • It is better to do a smoky eye with a brown shade rather than black ot look more natural. For the day, colors for eye make-up can be of baby pink, apricot, gold or bronze and for night, colors like dark pink, maroon, dark brown with gold or rust or even flourescent can be used.

  • Eye make-up should always blend with skin complexion, overal make-up and outfit of the function. And the bride should feel confident throughout the wedding day.

Friday, 25 October 2013

India's 10 Top Online Shopping Merchants

Online shopping by the customers in India is on rise as they save lot of money and time. Here are the 10 best online reputed Merchants in India, selling millions of products. Just click the Merchant No. link to directly land in to their websites. Shop online and save a lot of money:-

Merchant No.1: USA's one of the best online merchants. Now in India. It sells millions of Branded products like Mobiles, Accessories, Computers, Cameras, Media Players, Personal Care & Health Appliances.
Merchant No.2 : India's one of the best Online Merchants selling lac of products like Electronics, Books, Home/Kitchen Appliances, Products for men & women. You can get any product from here and save a lot of money by ordering ddiscounted prices.
Merchant No.3 : A Delhi-based online Merchant with millions of products at discounted prices. You can get Branded Books, Mobiles, Computers, Laptops, Electronic goods, Camers, Appliances, Software, Health & Beauty Products here.
Merchant No.4: A reputed Online Merchant specially for Baby Products. Here you can find all baby produts at discountd prices like Diapers, Wipes, Bags, Feeding/Nursing Needs, Baby Clothes, Shoes, Toys, School Stationery, Books & Music.
Merchant No.5: This Merchant specialise in women Products at discounted prices like Sarees, Suits, Lehangas, Kurtis, Wedding Specials & More.
Merchant No.6: A Reputed Mumbai-based Online Merchant who sells millions of discounted products like Kitchen Needs, Home/Living Needs, Bed/Bath, Electronics, Mobles, Computers, Home Appliances, Footwear, Toys/Games, Gift Items & More.
Merchant No.7: A Delhi-based Reputed Mechant offering Warranty, Free Shipping, 15 Days Return Policy on discounted Products like Mobiles, Laptops, Desktop, Cameras, Electronics, Home Appliances, Small Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Personal/Beauty Care, Games & More.
Merchant No.8: TATA Group's Online Division providing discounts on Top Branded Phones, Computers, Entertainment, Home/Kitchen Appliances, Cameras, Gaming & More.
Merchant No.9: Again a USA-based Merchant now in India selling products up to 50% Discount with deals. You can buy at discounted prices products like Mobiles, Laptops, Cameras, Televisions/LEDs, Tablets & more from here.
Merchant No.10: Again India's one of the best merchants selling Apparels, Mobiles, Gifts, Computers, Watches & lac products at discounts.

Breastfeeding Benefits

Mother's milk is a platform of good health for babies as it is the sole source for infant's growth and it is equally healthy for mothers too. Breastfeeding also provides many short and long term benefits to the mother also.:-

  • Mother should start breastfeeding the infant immediately after delivery. As soon as the baby start sucking, oxytocin hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland of the mother and it helps to release milk from the breast. It reduces bleeding which prevents anaemia.

  • The amount of iron a mother loses in breast milk is much lesser than the she loses through bleeding.

  • Breastfeeding delays regular menstruation which prevents anaemia and the chances of becoming pregnant are less.

  • Mothers even lose weight as breastfeedig burns 200 to 500 calories per day to produce milk.

  • Beastfeeding is also good for diabetic mothers who are on insulin as its dose can be reduced.

  • Breastfeeding leads to good level of cholesterol which in turn reduces heart diseases.

  • Hip fractures are less common in women who breastfeed as their bones become stronger. It reduces calcium levels.

  • Ovarian and uterine cancers are less in mothers who breastfeed. Mothers who breastfeed for 12-24 months, the risk of cancer to them gets reduced by 10-25%.

