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Saturday, 17 August 2013

How to Manage & Control 'Sibling Rivalry'?

Sibling Rivalry exists in every family to a certain extent. Sibling rivarly exists when there is the scarcity of time, attention, love, and approval that the parents can give to each of their children. And it s a fairly normal phenomenon that most young children go through. What parents should do to manage and control sibling rivalry?

  • Parenting Knowledge: Parents should have the basic knowledge parenting skills and should have the desire and time to apply these skills and knolwedge.

  • Preparing Older Children: When the family is expecting a new baby, the parents must begin early to tell and convince their older children as to how important the children's help is going to be in taking care of their new baby brother or sister. To ensure good long-lasting relationship among siblings, parents should also discuss the children's considerable responsibilities as older sister or brother.

  • Leaving Space Between Children: A child who is too young will not be able to understand and respond to the new baby's arrival in a reasonable manner, but will respond in a purely emotional way. Parents, as such, should allow sufficient time gap between the births of children will avoid same kind of care and attention at one time.

  • Observing Children: Parents must carefully observe the behaviours of their children, and repeatedly explain to older siblings the necessity of their help in taking care of younger ones. If the oldest child is still less than 12 years old, parents must not leave their children alone at home, with the older ones caring for the younger ones.

  • Involving All Children: During family activities and holidays, parents should avoid games and contests in which one of the children wins and others lose. Instead, they should look for activities in which they all win if they cooperate with one another.

  • Dealing with Child's Temperament: The three components of a child's temperament are : Emotional Intensity, Activity Level & Sociability. Some children are born with an abrasive temperament, are strong-willed, or may be easily irritated. On the other hand, there are other children that are naturally sweet-tempered & obedient.

  • Parents have to prepare themselves to educate each one of their children working with that particular child's innate temperament.
  • Parents should spend quality time with their children and as some children are very sensitive by nature, extra care has to be taken while dealing with them.

  • Parents should never allow very toxic atitude of their children like disrespect toawrds the other parent or any of their child's siblings.

  • Parents should not hesitate contactoing a counsellor in case of increased problems due to rivalry among the siblings, for the purpose of better mental and emotional health of the family.

  • Sibling rivalry and its negative effects within each family are avoidable, but if not managed, may last for several years. A good parent must appreciate the uniqueness and special qualities of each child so that each child feels important.

  • Patience, tact and loads of love - really, that's all it takes.

Do's & Don'ts for Eating Well

Important Tips before/while/after having your foods:-

  • Evaluate your hunger. Eat only when you feel hungry.
  • Use smaller plate for having your food.
  • While having food, sit comfortably. Keep your mind and body cool and enjoy your food.
  • Fully concentrate on your food. Eat slowly and chew your food well.
  • Do not eat while watching TV or reading books or doing something.
  • While having your food, have casual conversation with others.
  • Do not discuss about any sensitive issues nor have any heated arguments with others while having your food.
  • Stop eating when you are fully satisfied and do not try to fully fill your stomach.
  • Do not smoke immediately after meal as it increases the chances of cancer.
  • Take fruits at least one hour after you have your meal.
  • Do not take bathe & walk after food as your digestive system will be weakened.
  • Do not sleep immediately after having your food.

iPhone Smartphone Users! Beware of 'Hacking'.

Most iPhone users do not know, how their phones can be hacked (gaining direct access) in less than a minute. A hacker can take the undue advantage of loophole in your smartphones and intal spyware on it. Do they hack into your smartphone/iPhone, they can change and create emails, SMSs, photos, videos and even your confidential debit & credit card information. Here is their 'modus operandi' and solutions to prevent them:-

  • If you get any permission request to access your phone data. Be cautious while you get permission to make phone calls to you, send SMSs and / or reveal your identity or location.
  • You get message to download any popular premium applications for free? Do not download as it will be a repackaged application containing malware / spyware to access into your phones.
  • You might be having blue-tooth option in your phones. Keep it off all the times when you do not use or need it. Hacking blue-tooth enabled phones is much easier with software like Super Bluetooth Hack or Bluescanner.
  • There is old method of phishing by emails / Texts with malicious links. If you had not expected such emails, do not click or open attachments from it.
  • 3G network is safer than public Wi-Fi as getting inside wireless network is much easier. And also avoid wireless boosters.
  • Take your mobile charger everywhere and use power plugs only. While charging, switch off the phone. When switched on, keep it in lock-mode, even if you do not use for 2 minutes.
  • If you get SMSs with strange characters and not readable, immediately delete them.
  • Never store highly confidential information like passwords of your ATM / Credit Cards or Emails on your phone.
  • Install / update all the applications in your phones only from authorised marketplaces and have anti-virus installed.
  • Periodically check the applications installed in your phones. If you are suspicious of any applications not installed by you, immediately uninstall them.

