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Friday, 16 May 2014

Energy Drinks - Facts

Fancy names and commercial advertisements for energy drinks mislead most of the consumers in to thinking that these drinks are really cool, light and really give them energy. Some facts about health drinks:-

  • Having energy drinks occasionaly might not post any health risk, however, mix of caffeine, sugar and stimulants in energy drinks can impart some powerful and drug-like effects.

  • Most of us are unaware that energy drinks contain added sugars. If you have three- four cans of energy drinks which will contain minimum 100 gms of sugar. This quantity is higher than the daily recommended sugar intake.

  • Also, a can of energy drink contains between 50 to 350 gms. of caffeine. It triggers an enhanced level of mood improving and pleasure inducing neurotransmitter. This makes us feel motivated, energetic and alert.

  • The temporary energy which health drinks gives leads to weight gain, dental problems, metabolic disorders and cardiovascular diseases.

  • As caffeine is both addictive and toxic, excessive consumption of energy / health drinks over a prolonged duration will cause heart problems, elevation in blood pressure, anxiety, hyperactivity, insomnia, loss of appetite and irritability.

  • The cocktail of stimulants can also pose serious complications, especially during workouts. Also mixing tranquilising alcohol is dangerous as they result in uninhibited drinking and misinterpreted state of inebriation.

  • Energy drinks may boost energy levels temporarily, but they should never be mistaken as healthy sports drinks to busy schedules.

  • Instead of concentrating on energy drinks, switching to healthy eating habits and natural energy boosting foods for a steady dose of energy will be ideal.

  • A glass of any fruit juice (without ice) will be far better than any bottled energy drink.