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Monday, 27 January 2014

Kidney Stone - Truths, Causes & Treatments.

Kidney Stones are abnormal concretions, usually composed of mineral salts, that become lodged in the renal pelvis, causing pain. Some truths, causes & remedies for Kidney Stone are here:-

  • It is found that wrong food habits and non-consumption of plenty of water are the main causes for formation of Kidney Stones.

  • Everybody will be surprised to know that even persons who are in the age group of early 20s & 30s are the victims of Kidney Stones.

  • The reason for the formation of stones is higher concentration of certain salts in the kidney which migrates to urinary bladder. The size of the stone increases with more salts keep coming.

  • Men have the twice the chances of developing stones as compared to women.

  • Other factors / reasons / causes for Kidney Stones are ': Diet, Climate, Pathological Conditions, Family History, Kidney Disorders, Metabolic Disorders, Obesity, In-taking Processed / Caffeine content Foods in large quantity, & pH of Urine.

  • Dehydration leads to the formation of highly concentrated urine (darker in color). As such, calcium salts precipitates and increases the possibility of crystal & stone formation.

  • Excess weight tend to be problem too as the obese tend to excrete more acidic urine which lead to stone formation.

  • The common symptoms for kidney stone are, sudden pain in the lower abdomen, blood in the urine & difficulty in passing urine.

  • When a stone is undiagonosed for a long-time, it hinders proper functioning of the kidney for long time and leads to urinary infections. If the stone is present in the inner area of the kidney for long time, it may lead to predisposition to cancer.

  • As far as diagnosis is concerned, CT scan is considered as best. Treatment depends on size and its location in the kidney.

  • Some of the treatments for Stone Kidney are Urimax, Ureteroscopy & Lithotripsy.

Coughs - Types & Remedies.

Cough is a sudden noisy expulsion of air from the lungs that clears the air passages; a common symptom of upper respiratory infection or bronchitis or pneumonia or tuberculosis. What are the causes & remedies for coughs? Explained here:

  • Large or rich meals late night might cause 'throat' cough. Sleeping with an extra pillow can help reduce the backflow of acid and reduce cough.

  • Cough will follow cold, triggered by a thick liquid produced in nose and throat. Cough Syrup or hot drinks will help reducing this type of cough.

  • 'Whooping' cough is highly contagious disease, spread when an infected person and another person inhales the bacteria. Babies are most affected by this cough. To ease this sore throat, consumption of large quantity of fluids and ibuprofen will be helpful.

  • Another type of cough is chronic dry cough at night, accompanied by wheezing and shortness of breath. Blue reliever inhaler will be helpful in reducing and controlling this type of cough.

  • Those who are using ACE inhibitors, a drug for controlling blood pressure will cause a dry cough at night. Here affected persons should consult doctor for cough in steading of self-medication.

  • Chest infection, acute bronchitis & viruses that cause colds lead to hacking cough with greenish phlegm with fever and cold. Plenty of water and paracetamol will help in reducing this cold.

  • Extreme fatigue, weight loss, night sweats are the symptoms for tuberculosis cough. This type of cough definitely needs doctors advice before taking any medicine.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Resume Tips for Fresh Graduates.

At the end of academic year, fresh graduates start building up their resumes. A resume is a brief compilation of key facts of a candidate's life and a tool to present candidature for an appropriate job. What points / factors should be kept in mind before / while preparing resumes for fresh graduaes? Explained here:

  • First of all, objective of any candidate should be unique. Candidates should avoid using the sentence like "willing to learn on the job". Companies hire the candidates to perform and to get trained.

  • As far as covering letter is concerned, it should be started and ended with greetings and salutations, signed with full name and mobile no. When sending Resume as attachment, a brief about the person applying for the job should be mentioned in the message box. This will help the recruiters to decide whether to go through the resume or not?

  • Candidates, instead of fancy email IDs, should have email IDs resembling their name. Having fancy email ID shows immaturity.

  • Though candidates have their own format of Resume, they should prepare and forward Resume as per the format (word / PDF) asked for by the companies.

