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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Men & Women! Etiquettes to Follow in Shopping Malls

Here are some do's and don'ts you have to keep in mind to ensure that your shopping experience is not hampered by an unpleasantness during sale season in shopping malls:-

  • You have to be very patient while shopping. Long queues are part of the territory when it comes to a sale. Use time to have a quick look at nearby racks to see if you have missed anything.

  • You have to keep in mind the number of clothes allowed for you in a trial room. If you want to try on more than that, ask your friend or shop assistant to keep them till you come back for them.

  • Make sure that you have joined the right queue. Do not stand in a queue that has been started by people who want to cut in to the main line.

  • Also, if you leave the queue, tell the person in front or behind you that you will be back and you have forgotten something to avoid confusion.

  • Most important you have to keep in mind that you respect the queue. Never cut the queue, even if you have just one cloth to try. And do not stand in group of friends and relatives. This will annoy other customers.

  • Do not take things that you can try on outside the trial room like jewellery, footwear or jackets which you can try openly.

  • To the extent possible, be quick in the trial room so that other customers in the queue can get their turn quickly.

  • After lifting the clothes from the showcases, do not carry the clothes to the trial room with hangers. Remove the clothes from the hangers as carrying with hangers will be cumbersome for you and it may end up snagging and damaging the clothes of yours and / or others.

  • Take time and try clothes as much as possible by allowing other customers also to try but never leave the clothes on the floor of the trial room just for the reason you are not buying. Keep in mind, what you do not like might be liked by any other customers. Do not leave soiled clothes for others.

  • As most trial rooms are very small, you will find yourself sweating in one, spray a little perfume (applicable for women!) - something refreshing. This will be beneficial not only to you and also to the next customer.

  • You have to also remember some of the above rules are applicable for Billing also.

  • Have no patience for the above, go for online shopping. Given on the right side of this blog are India's best online merchants. You can not only save time but also lot of money by shopping online for all your needs.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Men! How to Maximize the Impact of Your Perfumes / Scent?

Do you use perfumes / scents on daily basis? Here are some useful tips on how to maximise its impact for you:-

  • We all have a different body smell. Initially, you might not like perfumes / scents but gradually will start loving them. Scents take some time to grow on us.

  • Better places to apply perfumes are your chest, biceps and the muscles. Do not apply on wrists and behind your ears as these areas produce lot of sebum (an oily secretion of the sebaceous glands), which will change the smell of your perfume.

  • Never mix fragrances by using shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, hair gel etc. Opt fo minimally scented grooming products.

  • The better hydrated your skin, the longer your perfume lasts on it. Use a fragrance-free moisturizer a few minutes before applying. If you have dry skin, reapply perfume a little more.

  • If possible, carry the perfume with you. Perfumes / scents / fragrances will leave your skin after around 4 hours.

  • Do not over-apply the perfumes as some people will not like to smell you before they see you. If you have over-applied, dilute it by slightly wiping your skin with a warm / wet towel.

  • While applying, do not hold the perfume bottle too close to your skin. Leave a gap of at least seven inches from your body and apply. Following this, the coverage will be more. Apply some in to the palm of your hand and wipe it over your upper body.

  • Treat your perfumes with care and store correctly. Keep them away from extreme temperature and strong sunlight. Kept it in a cool place. You can also keep them in your fridge.

  • Women tend to appreciate smells sniffed through their right nostril more than the left one. Men, as such, should stand always on women's right side to impress them.

Students! Tips to Crack Multiple Choice Questions in School Olympiads / IIT-JEE / Medical Foundation Course Tests / Competitive Exams?

Students! Mastering standardized test taking strategies for multiple choice questions is a key component to successful standardized testing. The following tips for answering multiple choice questions can be very beneficial the next time you take a standardized test:-

  • Before starting your test, keep your mind cool. Leave no room for any nervousness and / or exam-fear as these will block your thinking power.

  • Once you are told to start answering the questions, have a glance over the question paper at least for 30 seconds till last page of the question paper.

  • Keep in mind, if the bubbles to be darkened with pen, think twice and make 100% sure that you are darkening the correct option & for the correct question number, as you cannot erase the darkened bubble filled with pen.

  • Also, before answering questions, read them well, preferably 2 times. Do not miss the words like 'incorrect, not correct, right, wrong, true & false'. Think twice before answering this type of questions. Though you know the answer well, you might mark wrong answer.

  • First attempt those questions which are the easiest for you.

  • In case of Mental Ability / IQ / Maths, you have be very careful while making calculations. Check twice the steps when solving the problems.

  • While cracking / trying to answer any complicated question (particularly in Maths), if you take more time, skip the question and come later. Do not waste more time for 1 question.

  • As you might skip difficult questions, make sure you are attending to correct questions and darkening against the said question-number. Use finger to overcome this mistake.

  • If you skip any question, put a tick / cross mark on the left side to come back later. This will help you to immediately locate the questions you have left to answer later.

  • Every half-an-hour, take a break of just 20-30 seconds just to energize yourself to proceed further. You can have a small quantity of water.

  • While trying to answer, eliminate the options which think you are confident, are not right.

  • If more than one option is correct, probably "All of the Above" is the correct answer.

  • In "All of the Above" choice, if one of the statements is true, do not choose "None of the Above".

  • In "None of the Above" choice, if one of the statements is false, do not choose "All of the Above" choice.

  • If there is no penalty / negative mark, answer all questions.

  • Do not often see your watch to know the time (left). Have a look over your watch after you have answer at least 75% of the questions.