How to Conduct Office / Business Meetings?

Too many business meetings are ill-directed. Call a meeting only when it is absolutely critical. Structure it firmly so that it achieves its purpose. Factors for effective business meetings:-

  • Decide whether you really need to call a meeting.
  • Think before calling for a private meeting,can the issue be resolved by an individual or a conference call?
  • Determine who needs to attend. Try keeping the number of attendendees small, as large meetings get unwiedly.
  • Set definite starting and stopping times.
  • Prepare an agenda. Explain its goal. If there are many goals, prioritise and make it clear to all.
  • Circulate the agenda in advance to allow attendees to prepare.
  • Start the meeting at designated time, regardless of whether everyone is present. Avoid taking too much time to summarise for latecomers.
  • Start off the meeting with straightforward, easily resolved issues before heading into complicated ones.
  • Allocate specific amount of time for each issue. Move through issues, allowing for discussion.
  • Postpone discussion until the end of the meeting if debate on an issue runs overtime.
  • Make sure to cover the other issues on the agenda.
  • Circulate the copies of the 'Minutes of the Meeting' after the meeting to remind everyone of conclusions and action plans.

How to Write Good Lyrics for Songs?

You would have listened to your favourite / memorable songs in You Tube or net or from your music player. If you have the habit of regularly listening to songs in You Tube, you would have come across a lot of positive comments like "Song with Good Lyrics", "Nice Words", "Heart-touching Words", "My Favourite Song of All Time", "One of My Favourites", "Memorable Song" etc.

Even today, people do remember some songs which they would have listened years back or have the habit of listening to those songs often. What makes them remember those songs? Good lyrics is one of the reasons. Good & memorable lyrics leave a sense of feeling behind the words. If you are interested in writing lyrics for songs, following are the simple tips and techniques to write lyrics for the songs:-

  • Writing a good lyrics for any song needs time, effort, dedication and patience.
  • Read articles and interviews of song writers.
  • Song writing is an artistic expression. Have the habit of reading poems and listening to good songs.
  • As lyrics convey message of your song, know what type of song you are going to write about - Love, Romance, Friendship, Emotion, Breakup, Relationship, Bad-day, Anger, Religion or about Nature.
  • Listen to similar type of songs to get ideas but do not copy any sentence or creative word or phrase of any song.
  • Also think yourself about what a song is and how it should be written as good lyrics demands careful choice of each word.
  • Select a title for your song which will be helpful during the writing process.Have a book of rhyming words at hand always.
  • Start with catchy or meaningful words/phrases.
  • Everybody comes across good and bad days in one's own life. If you write lyrics from your own personal experience in your life, it will be much easier. You will be able to unconsciously make rhymes in your mind.
  • Creative ideas / words & phrases might pop up in your mind any time. Carry a notepad / pencil with you all the time. jot down ideas, phrases, experiences & inspirational thoughts that you encounter during the ordinary course of your day.
  • Write as many synonyms as possible for any word to choose the best for your lyrics. Keep changing the words till you find the word best suited, but do not erase any word / phrase while changing as you might need them later.
  • Be original, creative and write from your heart.
  • It is better not to use same words often. Most song lovers ignore / do not like songs which are of repetitive nature, especially remix songs.
  • Try to avoid big words which will be difficult to pronounce for song lovers. Use most common phrases that people like to hear.
  • Most song writers first write their songs in rough poetry and then restructure into a song-lyrics with rhymes. Try to write poetry first.
  • Write all the time to keep the flow going. If your mind is blocked and you are not able to continue writing, take a break and come back with a fresh mind to continue.
  • Never copy existing song lyrics.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Lost Your Property Documents? Solution Here!

Though property owners safely keep their documents, they may still miss the documents. Losing the documents will result in additional paperworks and higher expenses. Everybody should know the following steps involved in getting duplicate documents:-

  • First step is to file an FIR with Police, stating exact reason whether lost, misplaced or stolen and a copy of the FIR.

  • Even if the property is mortgaged and the documents have been misplaced by the banks, yet the property owners have to file an FIR.

  • Second step is to place an advertisement, stating the loss in any English News-daily and also in any vernacular / regional language newspapers.

  • To avoid any legal-hassle in future, the advertisement should also call for any claimant to the property within 15 days of the advertisement. If needed, you can get legal consultant's advice to place the advertisement.