  • After sending Resume, candidates should not send mails regarding acknowledging the resume, waiting for the reply etc. Companies which shortlist the candidates will surely inform by email or by phone. Candidates should not expect that HR Department should / would reply to all candidates who have applied for the job.

  • Resume should have simple fonts used, like Arial, Times New Roman as all systems will not be able to open the file, containing non-standard fonts.

  • Before sending resume by mail or courier, candidates should make sure that spellings & grammars are correct to make a good impression about you.

  • Candidates should get their Resume printed on a good quality bond paper with adequate spacing and margins for filing and / or for comments/remarks by the recruiters.

  • Whenever applying for jobs, candidates should make sure that all the information is updated like latest employment/project/training details etc.

  • Candidates should make sure that they do not send forwarding mail method to all companies. Companies will think that candidate is not keen for any particular type of job. Instead, candidate can still opt for sending resume through BCC (mentioning receivers' mail IDs in BCC) in stead of CC as by sending through CC, all employers will come to know to which-all companies candidate has sent the Resume. Also, candidate should make sure that forward like is removed before sending.

  • As a Resume is a mini advertisement of a candidate, it should be presentable, clear, error-free and speaks to the point to win the interview opportunity.

  • Wednesday, 22 January 2014

    Basics & Benefits of Eco-friendly Homes.

    The flat / house promoters nowadays are more focused on equipping constructions with modern with modern amenities and equipments. The cost of building an eco-friendly home can be high at initial stage but it is considered as 'economical' in the long-term.

    Sustainable living attempts to reduce individual's use of the earth's natural resources.

  • Eco-friendly homes are those homes which are environmentally friendly. An ideal eco-friendly home is a home which is built-up with mud bricks and has roof for sunlight, ventilation, solar power for energy efficient lights, small garden with fruit and medical plants & has fenced bamboo sticks.

  • There are many ways to make any home eco-friendly and sustainable with minimum wastage of water, electricity and other natural resources.

  • We all are aware that Sun has an abundant source of energy which is pure, clean and renewable. It is used for water-heating, and can fulfill the power needs of any house. Also solanr panels help in saving power and transferring to batteries for later use.

  • Installing skylights roof for individual houses will be highly economical and cost-effective as it reduces electricity consumption at home.

  • We can easily get low voltage lights which save energy. These lights are brighter than ordinary bulbs.

  • In India, water has been a scarce resource. To save and / or to fully utilise water, water re-cyling can be done. It is a process of reusing grey water from wash basin, shower and washing machine after it undergoes water treatment procedure. Also 'Rain Water Harvesting' will help a lot when the people face severe water scarcity during summer season.

  • As far as garbage is concerned, kitchen waste and dry waste should be separated. Kitchen waste can be turned in to compost and can be used in the garden. Dry wastes like plastic, metal, rubber should be thrown for recycling process and should never be thrown on the streets.

  • Be it wash basin, rest-room flush-out, shower or other water taps, they should have low water flow mechanisms with no leakage at all.

  • Though going for eco-friendly homes is very stressful, still it provides peace of mind and joy due to numerous benefits.

  • Tuesday, 21 January 2014

    Wedding Venue - Factors.

    Unlike earlier times when people conducted wedding ceremonies at Banquet Halls, Homes, Hotels etc., nowadays couples who want to get married look for something unusual and interesting - both exotic and easily accessible.

    Today's couples opt for any grand haveli, old castle, cruise liner, luxury train or any other location which will make their wedding memorable for ever. Here are some guidelines for choosing 'Wedding Venue':-

  • First step for any couple to decide is whether they want to celebrate their wedding in a big way by inviting everybody or as an intimate wedding only with close friends and family for a couple of days.

  • Once the wedding date is fixed, it is better to search for venue much in advance.

  • Other factors to be considered while finalizing the venue are the budget, logistics in terms of suppliers, transportation for the guests to attend the ceremony, space to accommodate the guests at ease, availability of caterers and decorators.

  • If parents / couples have the plan of grading 'baaraat, they should make that there is enough space to dance and the deadline for music.

  • Parking lot is the most important factor to be considered as most guests would prefer to come by taxis / own vehicles.

  • Choosing venue carefully will make it memorable, comfortable not only for the parents / couples but also for the guests.