  • After attempting all questions, if you still have time, go through your question / answer sheets to ensure all questions have been answered. If possible, evaluate how many minimum number of answers are correct. Self-evaluation will be helpful in the long-run, specially when you appear for IIT / JEE / Medical / Engineering Entrances / CAT & Other competitive exams for jobs.

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Monday, 8 September 2014

Snoring - Why & How to Stop it?

Snoring - the biggest bedtime annoyance - is not only a male problem, it affects women too. It is found that around 42% of adults snore. What are the reasons for snoring and how to stop it? Explained here:

  • Reason No.1: Overweight is a main trigger for snoring in men, as they tend to put on weight around their necks.

  • Solution: Losing weight through diet and physical exercises will help in stopping snoring.

  • Reason No.2: Consuming Alcohol: Consumption of alcohol, sleeping pills and sedative medication can cause the muscles in the back of the throat to collapse which leads to snoring.

  • Solution: If consumption of alcohol cannot suddenly be stopped, it can be reduced and / or should be consumed at least 4 hours before going to bed.

  • Reason No.3: Smoking. Smokers are likely to snore more than non-smokers. The more a person smokes, the more likely he / she will snore.

  • Solution: If smoking habit cannot be stopped immediately, it can gradually be reduced and one should smoke at least 4 hours before going to sleep.

  • Reason No.4: Sleeping Position. Sleeping on back will lead to snoring. It is always better to sleep on your side because of the effects of gravity on the upper airway.

  • Solution: A well-shaped pillow will put the head in a slightly tilted position and will open the airway at the back of teh throat.

  • Reason No.5: Allergies such as hay fever affect 10-25% of the population and the nasal congestion can contribute to snoring.

  • Solution: Appropriate treatment and remedies should be taken for hay fever. Anti-inflammatory herbal spray will also help in overcoming hay fever and reducing nasal congestion.

  • Reason No.6: Mouth Breathing & Small Nostrils. Keeping the mouth open throughout the night and small or collapsing nostrils will make anybody snore.

  • Solution: Mouth-breathing device will help breathe through the nose. Wearing nasal dilators will also help in controlling snoring while sleeping.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

How to Overcome Fatigue (extreme tiredness) at your Workplace?

Fatigue is a major workplace hazard as it reduces your performance and output. Fatigue is lack of energy that does not go away even when you rest. Getting fatigued is usually a result of physical exertion, poor eating habits, emotional stress, boredom, lack of sleep or over-weight. Changes in your lifestyle will result in regaining viality and boosting your energy levels at your work.

  • Digestion is a calorie-burning activity and your body burns calories to digest the calories you eat. How to burn calories to beat fatigue?

  • Walk over to your office colleagues instead of using chat messenger / emails to communicate with them.

  • Use stairs instead of the lift if your workstation is not too high up in your office building.

  • Even the above small exercises / moves will make your body burn calories.

  • You have the habit of eating three big means a day? Break it up in to six to eight meals, and eat every two hours. Eating at longer intervals fails to give your digestion system a good workout.

  • Apart from breakfast, lunch and dinner, go for mini meals (a fruit or biscuts) during your mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack breaks.

  • Some foods, which will fight fatigue, are: Whole-grain crackers, Walnuts, Dark Chocolate, Pumpkin, Yogurt, Watermelon, Wheat bran cereal, Oatmeal, Green/Black Tea, Mushrooms, Milk, Sweet Potatoes & Eggs.

  • Never skip breakfast as it might even result in weight-gain and will have an impact on your productivity at your workplace.

  • Sleep deprivation will not only cause weight gain but also will make you tired very easily. Go to bed early and wake up early.

  • No time for physical exercise or for jogging / walking during weekdays? You can do the same during weekends / holidays. Jogging, Running, Spinning, Dancing, Playing football / tennis etc. will make you stay physically and mentally fit always.

How to Combat Inflation?

We all know, inflation is always on the boil. Here are some useful tips for you to fight the price rise / price changes:-

  • Plan Shopping in Advance: Before you go to the market, check the inventory at your home. Make a list of items you will definitely need and stick to the plan accordingly. When you go grocery shopping, it is never ideal to go on an empty stomach as the same will tempt you to buy an extra pack of food items which will not require at all. Always use cash instead of credit / debit cards as cash payments will pinch more and will force you to be very careful when it comes to spending.

  • Avoid Wasting Foods at Home: As all vegetables such as spinach, fenugreek etc. are not fit for bulk purchases, you should buy them in small quantities whenever you need to avoid wastage. But you can buy some vegetables like Potato, Onion etc. in bulk as you can store them for more than a week. While you cannot avoid wastage completely, you can curtail the waste by careful consumption.

  • Utilize your Saving Account Money in Investments: Amount lying in savings account idle is not only safe and also inflation will erode its purchasing power. Invest in Fixed Deposit or in a short term debt fund for higher returns.

  • Have Your Own Food at Office: Always take lunch from home. This will save around Rs.3000/- month. You save time, money and also protect your health as unhealthy food stuff is served at fast-food and eateries.

  • Don't be brand conscious: FMCG Companies spend crores of rupees for advertising their products which are recovered from consumers through high prices. You can get local branded products even with good quality. Just keep a strict control on the quality when you buy loose.

  • Take advantage of Sale Offers: Many hypermarkets offer heavy discounts on different items almost throughout the year. You can even buy online at cheaper prices with FREE Delivery service at your door stop. Just check-in to India's Top Online Need Providers from our this blog (reputed merchants' list provided on the right side. Just click and save lot of money).