  • The owners should get an undertaking on a judicial stamp paper, stating that the originals lost along with the details of property, newspaper advertisement copy and declare that statements mentioned in the undertaking are true. This undertaking should then be attested, notarized and registered with a notary.

  • The documents along with required charges should then be submitted to Registrar's office for copy of the sale deed.

  • Things to Keep in Mind: (i) Banks do not normally give loan to the properties which do not have original documents. (ii) The buyer should be cautious of the properties which do not have original documents. The seller / owner may have mortgaged the house and the original documents with the bank. If the seller / owner runs away, the buyer will lose his money and also will have to pay the unpaid loan to the bank. & (iii) Getting duplicate sale deed will be much difficult task and also will incur lot of expenses.

How to Forgive Yourself & Others?

Forgiving oneself is one the best of qualities of anybody. By forgiving yourself, you will learn how to forgive others.

  • Everybody should know nobody is perfect. Feeling guilty for what wrong we have done will lead to loss of peace of mind. We should learn to forget and not to repeat the same.

  • Learning to forgive oneself is a basic step for cultivating the spirit of forgiveness of all as we find easy to forgive others.

  • Forgiving oneself is self-acceptance without sacrificing our moral or ethical standards.

  • Most carry long-long guilty when things are wrong in their lives.

  • It is found people refuse to forgive them because of their culture, religion, race, community, caste or class.

  • Also self-criticism can be acceptable upto certain point. Everybody should come out of self-criticism and let the guilt feelings go off and make a fresh attempt at self-knowledge, self-acceptance and cultivation of self-worth.

  • But accepting or allowing wrong behaviours may temporarily make you happy but you will feel deeply regretted or guilty for the wrongs committed in future.

  • So, overcome these regrets, come to terms with the past and move on to face the future.

  • The movement you accept and forgive yourself is the moment of renewal, a new beginning.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

How to Get Sound Sleep at Night?

Around 30-40 per cent of adults say that they are unable to fall asleep. Consuming medicines for colds, allergies, BP, heart disease, asthma and birth control are the reasons for sleepness nights. Stress, emotional or physical comfort, extreme temperature, light are other causes for sleepness nights. Given below are the basic techniques to have a sound sleep at nights:-

  • What You Should Avoid?: Sleeping pills which will have undesired side-effects. Disturbing noises near you while sleeping. Alcohol, nicotine and caffeine, especially before bedtime. Afternoon / evening sleep. Drinks or foods too close to your bed-time.

  • Some techniques that might be useful for you to have a sound sleep are: Yoga or Mediation. Creating Sleepy Environment (dark, cool & comfortable). Using the bed just for sleeping. Establishing regular bed-time and wake-up schedule.

  • Bed & Sleep Basic Techniques: (i) Most comfortable position to sleep is, slightly bending your knees upwards towards the chest area. (ii) Never sleep placing your stomach downwards as it will cause back pain and neck pain. (iii) If you have the habit of sleeping on your back, place a soft pillow under your knees. & (iv) Having back or neck pain? Please do not use too hard or too soft mattress. Use medium-firm mattress.

Food Allergies

Food Allergies are common these days among large section of people. The kids are the main victims of food allergies.

  • Food allergy reaction can range from mild to severe.

  • Food allergies cause an immune system reaction which, in turn, affects several organs of the body.

  • Some of the symptoms of food allergies are: Swollen, Reddish and itchy areas on the Skin, Itchy Mouth, Vomitting Sensation, Stomach Pain, Running Nose or Sneezing, Dry Cough, An abnormal enlargement of lips, tongue and/or throat, Body Turning Blue or Loss of Conciousness.

  • Any food is capable of causing allergic reactions.

  • It is good avoid some food items which are the reasons for most food allergic reactions. They are: Fish, Soy, Wheat, Egg, Tree Nut, Peanuts & Milk.

  • Children feel most allergic reactions from Peanuts, Milk, Soy, Tree Nuts, Eggs & Wheat.

  • For adults, Citrus Fruits, Nuts, Fish, Shellfish, Wheat & Peanuts are allergic.

  • The above are main food items which cause allergies. Some other food items also can cause allergies to anybody. Check the ingredients used to prepare any food items.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

How to Motivate Employees / Boost Their Morale?

Even productive employees sometimes get demotivated and their morale is highly affected for a number of reasons. What are the reasons? & How to overcome these demotivation and low morale issues?