  • Insurance Web Aggregators - Role & Duties.

    Insurance Web Aggregators like Policy Bazaar-India, Insurance Club-India, Get Me Insure-India & Columbus Insurance-Singapore (links given on the right side of this blog) are growing forces nowadays.

    These Web Aggregators are essentially insurance portals that help compare products, and enable purchase by directing the persons to the Insurance Companies for them. However, these web aggregators have their own set of role and duties, as laid down by IRDA (Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority).

  • Insurance Web Aggregators enable the persons (looking for best insurance policy) to compare across various insurance products.

  • Insurers / Insurance companies provide all relevant information in a set format on their website.

  • Web Aggregators will also provide information on claims experience and service levels.

  • However, IRDA has put restrictions on displaying rankings, ratings, endorsements and / or best-sellers' insurance products.

  • In their websites, Web Aggregators do not display advertisements of other products.

  • Persons who want to avail insurance service can share their contact details through Web Aggregatos for the insurance companies to contact. Persons visiting the websites have the discretion whether to disclose or not to disclose their contact details and / or to choose the insurers.

  • Even Web Aggregator can call the persons / prospects to sell the insurance policy that fits the expectations of the persons going for insurance. Telemarketing team of web Aggregators should keep in mind their needs and ensure that no inconvenience is caused.

  • The biggest challenge for these web Aggregators is to track lead conversion i.e. how many leads have ended in a sale.

  • Also, they should have thorough knowledge about various insurance policies and sell them according to customers' needs.

  • Web Aggregators charge a flat fee for every product they have displayed in their site from Insurance Companies. They also get a certain percentage of first premium, remitted by the insured, if the lead provided by them is converted in to a sale.

  • In stead of calling agents, persons who want to get insured can get all relevant information about any type of insurance policy online.

  • Sunday, 19 January 2014

    Caffeine - Pros & Cons.

    Caffeine is commonly found in tea, coffee and soft drinks. Why some people are addicted, taking caffine-content drinks are good for health or not? Explained here:-

  • Coffee and tea act as stimulants and can be enjoyed as beverages.

  • However, consumption of caffeine affects one's stamina, mood, colonic and gastric activity, and the cerebral vascular system.

  • Some people wake up only to coffee while others need it through the day to be alert.

  • Most people are addicted to coffee either for one or more reasons.

  • Feeling restless, having more than 4 cups of coffee & having coffee before bed-time & feeling that consumption of coffee gives energy to work are the indications of 'addiction to coffee'.

  • Before 5-6 hours of going to sleep, everybody should avoid coffee as removal of caffeine from the body takes 4-5 hours.

  • Taking Caffeine 750 mg or more per day would increase osteoporosis risk as calcium is lost in urine. Older adults, especially women should limit caffeine intake to 200 mg per day.

  • Also as Caffeine is a stimulant, it leads to elevated blood pressure. People should avoid beverages and foods containing caffeine before performing activities like physical labour and exercise as these activities increase blood pressure.

  • Fizzy / energy drinks & chocolates contain high levels of caffeine. Certain children, after taking these high levels of caffeine content, would feel anxiety and irritability.

  • Most parents are unaware that the above drinks & also chocolates not only contain caffeine but also amino acid & large quantity of sugars.

  • Irrespective of above, caffeine is good if it is taken at the optimal time and in the correct form and dose to enjoy it.

  • Saturday, 18 January 2014

    Parents! Tips to Help Children for Board Exams.

    As the Board exam approaches, parents can extent their mental support for their children so that they feel motivated through most difficult time of their academic year. Here are some tips:-

  • Parents can help their children to develop a plan of action and to set a time-table for their study. As the attention span of an average student is just 40-45 minutes, parents can allot 40-45 minutes for each subject with a break of 10-15 minutes.

  • Most parents and even students fail to understand that foregoing play time will lead to a drop in exam performance. Playing for an hour and a half serves as a much needed energy boost and also brings in ample oxygen for the brain to help it be alert and energetic.

  • Instead of child killing time in front of the TV, parents should encourage their children to read a small comic book or play games which would get over in 10-15 minutes.