  • It has psychlogical impacts like bonding due to skin-to-skin touch between mother and the baby. The milk producing hormone produces calming effect in the mother which enables her to relax.

  • Beastfeeding is convenient and economical. Mothers does not need to take effort to sterilise the bottles and prepare any formula feed.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Condolence Messages - Do's & Don'ts.

It is essential to express our condolences in a right way to the grieved people. Most of us are uncomfortable with death and do not know what to express or what not? Some do's and don'ts for expressing your condolences:-

  • If your close family friend has lost any of his / his family member, visit personally. Call ahead of time to make sure that his family at home and is receiving the people coming to express their condolences.

  • If your friend has lost of his / her family members (father / mother / brother / sister), most courteous way to say is 'I am sorry to hear about your father now'. Listen to him / her with compassion. Let him / her speak more and listen. If you have gone through the similar loss, share your own experience if you think it might help.

  • If you are not very close to any person who has lost somebody in his family, say that you feel sorry for the loss and express your deepest condolences to his / her family.

  • You can psychologically support him / her, by carrying food for their family, helping in funeral arrangements or by staying at home to receive guests and take phone calls.

  • If you are out of country / city / place, and cannot visit personally, you can make phone calls.

  • Never use pre-printed card without adding your brief hand-written personal message.

  • It would be highly impersonal sending your condolence message via emails, social networks etc.

  • Never use the phrases like "It is God's will" or "He will be happy there".

  • Do not socialize with others at funerals and prayer meetings as you are attending marriage and other functions.

  • It would be highly disrespectful and rude, asking about family's will, assets, insurance policies or investments.

  • Make your presence by a phone call or personal visit during holidays, festivals etc. when they feel very hard and make them feel that you are there for his / her needs.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

General Tips for Happy & Healthy Life

Hectic life makes everybody busy, depressed & frustrated. How we can make our life happy and healthy? Here are some simple basic tips:-

  • Always try to have good & hygenic foods and sound sleep at nights.

  • To keep yourself mentally and physically fit, do some physical exercise daily at least 20-30 minutes, preferably yoga.

  • Never do any work continuously for 4-5 hours. Take a break of at least 10 minutes by reading newspapers/magazines or having a walk to refresh yourself.

  • Whenever you feel depressed at home, have a bath in warm water and take a walk for 10-15 minutes. This will release your mental stress.

  • If you want to cry and not able to control, cry a lot to get a mental relief. Better to cry than suppressing your feelings. At the same, you should know when and where to cry?

  • If you do not like to cry, whenever you get opportunity, you should laugh a lot by watching comedy movies, comedy clips and/or interacting with your friends and family members (by not hurting the feelings of others).

  • To share your sorrows, feelings, failures and success, have a good and reliable friend or a family member. They might give valuable advice or suggestions for you.

  • Leading mechanical life also will make you stressed or depressed. Once or twice a week, go out, meet friends or family members or do shopping, go to temple or watch movies.

  • Read books on Positive Thinking, Positive Attitude & Personality Development to get more advice to be happy in your life.

  • Abstain from those who are problematic, have negative attitude and confuse you.

  • Don't fear from problems. Face them.

  • Avoid caffeine-content coffee and chocolate.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

How to Get Rid of Gutkha (Pan Masala)?

Gutka is a combination of lime, tobacco, betal nut and other flavours. People especially males who use Guktka often are unaware of its harm to their health. People get easily attracted towards gutka products as they are very cheap, easily available, packed attractively, have sweet taste & give misleading advertisements.

  • Most important step to stop Gutka is 'will power'.

  • Betal nut elevates the chances of cancer of the gums, mouth, throat, lung, liver and stomach etc. It has a lot of side & psychological effects to the person consuming.

  • If you really want to stop cosuming Gutka, set a date to stop and make plans for your first day without it.

  • Also find supporting persons (friends/family members) who really care about your health. This will make you think of your family and impact on their future.