  • Differentiation, if not not discrimination (ECHRWAY has already posted regarding discrimination issues in this blog), like separate lift / separate lunch room for seniors is one of the reasons. Non-hierarchical structure set-up, means equal privileges for all irrespective of seniority will maintain the motivation / morale level of the employees.

  • Professional Companies conduct Training Programmes. Those programmes will be useful only if the employees are not forced to attend, instead, they should be free to select the programmes they are interested in.

  • Employees should also be given authority to be innovative but not by violating the company policy. Creativity will maintain or boost the employees' motivation and / or their morale.

  • The management should give authority to follow any type of leadership style (be it autocratic, democratic or free-rein) by the superiors depending upon the situation (called Situational Leadership Style).

  • If the companies have introduced any change in its system or policies, it should keep its door always open to the employees to give their valuable feedback of appreciation or suggestions to further improve them.

  • Management or superiors should give more importance to the output of the employees within the time-frame, instead of thinking about how they brought the output.

  • Most companies set KRAs (Key Result Areas) for all type of employees. Instead, productive & innovative employees, who understand the company's expectations, should be given authority to set their own KRAs. This will boost the level of their motivation and morale.

  • Employees will feel more secured and motivated if they are appreciated and rewarded in a transparent manner.

  • Also, empowering the employees within the purview of the company policy will build a strong foundation of trust by the management / superiors on them.

Why Even Qualified Candidates / Productive Employees Are Discriminated?

During the process of Recruitment or at Workplace in Public / Private Sectors, candidates and employees are discriminated for various reasons. Some basic reasons are here:-

  • In some Metro Cities like Delhi, candidates / employees are subject to discrimination in selection / promotion & other staff welfare processes since 90's.

  • Second reason for the candidates rejected for job or employees not promoted is their qualifications, commensurate with their gender, age and also caste & religions.

  • In case of females, pregnant women or women with children are denied jobs.

  • Some companies even ask about marriage decision of employees, which employees do not like and even leads to de-motivation / low morale.

  • Worst of all is that the Physical Appearance & Beauty are considered one of the important factors in selection process by most of the companies.

  • Only some professionally managed companies have clear-cut Personnel Policies to firmly deal with discrimination issues related Selection of Candidates & other employee issues.

  • The employees of some Public Sector Undertakings get importance at their workplace on various issues like Qualification, Age, Gender, Caste, Religion, Community, Physical Appearance & Family Background.

  • Existing productive employees in some companies even lose their job only on the ground of his / her gender nature.

Why 3-6 Months Notice Period for IT Staff?

'Notice Period' is one of the terms of any appointment letter, set by the Company. The period may vary from 15 days to even 6 months, depending upon the grade of the employee and / or the company policy. Here are some of the reasons and its impacts in IT Companies:-

  • To safeguard the business interests of the company, some companies specially IT companies set such a longer notice period of 3 months..

  • Another reason is to prevent key IT staff from exiting from the company in short notice as they are in great demand..

  • Companies need time (say 3-6 months) to find a most suitable replacement. Some IT staff, who are in demand and obliged to give 3 months notice to the current employer, are not able to join another company as the prospective employer needs them immediately.

  • Some IT companies which get lot of projects are not able to procure the manpower due to reduction in its manpower strength by exit. To control the high rate of labour turnover due to demand for IT Professionals in the market, IT companies have increased the Notice Period to 3-6 months.

  • When there are not adequate manpower strength to manage and complete a project, companies set the term of 3 months of notice period to find the replacement.

  • Some companies even refuse the 'salary payback' option form the employees to prevent them from exiting from the company before the notice period.

  • However, retaining the employees who have resigned with 3 month notice period has negative impacts. He can influence the motivation / morale level of his superiors / peers / subordinates.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Mutual Fund Terms & Terminologies

Thousands of people know litte about Mutual Funds & its terminologies. Here are some basic terms which they should know about:-

  • SIP: Called, Systematic Investment Plan. One of the most popular methods to invest wherein investor can invest their fund in monthly installments with a specific lock-in period, say 3 years. Return on investment here is not bound by one time period, but multiple period..

  • NAV: Called, Net Asset Value. It indicates the value of one unit. The higher the NAV, the more investor will benefit and the lower value means the notional loss per unit.

  • Equity Mutual Fund: These are the funds invested in the Stock Market and its return depends upon the quality of shares chosen by the investors.

  • ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Schme): Here 90% of the investors' fund is invested in equity market. The investment in ELSS avails tax benefit..

  • Debt Mutual Fund: Most private companies prefer Debt Mutual Funds as they carry the debt instruments with low risks.

  • Regular Income Fund: These are the investments in Govt., Corporate and Money Market Instruments which ensure payment of income to the investors on a periodic basis.