  • Parents should make their children aware that if their children listen to loud music and watch television, the learnt material will be replaced with lyrics or the events on television. So it is advisable that children should not watch television or listen to music in between their study breaks.

  • Providing right space to study for the children is most important. Playing soft instrumental music can have a soothing effect on the mind. It reduces anxiety levels and increase concentration power.

  • Parents during exam times should listen more to their children than advising them.

  • Above all, parents should maintain a positive environment around the house by creating calmness and serenity and should never their children with friends, cousins or siblings.

  • Friday, 17 January 2014

    Knee Pain - Causes & Managing It.

    Irrespective of age, knee injuries are common for everybody. Those who participate in spots also experience knee pain. Here are some causes, symptoms of knee pain & solution for it:-

    • To the extent possible, try to be honest. Nothing undermines your credibility more severely than dishonesty.

    • Knees are the most commonly injured joints in the body. Sometimes injury on the hip or ankle can reflect as pain in the knee. Even normal everyday activities result in wear and tear of the knee joints.

    • Acute pain occurs 1-7 days after injury and most severe. This may due to sprains, strains, fractures, dislocation of kneecap and knee joint.

    • Persons whose job involves sitting at the desk in office or at home for a long time will also come across knee pain. Frequest movement of leg and moving from sitting place and walking for 5 minutes will help overcome this problem.

    • Mechanical, degenerative and inflammatory conditions also result in to chronic pain.

    • Some of the symptoms of knee pain are: (a) Feeling pain while stepping down stairs (b) deformation of knee (c) Feeling pain while moving our body (d) Clicking sound when we bend or straighten our leg.(e) Knee keeps giving away etc.

    • We can overcome / manage knee pain at home. Stretching can be done every day to prevent stiffness and achy joints.

    • Wearing comfortable footwear with a well-cushioned soft insole will prevent too much pressure and shock on the knees.

    • You can apply ice packs for 15 minutes every hour for 4-5 times or this can be applied for 4 times in a day.

    • Physical exercises like Quadriceps Tensing, Inner Range Contractions, Straight Leg Raise, Knee Bending & Prone Knee Bends will help in overcoming knee pain.

    Thursday, 16 January 2014

    Tips for Sound Sleep at Night.

    We all need to have a definite sleep schedule with minimum of 7 hours daily. How to have sound and peaceful sleep? Here are some tips:-

    • To the extent possible, try to be honest. Nothing undermines your credibility more severely than dishonesty.

    • It is ideal to sleep in complete darkness. If not possible, wear eye mask to block out the remaining light.

    • Before going to bed, do not take snacks as they will keep your digestive system active which will prevent you from sleeping asleep with ease.

    • If you have the habit of drinking, smoking and having coffee/tea, have them at least one and a half hour before you go to sleep. They hamper your night's rest.

    • After 10 pm, keep away from electronic gadgets like TV, Mobiles, Tablets, Laptop etc., as your mind needs time to switch off before you go to sleep.

    • After office hours, keep your mind at ease. Before you leave your office, just jot down important tasks for the next day. Keeping your mind clutter-free will make you sleep well.

    • If you have the reading habits before going to bed, avoid reading mystery or suspense novels as it will take away a lot of your sleep time.

    • Have the habit of sleeping on your back so that your face is not compressed by anything. Also have your bed-sheets and your pillow cover in silk. Using Silk leads to more relaxing and rejuvenating sleep.

    • During weekend, do not oversleep either after 7 am or during afternoon. If you still want to take a nap afternoon, you must end it by 4 pm so that your night sleep is not affected.

    • Good night sleep needs soothing senses. Before going to bed, have a warm bath (below neck) or soak your foot in a warm water for 10-15 minutes.

    • In spite of above, if you still feel difficult in having sound sleep, every morning or evening do some physical exercise (jogging, walking etc.) or do yoga for about 30 minutes.

    Ways to Stay Close to Customers.

    As a merchant / seller of any product or service, how can you stay close to your customers? Here are the ways:-

    • To the extent possible, try to be honest. Nothing undermines your credibility more severely than dishonesty.

    • If you are truly a consultative salesperson, you should always keep the customers' information confidential. Your ethical standards should demand that you keep it that way.