  • Try to keep away cigarettes, gutka, paan etc. Involve yourself doing something else like reading books/magazines, watching your favourite shows, walking, meditating etc.

  • Consuming a lot of water and breathing deeply will keep you away from cigaretts, gutka, paan etc.

  • Whenever you feel to have gutka, put something else to eat which do not harm your health like chewing gum, sweets, pepermints etc.

  • Addicted persons should decrease the quantity of consuming them every day or week. They should not suddenly stop.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Proceeding cautiously for Real-estate Investment

An investment in real estate should not be a causal decision as it is a long-term investment and requires a lot of careful planning. Some important factors to be considered if you invest in real-estate for good returns in future:-

  • Having Adequate Funds: Most buyers do not follow this. Buyers before buying any property should definitely have a back-up of 40-45% of the total property value to not only to meet the initial payments but also for sudden medical crisis. Apart from this, buyers should preferably go for bank loan as the Financial Institutions will check the legal issues if any involved in the property like NOC, ownership, EC, patta etc.

  • Identifying the right place: This is a very difficult task for the buyers as Realtors', Flat / Villa Promoters' / Agents' verbal assurances / assumptions cannot always be relied. Buyers should thoroughly research whether the location has / will have all residential enclaves nearby, commercial spaces like offices, malls, schools, hospitals, hotels & transport facilities.

  • Antecedent Verification About Realtors: Buyers should thoroughly check the track records of the developers like searching reviews in Google, past performance, plan approvals from the concerned govt. departments, quality of construction, amenities offered etc. Buyers should especially be cautious in case of properties where construction work has not yet been started.

  • As far as selling the real estate property is concerned, investors should prefer long-term returns, means they should sell after 7-10 years to get more returns as expected. This is necessary also to save on tax from capital gains.

    Buyers or Sellers of real-estate properties, they should have patience to get steady returns and verification about developers will keep the investment secure. To search properties or to sell your properties or to rent / lease them out, please visit here.

Types of Mutual Fund Advisors

Registered Mutual Fund Distributors who are qualified to sell MFs, are called by following 4 different names:-

  • Banks: Banks offer advisory and products services to the investors. Most banks do not charge fees.

  • Plain MF Agent: These agents help in just investing in MFs and most do not advise. Though they do not charge advisory fees, they charge a nominal transaction fee to cover their minimum costs. Their main source of revenue is from MF directly.

    When investors invest, the fund house deducts a nominal fee already fixed from the investors investment amount out of the amount invested.

  • SEBI-Registered Advisers: These advisers have to function as per strict SEBI guidelines, complying with the mandatory requirements. The most important requirement is that they should segregate her advisory business from their distribution business.

  • Financial Planners: These financial planners are qualified & certified financial planners. There are around 50000 registered distributors and independent financial planners in India (in 2013).

    Financial planners who make a holistic financial plan, charge an advisory fee. Besides, they also guide through the process of adhering to the plan and evaluate once a year or two. These financial planners understand the financial goals, gets details of income and expenditure, medical needs of the prospective investors and then devise the financial plan.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Parents! Tips for Parent-Teacher Meeting

Parents are child's first teachers. When parents and teachers talk to each other, each person can share important information about your child’s talents and needs. Parent-teacher meeting is very short - 5 to 20 minutes once or twice a year. So it is ideal for the parents to note down in advance what all to be asked? Some important tips below:-

  • First of all, parents should ask their child what the teacher will say about him / her.

  • Before attending the meeting, parents should child's work, grades and progress reports and make a list of questions to be asked during the meeting.

  • Parents can find out how the child is doing by asking questions like, Is he / she is performing at grade level? How she / can improve? etc.

  • Parents can share their thoughts and feelings about the child and also request the teacher with what he / she needs help.

  • Parents can also get suggestions from the teacher, how they can help their child at home?

  • Parents can also ask why the child is doing socially? Is she/he able to get along with other students?