  • Transaction Fee: This is the fee charged by the mutual fund companies or by the distributors of funds for the transactions.

  • Management Fee: This is the fee charged by the Mutual Fund company for the management of investors' fund and other operational expenses.

  • Advisory Fee: If an investor wants to have a large portfolio of investments in Shares, Debentures, Banks, FDs & other securities, brokers charge this fee.

  • Investment Advisors: These Advisors are those who help the investors with their professional advice for investing in mutual funds.

  • Banks: Banks market mutual funds through their employees who help their customers in investing in mutual funds.

  • Brokerage Houses: These houses are professional managed persons who can be approached either personally or over phone or on online to seek advice on mutual funds investment.

Spouses' Mirror Will for Properties

Mirror Will is a drafted 'Will' for the couples who jointly own bank accounts, property and other investments for succession. Mirror Will is popular in Western countries and it has yet to pick-up in India.

  • 'Mirror Wills' are two separate Wills, drafted exactly each other with a difference just in names of the persons making the 'Will'. The couples / spouses can pass on the properties to each other by their respective 'Wills' after death..

  • The basic need for drafting a 'Mirror Will' is that both parties (couples / spouses) should have the same intention to pass on their properties after either's death.

  • Here, both the spouses appoint each other as executors of the Will to carry out their wishes after either's death. As a precautionary measure, they can appoint a third executor (who can help their dependants) if both of them meet unnatural death like accident at the same time.

  • In the absence of even one of the surviving spouses, all properties will pass on to their children and other beneficiaries mentioned in the 'Will'..

  • If the spouses have a minor children below 12 years (while executing the Will), in their 'Mirror Will' they can appoint a reliable / trustworthy guardian (who might be their relative / family friend) to look after their children in future.

  • Most important to execute a 'Mirror Will' is that both spouses should have mutual trust and be honest completely to each other.

  • Whenever spouses add new properties or dispose any properties, both of them should definitely make a fresh Will, to make them legally valid.

  • What you will do if your parent or your spouse expired without leaving a 'Will' for the properties? (i) Get Succession Certificate from a Magistrate or High Court (ii) If you are not nominated by your spouse / parent for bank accounts, insurance etc., you can produce the Death Certificate. (iii) In case of Shares & Securities, either notarised Death Certificate (or) Succession Certificate are enough. & (iv) If the dispute arises due to too many relatives for the properties to inherit, Mutual Agreement with the help of a lawyer among them will be best solution.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Work Stress Management

Stress at workplace is nothing but a perception of situation which determines the experience. Here are some simple tips to overcome stress:-

  • Keep your communication always open with your superior / boss to let him know that he is aware of what you are doing and problems you face.

  • Prioritise your work according to its importance and urgency. If possible, delegate responsibilities.

  • Every hour, take a break of 5-10 minutes and drink plenty of water instead of hot / soft drinks. Talk to others or plan your vacations to enjoy with your family.

  • At a time, focus on a single task. Give importance to building relationships with superiors / peers / subordinates. You will get further motivated by your relationship.

  • To maintain good family relationship at home, you should know when to switch off mobile phones and your laptops.

  • To keep yourself physically healthy, maintain well-balanced diet with regular meals. Also, minimum of seven hours of sleep is required to keep yourself fresh and energetic. Meditation / simple physical excertises will be much helpful.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Cruise Travel with Fun

Most think cruises are very expensive which is not true. If the complete costs are taken in to consideration in other modes of holiday vacation, travelling by cruise will be a very price effective option. How to go for Cruise Travel? How to maximise savings money? And why you should prefer Cruise Travel?

  • You will get early bird offers if you book tickets at least 100-120 days in advance. Besides, by early booking , you will get the best located & cheapest cabins of your choice..

  • Before booking, you have to keep in mind, newer ships are more expensive than old ones. You pay only for what you want. If you go for all inclusive offers (meals, alcohol, sight-seeing etc.), it would be expensive for you. Instead go for offers of pre-purchase beverage packages which will be cheaper if you are a tee-totaller and a non-drinker..

  • For pre and post air and hotel bookings, book independently which will be 10% cheaper than booking through cruise line offers.

  • Before planning a cruise, decide the your travel plan period as peak seasons command the highest fares. Peak seasons are summer school holidays, Christmas / new year or Puja Holidays.

  • You have to cut down the incidental expenses unless you are offered a limited amount of free internet and calls to shore. Select the cruise ship which offers self-service laundry.