    • Assure your customers that you are open to all calls about everything and anything - be it an idea, grievance, advice, praise or query.

    • Give your customers feedback on referral. This is the right way of showing appreciation for the referral by your existing customers. This will lead to more referrals without asking for them directly.

    • Never, ever promise something that you cannot deliver such as returning phone calls or delivery date.

    • Accept returns from regular customers 'unconditionally. The few pounds you might lose in the short run are far less than what you gain from pleasing the customer.

    • You can make your customer famous through your Company newsletter by asking him for permission to write about his success.

    • Compensate your customers for the time or money lost by your product or service. Use a well though-out recovery programme and stick to it.

    • Keep your customers informed about what is new. It is a good way to stay in touch and increase sales or get referrals.

    • You can offer valued customer discounts in the form of coupons, letters or other sales promotions. This makes your customers happy to be getting such good deals.

    Tuesday, 14 January 2014

    Receipe for 1 Kg. Sambar Powder & Tasty Sambar

    How to prepare 1 Kg. tasty Sambar Powder & tastiest Sambar? Explained here in a simple and easy to understand language:-

    • Ingredients Required: 1/2 kg. (Half Kg.) New Dried Red Chilli (Long). Keep it in sunlight for a day. Coriander Seeds (Daniya Whole) - 250 Gms. Thoor Dal - 150 Gms. (Yellow Lentils, Telugu-Kandi Pappu, Tamil-Thuvaram Paruppu), Cumin Seeds (Jeera) - 50 Gms., & Fenugreek Seeds - 10 Gms. (Hindi-Methi, Kannada-Menthya, Telugu-Mentulu, Malayalam-Uluva/Ventayan, Marati/Bengali-Methe)

    • Fry all the above separately without oil. No need to fry Dried Red Chilli. Grind all the above. Instead of Mixi, get them well-ground/milled from Flour/Rice Mill to reduce to get 100% fine particles Sambar Powder.

      Home-made Sambar Powder will last for 6 months & will be economical.

    • Hints to Prepare Tastiest Sambar

    • Take a small quantity of White Seedless Tamarind & extract tamarind water with hot / warm water.

    • Filter Tamarind Water well so that waste particles of Tamarind do not get mixed with Sambar.

    • Add Tomato, depending upon the quantity of tamarind you use.

    • Separately boil Thoor Dal to be added with Sambar. Ensure, Thoor Dal is not over-boiled.

    • When you add Sambar Powder, add Turmeric (Haldi) Powder & less quantity of salt. If you need more salt, you can add later.

    • Ideal Vegetables for Sambar : Ladies Finger (Bindi), Potato, Drumstick or Brinjal. Separately fry Onion, Curry/Coriander Leaves & Green Chilli with Oil and add with Sambar finally.

    • If you follow the above hints, you will get very tasty Sambar.

    Friday, 10 January 2014

    Truths About Contraceptive Tablets.

    Women use contraceptive tablets for contraception and gynaecological conditions for years. There are certain following truths some women might know in using contraceptive tablets and why the fear in using them:-

    • We all know that all medications have certain side effects and the women, taking tablets may experience some weight gain due to fluid retention. Contraceptive tablet is no exemption.

    • Most women believe that breastfeeding will protect against pregnancy which is not true due to unplanned pregnancies. As such, even during breastfeeding, a safe and effective contraceptive pill (containing only progesterone) should be used as combination pill (having oestrogen & progesterone) will reduce the milk production.

    • Most would not believe a truth that chances of getting pregnant by women are more as soon as they stop taking contraceptive pills. Irrespective of women's age, number of children they are having and how long they take the pills, these pills do not cause any infertility.

    • It is found and scientifically proven that there is no relationship between birth defects and consumption of contraceptive tablets even when a women is pregnant (who accidently take tablets).

    • It is advisable for women to take contraceptive pills before going to bed as taking tablets during day time might result in side effects like hair loss, headache etc. Women will have this type of illness problems only during initial months of taking the pills will gradually stop.

    • Woman who is 35 years or older and smokes carry greater risk of stroke. As most women are prone to develop blood clots in legs and for other reasons, doctors do not recommend combination pills.