  • Does the child speak up in the class or ask questions during class? Do they ask for help if they are confused or unsure?

  • What skills and knowledge will the child be expected to master this year?

  • Above all, Parents should approach the teacher with positive attitude.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

General Tips for Job Seekers

Some general tips of do's & don'ts for job seekers:-

  • The best way of submitting your CV is to upload it on the company website. If you do not have time to register your Resumes with Company Websites, just avail services of a HR Professional here at a very affordable cost.

  • If you are searching for reputed India / Abroad job portals, just visit here and post your Resume FREE.

  • Never send your Resume more than once or spam companies inbox. This will create a bad impression about you.

  • Also do not send mass email to several companies. If you have lack of time, place all companies/consultants/recruiters' email IDs in 'BCC' option and in 'CC' (or) 'TO' option.

  • Do not often follow-up with the recruiters / companies by emails, personal visits or personal visits. Give enough time for them to respond.

  • Your conver letter should be interested. It should not be too long or too short. As I am a HR professional having worked in various divisions of HR Department, it is true that recruiters/companies normally scan / go through each Resume hardly / maximum for 30 seconds.

  • When you send Resume as attachment thorugh email, do not forget to mention 'Post Applied For & No.of Years Exp.' in the subject line of the mail. Also be brief by providing a summary of your profile in the email message box.

  • If the profile is preferably sent in PDF format, it would be ideal as sometimes the Resume in word document might not get opened at recruiters' system as Resumes would have been prepared in higher version word document by the job seekers.

  • The Cover Letter should make a strong case as to why the recruiter should open the resume.

  • Job seekers should be very patient before sending any unsolicited resume for a response to come.

Hiring Right Persons

Hiring the right person for the company is a skill and the interviewers gt better at it with practice. Here are some simple and basic tips to hire the right persons:-

  • Interviewer should get 2-3 employees of the concerned department involved at the time interview with the candidates. When the employees talk to the candidate, interviewer should just listen and can look for a persons who are friendly, caring and fun as they likely to understand the teamwork and help others.

  • Interviewer should prefer those candidates who have worked in different industries with transferable skills and those who can tackle the problems creatively. Candidates with broad experience is better than those who just have just multiple degrees.

  • Sometimes, company should fill the job from within if possible to keep up a constant stream of strong candidates in to all positions, especially the entry-level ones.

  • The interviewer should speak less. the more he concentrates on listening, the better his decision will be.

  • Interview should ask questions that will prompt the candidate to give more detail and elaborate on some points.

  • Also, asking specific questions like 'Give me an example of how you handled crisis' will provide vital information as to the applicant's suitable for a particular role.

  • The interviewer should make sure that his questions are clear, well-phrased, simple and easy to understand.

  • If the candidate cannot answer a question immediately, try rephrasing the question. Do this a couple of times and allow the candidate to think about the question. If necessary, move on to the next question and then return to this question later.

Monday, 7 October 2013

How to Teach Children About Sex?

Talking about sex openly with your child will be one of the most meaningful conversations you will have. The images and messages which the child comes across might give him / her incorrect information. Teens, being curious are likely to experiment with sex. Here are some tips to teach / talk to your child about sex:-

  • The process of educating your children about sex must be continuous since many questions might arise in their minds time and again.

  • Instead of delivering a lecture, express your opinions and values while discussing sex with them.

  • Explain to the children about the consequences of sex like sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy and the emotional changes that might happen after sex.

  • Discuss about the deliberate use of artificial methods or other techniques to prevent pregnancy as a consequence of sexual intercourse.

  • Counsel your children whenever they express their feelings when confronted with sexual situations.

  • Make sure your communication and information channels are open to them whenever they need your help regarding sex education.

  • Everyday life provides lot of opportunities for talking about sexuality. These moments can make very easier for the parents to their children to talk about sex.

