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Sunday, 7 September 2014

How to Overcome Fatigue (extreme tiredness) at your Workplace?

Fatigue is a major workplace hazard as it reduces your performance and output. Fatigue is lack of energy that does not go away even when you rest. Getting fatigued is usually a result of physical exertion, poor eating habits, emotional stress, boredom, lack of sleep or over-weight. Changes in your lifestyle will result in regaining viality and boosting your energy levels at your work.

  • Digestion is a calorie-burning activity and your body burns calories to digest the calories you eat. How to burn calories to beat fatigue?

  • Walk over to your office colleagues instead of using chat messenger / emails to communicate with them.

  • Use stairs instead of the lift if your workstation is not too high up in your office building.

  • Even the above small exercises / moves will make your body burn calories.

  • You have the habit of eating three big means a day? Break it up in to six to eight meals, and eat every two hours. Eating at longer intervals fails to give your digestion system a good workout.

  • Apart from breakfast, lunch and dinner, go for mini meals (a fruit or biscuts) during your mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack breaks.

  • Some foods, which will fight fatigue, are: Whole-grain crackers, Walnuts, Dark Chocolate, Pumpkin, Yogurt, Watermelon, Wheat bran cereal, Oatmeal, Green/Black Tea, Mushrooms, Milk, Sweet Potatoes & Eggs.

  • Never skip breakfast as it might even result in weight-gain and will have an impact on your productivity at your workplace.

  • Sleep deprivation will not only cause weight gain but also will make you tired very easily. Go to bed early and wake up early.

  • No time for physical exercise or for jogging / walking during weekdays? You can do the same during weekends / holidays. Jogging, Running, Spinning, Dancing, Playing football / tennis etc. will make you stay physically and mentally fit always.