    • In spite of above, contraceptive pills have lot of benefits like preventing cancer, loss of blood during periods etc.

    Thursday, 9 January 2014

    How to Prevent Memory Loss?

    Memory, like other cognitive brain functions, will decline in old age. Some old age people fell it difficult in finding their day- to-day used items, recalling names of known people or phone numbers.

    Memory loss also leads to processing information for a longer time. To overcome memory loss problems, everybody should follow brain training techniques and exercises as ageing is not the cause for memory loss:-

    • Doing regularly something creative and / or different is one of the techniques to prevent memory loss. For example, re-arranging home furniture or wardrobe or kitchen utensils.

    • To the extent possible, everybody should keep their mind relaxed always as anxiety, stress and tension will weaken memory power.

    • Learning anything new should be a continuous process for anybody, be it painting, singing, driving, dancing etc. as these skills will raise levels of physiological or nervous activity in the body or any biological system and prevent memory loss.

    • Mental exercises like memorising important dates, phone/mobile numbers or memorable events will help boost memory power. Solving Puzzles and Sudoku will be another technique for improving memory power.

    • Apart from mental activities, physical activities also will help in retaining or improving memory power. Regular exercises like walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, cleaning house, gardening for 20-30 minutes will help for memory power.

      It is very difficult for those who are addicted to TV to adhere to strict schedules for this type of exercises. If for a month, do they strictly follow their schedules for physical exercises, it will help anybody to give more importance to outdoors than TV.

    • To have good memory power, regular sleep is most important. Apart from 7-8 hours sleep at night, old people can have 20-40 minutes sleep during day time (if not suffering from insomnia - sleeplessness).

    Wednesday, 8 January 2014

    Teaching Child - The Value of Money.

    School teach many things to students but most do not teach the value of money to them. How parents can teach their child the value of money? Here are some simple tips:-

    • First of all, parents should make their child the importance of 'saving money'. This will go a long way in their financial learning and will also stay with them during adult life.

      It has been found that many financial problems in later life are due to ignorance towards financial planning.

    • If children want to buy something which is expensive, parents should encourage them by contributing equally. Also make them understand the worth of the things they buy in monetary terms.
      Instead of buying everything for children, parents should give them pocket money and allow them to buy the things they wish. However, parents should follow-up them to know on what things they spent the money.

    • One of the best ways is to explain the children about the value of money is to explain about banking transactions which can be started by opening a bank account for them. As the children start learning about simple & compounding interest at school, parents can introduce them about FDs, Post Office Savings Account etc. Their academic knowledge can be included in to day-to-day money management activity.

    • While investing, many do not bother about the importance of inflation-adjusted returns. It is important to teach the children how inflation works and what it can do to their savings.

    • The method of teaching about the value of money depends upon children's age. When children transact with cash, they know the value of money and how it works.

    • Parents should not force or compel the children to read Economic & Financial Times to know about the finance. Instead, by using simple language,they can explain the concept in game form. Children will definitely need more time to understand.

    • Above all, parents should have patience as it will not happen in a day.

    Saturday, 4 January 2014

    Do's & Don'ts with Laptop / Notebook.

    Having Laptop, Notebook or System? Here are some useful and general 'Do's & Don'ts Tips for you:-

    • Never keep any small metal objects in your Laptop / Notebook carry case as it might damage your Laptop / Notebook.

    • Do not use your Laptop / Notebook on cushions for longer period as it results in overheating, which may result in sudden shutdown.

    • Do not keep any heavy objects like books, tools, utensils etc. on the top of our laptop / notebook.

    • Get your laptop / notebooks serviced only by authorised service centers.

    • Want to clean your laptop / notebook. Spray cleaning liquid on any soft cloth / tissue and clean. Do not spray the liquids directly on laptop / notebook.

    • You might have created important files / documents in word / excel / powerpoint etc. As your laptop / system may get corrupted any time, regularly take back up of all your important files / documents to avoid data loss.

    • Have latest anti-virus reliable software installed in your laptop / system and also keep it updated to detect spyware / malware.

    • Power off / shut down your laptop / notebook when you do not use it for more than 10 minutes.

