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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Skincare Tips for Men

A prescribed course of medical treatment for a good skincare for men does not have to be filled with lotions and potions. Most men prefer a less complicated skincare prescription. Here are some basic tips:-

  • Most men often take very hot showers and using harsh soaps or face scrubs as they feel skin is oily. This tends to make skin dry and also makes skin appear wrinkled and much older.

    It is important to choose a gentle cleanser that will clean the skin from the dirt and oil without drying out skin.

    There are several face washes for men now which will clean without drying the skin and if you are not comfortable with a face wash, a moisturizing bar of soap will do the needful. Many of these now contain colloidal oatmeal that hydrates while cleaning.

  • A good quality razor can be a lifetime item, so wise one should be chosen. Men should use that razor which fits their skin sensitivity and beard coarseness.

    Many razors now have lubricating strips that can protect the skin after shaving and it is important to watch for the extra blades as they can sometimes pull the hair below the skin a little too deep.

    A moisturizing shaving gel is the key to providing a barrier of protection while shaving. Men should shave in the shower or immediately after taking bath as facial hairs are much softer from the warm water and steam.

  • An after-shave hydrates and soothes the skin. After-shave lotions should be alcohol-free because alcohol dries skin or soothing after-shave balm can be used to reduce any burning sensation or roughness.

    Moisturizing daily will men's skin soft and smooth. Fragrance-free products are easily available. They are suitable for sensitive skin too. Men should not forget to use the moisturizer at night before they go to sleep.

  • Men before leaving home should apply sunscreen. Men who do not use sunscreen increase the risk of sun damage which may result in redness, irritation and skin pigmentation.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Coma - Ins & Outs.

'Coma' is a state of unresponsiveness, where affected person cannot be woken up, in response to various stimuli such as speaking, touching etc. Causes, diagnosis, treatment of Coma are as under:-

  • The common causes of coma can be related to brain diseases (due to head injury, brain stroke, brain fever, brain tumours, repeated fits etc.) and non-brain diseases wherein other parts of the body are affected initially and the brain is secondarily affected. Primary causes might include low sugar or sodium levels, kidney failure, liver failure, lack of oxygen supply to brain, drug over dosage or poisoning.

  • Hospitals follow some procedures in diagnosing the Coma. History taking such as duration of coma to know whether it was a sudden onset or any history of drug over dosage or poisoning.

  • As patient cannot obey / react to doctor's instructions, examination of eyes, eye movements, breathing pattern is one of the procedures in diagonizing Coma.

  • Coma can be detected through investigations like CT Scan of the brain, blood test, EEG, lumbar puncture to confim brain fever etc.

  • General treatments for 'Coma' include, maintenance of adequate oxygenation like use of mechanical ventilator, maintenance of blood pressure, correcting metabolic derangements such as low sugar or low sodium in the blood, providing adequate nutrition etc.

  • Some specific treatments include treatment of brain stroke, surgery to remove brain tumour and large blood clots.

  • The outcome in a patient with coma depends on several factors like underlying cause of come, duration of coma, the rapidity of starting treatment, the age of patient etc.

  • In case of severe head injury or large brain haemorrhage, many patients do not survive. But in case of patients with poisoning, drug over dosage, low sugar or low sodium levels, the outcome is good if the treatment is promptly started.

  • Younger patients tend to recover faster and do much better than those who are older in age.

Energy Drinks - Facts

Fancy names and commercial advertisements for energy drinks mislead most of the consumers in to thinking that these drinks are really cool, light and really give them energy. Some facts about health drinks:-

  • Having energy drinks occasionaly might not post any health risk, however, mix of caffeine, sugar and stimulants in energy drinks can impart some powerful and drug-like effects.

  • Most of us are unaware that energy drinks contain added sugars. If you have three- four cans of energy drinks which will contain minimum 100 gms of sugar. This quantity is higher than the daily recommended sugar intake.

  • Also, a can of energy drink contains between 50 to 350 gms. of caffeine. It triggers an enhanced level of mood improving and pleasure inducing neurotransmitter. This makes us feel motivated, energetic and alert.

  • The temporary energy which health drinks gives leads to weight gain, dental problems, metabolic disorders and cardiovascular diseases.

  • As caffeine is both addictive and toxic, excessive consumption of energy / health drinks over a prolonged duration will cause heart problems, elevation in blood pressure, anxiety, hyperactivity, insomnia, loss of appetite and irritability.

  • The cocktail of stimulants can also pose serious complications, especially during workouts. Also mixing tranquilising alcohol is dangerous as they result in uninhibited drinking and misinterpreted state of inebriation.

  • Energy drinks may boost energy levels temporarily, but they should never be mistaken as healthy sports drinks to busy schedules.

  • Instead of concentrating on energy drinks, switching to healthy eating habits and natural energy boosting foods for a steady dose of energy will be ideal.

  • A glass of any fruit juice (without ice) will be far better than any bottled energy drink.