  • For shore excursions, follow DIY (Do It Yourself) way. As booking through cruise liner will be costlier, book in advance with any local travel operator.

  • Cruise is one of the best ways to visit popular hotspots across the globe as it stops in major ports without the stress of packing, un-packing, running to catch flights / trains and checking in / out of the hotels.

Types of Business Models

Choosing the right type of business set-up is a crucial step as each business model has its own merits & demerits.

  • Proprietorship:- Simplest of all business models with less or no legal formalities. It is flexible.

    However, Sole Proprietor will be solely and legally responsible for any for any fraud that may occur during the course of business. Risk levels are extremely high.

    Tax liability might be very high as income earned from the sole proprietorship business is clubbed with proprietor's personal income.

    Sole Proprietorship is ideal for setting-up a small business if improvement of business will take 3-5 years.

  • Company:- Company can be formed by individuals, or by a corporate body (promoters), as prescribed by Companies Act, 1956. It can be Public, Private or non-Profit Company.

    Private Ltd. Company can invite deposits and its shares are non-transferable whereas Public Limited Company can transfer its securities and has to fully comply with the provisions of The Companies Act 1956.

    Promoters who wish to set-up a Public Limited Company should register all documents relating formation of the company with Registrar of Companies (ROC) along with a registration fee which depends upon the capital of the company.

    Setting up a Public Limited company is a complex process.

  • Franchise Business:- Franchise Business involves two parties, the Franchiser & the Franchisee.

    Franchiser Provides business know-how, training, system and his brand for marketing. Franchisee is fully responsible for managing and expanding franchiser's business.

    Franchisees should be optimistic and be realistic about their financial capacity to invest in to Franchise's business. There is a very little scope for innovation because of its business structure nature.

    The investment for Franchise might start from Rs.5 Lac which will include franchise fee, refundable security deposit, setting up infrastructure, employees' wages. The franchisee will have to shell out a royalty ranging from 5-30 percent. Roytal is an important aspect of a franchise model as it has an impact on the profits franchisee earns.

    Before starting a Franchise Business, Franchisee should keep in mind the following:- (i) he has to visit as many as franchisers to know about each business model and choose the best among them. (ii) he should not skip the Franchise Consultants often which might to confusion in selecting the franchiser & (iii) he should have thorough analysis of franchiser's previous performance and record.

  • Trust:- Forming a trust is not a complicated process. A trust is created by a majority of its shareholders for the management of its assets and business for its benefits.

    Trust Deed which enlists the terms and conditions on which the trust should function and also the powers and duties of the trustees.

    The main advantage of trust is that even if the family or private business incurs losses, the assets put in the trust will be safe.

    Most important part of trust is that, company should choose right type of trustees, failing which, the very purpose of setting up a trust will be defeated. And the company cannot pull out any assets put in to the trust.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Sale's Shopping Tips & Tricks

You can save money on Sale's Shopping whenever you want, be it Summer, Monsoon or Winter. Here are the simple tips and tricks:-

  • Before scheduling the shopping, you have to decide you like to go for best varieties or for reduced prices. For best varieties, shop early and for reduced prices, shop later..

  • Before going for shopping, wear comfortable clothes to make sure that you will feel physically and mentally OK while shopping..

  • To avoid the crowd, go for shopping early or late in the day during the weekdays. Avoid weekend shopping. Advantages of these are, shops' shelves are well-stocked with good collections and trial rooms will be relatively empty.

  • Target one route or one destination in a single day to get the maximum output of getting the cheap and best offers.

  • Go for the authorised dealers / retailers who sell quality goods with best offers.

  • Never purchase those items which you really do not need only for the reason they are cheap.

  • You are shopping for the items to be given as gifts? Buy only those items which never go out of date. Enclose the receipt so that the receipients can exchange the same, if the same do not fit or suit them.

  • Always give importance to clothes' finishes and its fitness.

  • As interest charges add up to Credit Cards, it is better to pay by cash since sales's shopping will be cheap.

  • Even if you have selected the items you like, ask / check the exchange policies and do not forget to redeem the discount coupons which you might have got earlier to save more money.

  • If you are satisfied with the Shops, Items, Price & Customer Service of any shop, leave your name & mobile number for its databank to get yourself updated about the best deals / offers in future.

  • No time for shopping or if you are confident you can do online shopping, you can go for the same or you can just scan through on the right side of this blog which shows reputed online merchants with cheapest / best offers for all your online needs.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Fund Manager's Qualities

Fund or Investment Manager is one who is responsible for managing various securities like Shares, Bonds and other Securities, invested by the Investors. A good Fund Manager should have the following Qualities:-

  • He should have a high level of educational and professional credentials and appropriate investment managerial experience..