    • You might not be aware that lot of unwanted / temporary applications or files might have accumulated in your laptop / notebook.

    • Through control panel, use power saving and other settings for optimum utilisation of your battery and to ensure that battery will last for long time.

    • Ensure that your 'Start Up' menu does not contain more quantity of files as it will delay the boosting time of your laptop / system.

    • Do not add any sound boosting system in to your laptop / system as it will lead to failure of laptop's speaker.

    • If you do not use your laptop / notebook for 2 weeks, remove the batter till you use it. At the same time, ensure that removed battery is not exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures.

    Thursday, 2 January 2014

    How to Stop Smoking?

    Quitting smoking may be challenging journey for some, but virually all who have completed it are delighted and thankful. People get addicted to smoking more easily than on almost any of other additions. In spite of the struggle required for smokers to free themselves, people do quit. Here are simple ways to quit smoking:-

    • First of all, Make an agreement with yourself to quit smoking.

    • Reduce quantity of cigarette consumption per day. Discard lighter and start using match-box.

    • Write on small piece of paper, the most important reasons for quitting and look at it several times to remind yourself of why you want to quit.

    • Put away all smoking related objects like astray which motivates you to smoke.

    • Spend as much time as possible with non-smoking people.

    • Drink plenty of water and other fluids which are good for your health.

    • At the initial stage of quitting, politely ask smoking people not to smoke in front of you.

    • Start or increase your regular physical exercise. Practice deep breathing or relaxation techniques.

    • Keep reminding yourself that temporary discomfort (by not smoking) is much better than going through painful diseases and surgeries (by smoking).

    • Save the money, you used to waste on cigarettes and buy something nice for you or for your parents or for your wife or for your children.

    • Be more alert during usual / unusual / stressful situations like office-breaks, weddings, holidays, vacations, relationships, financial or non-financial situations after you quit.

    • If you have gained weight since you have quit, start going for walks or start an exercise program.

    How to Avoid Wasting Foods?

    It is surprising to note that around 1.3 Billion tons of Food, about one third of global food production, are lost or wasted annually. Even at the consumption stage, large quantities of food are wasted and tons of food are wasted at social gatherings worldwide. Do not waste any type of food. Some important & basic steps you can take to avoid wastage of food at home / hotels / functions:-

    • Before you go to grocery shop, take a thorough inventory of items you already have at home. You might not remember a lot of items that might expire soon and which you do not need to buy again.

    • First of all, when you fill your cart at Grocery Store, be realistic. Do not buy whatever attract you at Grocery Store and don't not buy items which are not in your list of groceries.

    • Check the quantities of the items & its expiry dates. Be sure, you will fully utilise it before the expiry date. Do not buy unless you are going to use in time.

    • Shop at different places if you need small quantity of any item. You can easily get at discounted price and will not waste the items.

    • Try to avoid taking your children & shopping with you. Your children will buy things most of which they will not at all consume and will only waste them.

    • Storage of your food items is most important. Store all items properly, especially in a easily visible containers and placing them in fridge and / or inside kitchen cabinets so that you can easily see them and recall whenever you open the fridge / cabinets.

    • Buy bottled water only if your tap water is not equally good.

    • Always serve food in smaller portions on the plates to your family members and guests. Do not waste balance foods. Either have it the same day or you can give to your maid servants. If not possible, give to beggars. Or you can feed animals.

    • Put back the food into the fridge only if you will definitely eat it again.

    • Know how to prepare new food. Don't wash pulses repeatedly. After cutting or peeling, do not wash fruits as it might lead to loss of vitamins.

    • Do not use baking soda too much as it will destroy vitamins B. When you order for food at Hotels/Restaurants, order for only that much quantity which you will be able to have. This not only avoids wastage of food, but also saves your money. If you do not require any item, give the food back instead of wasting in plates.

    • If you have any leftovers after having your food at restaurant, get it packed and give it to someone who needs it.

    • Do not waste food at social and religious functions. When you tie up with caterers for arrangement of food for your functions, make them clear that, balance foods should not be wasted and should be donated to any Charity / NGOs /Non-profit Organisations / Orphanage.