  • Providing young children with information that is age-appropriate makes it easier for them to understand that sex is a natural part of human and emotional development. It also makes it easier to talk with them about the more complicated aspects of sexual intimacy as they get older.

  • Talking about sexuality may be uncomfortable at first, but it will get easier in time. Being open to discussing sexuality can be challenging. It’s common for parents and kids to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable when talking to one another about sex. In time and with practice, it will get easier. The key for the parents is to keep the conversation open and ongoing.

  • Before / while answering, find out what your children exactly ask and ensure that your information is not over-loaded and as a feedback, check their understanding and ask whether they have got answers to their questions.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

What a husband should never say his wife?

A husband should simply avoid the following comments to not to land in to trouble by a single misleading word or misunderstanding:-

  • Husband should never expect whether she is expecting? She might be getting weight after marriage. It is her right to disclose the happy news to her husband, if she is pregnant.

  • Husband should never say, she is like his mother.

  • He should never comment that she looks good but not beautiful as he expected. Then he should have married a more beautiful woman.

  • Husband should never give any instruction / advice (other than suggestion) for any of her routine jobs at home. It would definitely not be appreciated by wife.

  • Whatever food served, it would be good for the husband to have with no comments. Does husband comment, it will only result in serving the food he does not like.

  • Husband should never refer his mother, ex-girlfriend or ex-wife on what they were good. Those days are over. Wife does not like to hear about it.

  • Husband should avoid negative comments over wife's hair / dress. Instead, address the situation diplomatically by saying, "In my opinion, navy blue saree will more suitable".

  • To the extent possible, husbands should avoid saying anything that might hurt their feelings, embarrass them or make them to distant from their husbands.

Friday, 4 October 2013

How to Select Domain Name?

Domain name, the name for your website, reflects your business or personal identity. Here are the simple steps for choosing name for your website:-

  • Short and sweet names attract attention and easy to remember.

  • Prepare a list of services your business provides and a list of possible names in accordance with those services.

  • Use catchphrases from your brochure and other promotional materials to create additional domain name options.

  • For personal domain name, use your name, your pet's name, your hobbies, your surname or even you child's name.

  • Select organisation suffices. Whether you prefer .com, .net etc.

  • Select the best name and Register the Domain Name as early as possible before somebody else registers.

  • If you prefer to use a domain name that has already been registered by somebody-else, contact domain owners. Domain owners sometimes sell domain names they do not use.

Tips to Sing a Song

  • First of all, breathing and vocal exercises are most important to a better sounding singing voice.

  • At the beginning stage, get advice from vocal teacher who can provide some basic steps to practise.

  • Self-evaluate and believe in yourself that you are sure you will be able to sing a song.

  • Before practising, maintain good posture and technique and have just a glass of water instead of eating heavy foods or soft / hot drinks. When you sing, breathe life into every phrase and sing with feeling.

  • Play CD of your favourite, familiar and simple melody song and sing along to practise.

  • Initially, try to sing those songs which you think are within your comfort zone.

  • Activate your mouth, nasal passages and head areas to effectively practise.

  • Start with the main / first verse of the song to check your level of you skill to sing the song.

  • Note down the most difficult part of the song and practise it well till you are satisfied.

  • Practise / sing wherever and wherever you feel comfortable.

  • After you have practised well, perform in front of your friend or relative who knows how to sing.

  • Never get discouraged when practising if you are not able to sing the song.

Insomnia - Causes & Remedies

Insomnia is a habitual sleeplessness or inability to sleep. Causes & remedies for Insomnia here:-

  • Use of certain medications either with or without doctor's advice.

  • Working night shifts and / or frequent traveling.

  • Use of stimulants (like nicotine and caffeine which raise the levels of physiological or nervous activity in the body) prior to sleep.

  • Sleeping disorders due to poor body structures.

  • Mental stress and anxiety.

  • To overcome insomnia problem, establishing fixed times for going to and bed and waking up will be first solution.