  • He should be able to protect investors' wealth even during the decline in the money market.

  • He should the thorough knowledge about better stock selection and portfolio construction which will generate higher returns for the investors.

  • The Fund Manager should abide by the rules laid down by his Fund House.

  • He should be able to strictly adhere to this core philosphy even during the difficult times.

  • He should be capable of adhering to certain mandate of the mutual funds.

  • A fund manager should have long-term goals of providing services to investors.

  • Investors should check whether the Fund Manager has been providing consistent good returns across different periods.

  • Or the Fund Manager, who has lesser experience, should be able to learn from the previous market scenarios and seize the opportunities or potential dangers.

Google Search Tricks & Techniques

Most useful Tricks, Tips & Techniques to Google-search:-

  • If you feel a word is important in your search, prefix the word with + symbol. For example, you want to search for travel to Delhi by bus. Type out as 'delhi travel+bus'

  • You might want to get results of either one or another word. You can add OR between the two words. For example, you want to go for education either to USA or to London. You can type out as 'usa or london education'.

  • Most important. If you want to the get the exact results of a word or phrase, prefix & sufix your word / words with quotation marks. For example, "echrway". You will get the results of echrway's site, links & other services.

  • If you want to search for a specific word / phrase within a website, you can mention the words/phrases followed by website name. For example, "students" site: www.echrway.in. You will get the list of tips related to students contained in echrway website.

  • If you want to search within a specific domain extention like .in (India) or .edu (related to Education), you can mention the word phrase followed by the domain extension. For example, just type 'Sambar Powder tips site:.in'. You will get the results related to Sambar Powder Receipe including echrway's tips on the first page of google results.

  • Not sure about the ending word or word in between two words / phrases? Use asterisk (*). For example,' engineering colleges* (or) you can type out as, engineering * colleges'.

  • You want to search for specific numbers (which can be of height, weight or anything) or price ranges of any products / services. Simple. You have to use two dots (..). For example, just type out Competitive Exams Books Rs.50..Rs.100. You will get the results of where you can get the competitive books within this price range.

  • You want to get the results a particular phrase or word in a particular website? Simple. Just type out the name of the website follwed by colon and words/phrases. For example, type out 'echrway: job tips'. You will get the results of echrway's tips website related to jobs like Job Fair Tips, Job Offer Frauds etc.

  • Instead of going to any website, you want to search for a particular word / phrase from Google Serch Bar? For example, you want to know about home loan of ICICI & its related sites of India, just type out 'icici bank:home loan site:.in'.

  • You want to get any tips or topics in file formats like PDF, Word Document or PPT? For example, you want to get make-up tips in PDF format. Type out "make up tips" filetype:pdf in Google Search Bar. You will get good results of Tips in PDF Formats.

  • Want to know the meaning & explanation of any word or phrase? Just type out 'define:cricket' in google search bar. You will get the answers.

  • Want translation of any word? Go to : http://translate.google.com/.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Online / Net Banking Benefits

Online Banking Transactions help the account-holders save time, money and also avail indirect gains.

  • Net banking facility helps them to cut / save costs for duplicate bank statements, stop payments of cheques & DD/Pay Order Charges.

  • Payment of bills online can even waive off the late payment fees.

  • Account holders can also earn points for availing online services. The points can be redeemed by online shopping through Bank's partner.

  • As cyber attackers, cyber crimes on rise, internet banking is considered as safer than physical transactions.

  • The account holder can access the account from anywhere in the world.

  • Transactions like Debit / Credit / Charges are secure and the account holders get SMS alerts immediately after the transactions.

  • Account holders can have the option of even tax planning and stock trading by linking their bank accounts to it.

  • Traditional banking services have lot of disadvantages like wasteage of time / money / insecurity, account-holders can confidently go for online banking facility.

Family Property Disputes Settlement

From low income family to blue collar families, property dispute has been a common occurrence in India. Taking this type of dispute to the court will not only be a time-consuming process but also very expensive. Family settlement is the best solution for this.

Under family settlement, family members mutually work out, in what proportion should property be distributed.

  • The properties in dispute can be real estate, jewellery or money in bank accounts.

  • Also family settlement (out of court settlement) will be more harmonious way to resolve the issues.

  • A reliable third person, preferably a family lawyer or a senior member of the family can help to arrive at an amicable solution.

  • A single or series of documents may be set out. For example, 3 brothers & 2 sisters have disputes over a land, a house & a bank account balance. They can amicably settle for these moveable / immoveable properties by a series of documents.