    Wednesday, 1 January 2014

    Franchise Business - 5W's & 1H.

    Franchise Business is a Business Partnership Model which involves two parties, the franchiser and the franchisee. It is found that 90% of the Franchise Business has been very successful during the last 20 years. You will find here some important information about Franchise Business:-

    • Today, Franchise Business exists as a successful business module for various business sectors.

    • Entrepreneurs, who like to become franchisees should have the will, dedication and sufficient capital to work as Franchisees.

    • Franchisees should be optimistic and be realistic about their financial capacity to invest into Franchise Business.

    • Franchisees do not need to build up the brand from scratch. Instead, the same resources can be used to build reputation and a loyal customer base.

    • The collective experience of both the franchiser and the franchisee assists in the avoidance of any mistakes or mimising them.

    • Following important factors to be considered before entering in to any Franchise Business.

    • Nature of Business of Franchiser. You prefer Service-based or Product-based Business?

    • Thorough investigation about Franchiser's reputation before investing (like franchiser's business background, legal problems if any, bankruptcy, their current / former franchisees etc). Check Reviews in Google about their Products / Services, especially negative reviews.

      Franchiser's Products are already successful, well-established or new in the market?

    • Level of your knowledge about the Product / Service. Franchise business should be of National or International Level? You like to have only one outlet for your Franchise business or more?

    • Minimum capital you can invest to Start the business. Franchiser's terms regarding initial deposit (refundable or non-refundable or adjustable).

    • Minimum capital you can invest to Start the business. Franchiser's terms regarding initial deposit (refundable or non-refundable or adjustable).

    • For more information about 'Franchise Business', please visit our website from here.

    Job Offer Scams

    During the last 5 years, recruitment / job offer frauds in India & worldwide have gone up. What job seekers should know about Modus Operandi of job fraudsters?

    • The fraud mainly targets fresh engineers / graduates and those who have less experience in their field.

    • Candidates / job seekers in remote villages are targetted through internet and SMS.

    • Fraudsters post meticulous bogus and phishing websites that appear as genuine and demand money as security deposit for job offers through fake email IDs.

    • Ignorant unemployed freshers / job seekers become vicitims of this fraud as they are very desperate to get jobs.

    • While applying for abroad jobs, job seekers should check whether the Recruiters have valid Licence for Manpower Recruitment for abroad jobs?

    • Job seekers can also check the reviews about the Companies / Recruitment Frauds / Recruitment Consultants in Google and should themselves get updated.

    • Job Seekers can register their resume with reputed / known Job Portals which are given in our website : www.worthwebway.in.

    Spoken English - Simple Steps to Learn.

    Learning any language needs patience, interest, continuous efforts & practice. Some simple steps to improve your spoken english are here:-

    • You sould have the habit of reading English newspapers on daily basis. And you should look for those articles / news which are of interest to you to pick-up more words and their meanings.

    • Always carrying a pocket dictionary (English to Mother Tongue) will be helpful. Wherever you go and come across any word, you can immediately flip through your dictionary for its meanings.

    • Whenever you get the opportunity, you should practically use the words you have learned by talking to your friends / family members. By following this strategy, you will remember the words always.

    • Have a friends' group which is interested in learning, improving & sharing their English sharing knowledge with others.

    • Havin the habit of reading at least one English book (which can be of story or novel or any other topic) which you will like. Reading develops thinking.

    • One of the simple and best strategy to speak in English and to improve spoken English is to watch English News Channels on daily basis. Here you can pick-up not only words, but also the grammar and pronounciation.

    • In stead of watching mother tongue movies, you can watch English movies in some TV channels which also show sub-title (what the actors speak) at the bottom of the screen.

    • Listen more from the people who speak in English.

    • Nobody can be perfect. Do not fear from mistakes. As much mistakes you commit, you learn more and improve. Set aside your inferiority complex, hesitation and shyness.

    • Be confident and speak as often as possible to as many people as you possibly can! Do not be shy to make mistakes! The more you practice the better and more confident you will become in your pronunciation and vocabulary.

    • Debate all the topics that interest you with friends in English. Try to use as much vocabulary as you can to get your point across.