  • Relaxing just before going to bed and avoiding nicotine, alcohol and caffeine will help in overcoming insomnia.

  • Most Important to Avoid: (1) Watching or checking the clock thoroughout the night (2) Eating heavy meal late at night. (3) Physical exercise within 4 hours of bedtime & (4) Sleeping during the daytime.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Sex Health Benefits

  • According to a British Study, men who have sex two or more times in a week are less likely to have fatal heart attack.

  • Sex boosts better self-esteem. Those who already have self-esteem will feel better after having sex.

  • Having sex boosts the levels of love, trust and deeper intimacy between the partners.

  • Men who have 20 or more ejaculations in a month are less likely to be affected by prostate cancer.

  • For both the partners, sex leads to better sleep and sometimes even cures headaches.

  • Those who live together and have sex often have their stress and blood pressure under control.

  • Sex also boosts immunity and protects those involved in sex once or twice a week from colds and infections.

  • Sex, which is considered as a great mode of exercise, burns 85 calories, do the partners have 30 minutes of sex at a time.

  • Partners will feel more confident & have better positive attitude if they involve in sex often.

  • Sex not only provides enhanced blood flow to the body, but also to the brain.

Foreign Tourists! India Travel - Do's & Don'ts

Visiting India during holidays by foreign tourists will definitely be enriching and will be a memorable experience for them. Here are some do's & don'ts for foreign tourists while touring in India:-

  • For most foreign travellers, India can be a life lesson. They will come across traffic jams, delays, roadblocks for no reasons unlike their countries. They should not take these things personally.

  • On a long vacation, travellers should not try to have too many consecutive travel days and should spend at least 1-2 nights in any given city. It is important to enjoy each place before you move on to another destination.

  • Travellers should familiarise themselves with with the local customs. Travellers should take photographs only after getting permission of the locals and should not hurt people's sensibilities.

  • Will you be able to control your emotions or anger by not negatively projecting about your former to your children. Do you, then your children not only will not respect you but also your second spouse.

  • Travellers should not treat the parks and mountains as their private picnic spots. In forest areas, they should avoid making noise, listening to loud music or throwing litter around as garbage is a major problem in India.

  • In stead of going with a fixed list of things to visit, travellers should be very flexible to let the destination surprise them.

  • During peak, summer holidays & festive seasons, it will be very difficult for foreign tourists to book tickets for flights, trains & buses. They should book much in advance. For multiple travel portals, please visit here to book your travel needs in India.

  • Travellers should drink only bottled water as tap water in India is not drinkable.

  • As floods and landslides are common, travellers should avoid long-distance car travel.

  • Before hiring any guides, travellers should check and verify their IDs.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Planning Second Marriage? Ask Yourself.

Before entering in to second marriage (if you have decided for), you should set priorities to not land in to same mistakes again. Ask yourself some important questions and find answers before entering in to second marriage:-

  • You should first get convinced that first marriage has to be finished legally and also in mind and heart. If the intention is to get back with former spouse, then should not go for second marriage.

  • Being very patient and taking a lot of time are the most important factors for second marriage. Emotional & psychological feelings should not push you to move fast towards second marriage. Examining own life, attitudes and anlysing the reasons for failures in first marriage will help in deciding for successful second marriage.

  • Carrying forward anger over former spouse will lead to terrible frustration even after second marriage which you should not.

  • Will you be able to control your emotions or anger by not negatively projecting about your former to your children? Do you, then your children not only will not respect you but also your second spouse.

  • Are you mentally prepared to set boundaries to your children just to respect your new mate? Not necessarily, your children should love your new mate.

  • Will you (your new mate) be ready to welcome step-children. This needs time and patience to decide by both of you.

  • Will you love your new mate's children? It will be very difficult for children (as they are) to adjust to new family environment. But as an adult, you should understand and be kind to them to make them feel at home with you.

  • Most Important:- Do not expect perfection from your new mate or do not expect that new mate will fill the shortcomings of your former.