  • To bring about the actual transfer / share among the parties, separate transfer of property documents needs to be prepared apart from family settlement agreement.

  • While settling the disputes / sharing the properties, Income Tax / Capital Gains Tax should be taken into consideration.

  • To make the settlement agreement legally valid, it should be signed by all the family members, preferably with 2 witnesses.

  • Further, the settlement agreement should be registered along with stamp duty which depends upon the value of the property.

  • Improper execution, agreement by fraud, coercion or misrepresentation of facts regarding the title of the dispute will lead to challenging the agreement in the court of law.

  • Job Offer Frauds

    During the last 3 years, recruitment / job offer frauds have gone up. What job seekers should know 'Modus Operandi' of this?

    • The fraud mainly targets fresh engineers / graduates and those who have less experience in their field.

    • Candidates / job seekers in remote villages are targetted through internet and SMS.

    • Fraudsters post meticulous bogus and phishing websites that appear as genuine and demand money as security deposit for job offers through fake email IDs.

    • Ignorant unemployed freshers / job seekers become vicitims of this fraud as they are very desparate to get jobs.

    • Job seekers should know reputed companies never demand for money before the job offers / joining the companies.

    • Also Job Seekers should approach Manpower Consultants / Job Placement Service Providers which do not demand money from them as 'Registration Fee' etc.

    • While applying for abroad jobs, job seekers should check whether the Recruiters have valid Licence for Manpower Recruitment for abroad jobs?

    • Job seekers can also check the reviews about the Companies / Recruitment Frauds / Recruitment Consultnats in Google and should themselves get updated.

    • Job Seekers can register their resume with reputed / known Job Portals which are given on the right side of this Blog.
    Wishing Job Seekers Safe & Secured Job Search

    Fits - Causes & Remedies

    Fits, a disease of sudden jerky body movements are caused due to abnormal electrical activity in the brain and which lead to sudden loss of conciousness. Some of the reasons and remedies and precauationary measures to be taken are:-

    • Low BP, Head injury, Lack of Oxygen, High-grade Fever are main causes for Fits.

    • Body shakes and becomes rigid. Patient suddenly falls and has sometimes flow of saliva outside the mouth.

    • Affected person should be accompanied by a person until fits stop. He should be adequate ventilation for easy-breathe and any potentially items around him should be immediately removed.

    • Soft pillow / clothes can be placed under the affected person's head.

    • When the fits end, he should be carefully, slowly, gently place him in a comfortable position.

    • As fits cannot be controlled, nobody should try to forcefully control the affected person.

    • He should not be moved or given anything to drink or eat till he becomes normal.

    • With proper medical and attention, frequencies may be reduced.

    Franchise Business

    Franchise Business is a Business Partnership Model which involves two parties, the franchiser and the franchisee. Basic information of a Franchise Business are:-

    • Franchiser provides the business know-how, training, system and his brand for marketing to the Franchisee. Franchisee is fully responsible for managing and expanding franchiser's business..

    • Entrepreneurs, who like to become franchisees should have the will, dedication and sufficient capital to work as Franchisees.

    • Today, Franchise Business exists as a successful business module for various business sectors.

    • Franchisee to become a successful business partner has to visit as many franchisees as possible to know about each business model.

    • He should have thorough analysis of Company's (Franchiser's) previous record and its performance.

    • Franchisees should be optimistic and be realistice about their financial capacity to invest into Franchise Business.

    • It is advisable for a Franchisees not to skip the Franchise Consultants often.

    • It is found that 90% of the Franchise Business has been very successful during the last 20 years.

    What is Wedding Insurance?

    Wedding Insurance is one of the important milestones in anybody's life. Some important information about Wedding Insurance:-

    • Wedding Insurance Policy covers cancellation or re-scheduling of a marriage due to natural calamities like fire, earthquake, cyclones or burglary..

    • It also covers damage to wedding venue or to the house of the policyholder.

    • If one needs, policy can be coverered also to death of the bride, groom or certain close relatives or to injuries resulting to hospitalisation.

    • Guests who will be attending the marriage can also be covered, called Public Liability Cover. Coverage can also extend to loss of jewelry, valuables and / or cash.

    • However, Wedding Insurance Policy does not cover cancellation of wedding ceremony due to dispute between agreed parties and due to civil unrest/bandh.

    • Insured can file the claims only for the valuables, kept in safe and for those gifted by blood relatives.

    • The duration of a Wedding Insurance may go for a week. It is ideal to go for the insurance 15 days prior to the wedding day.

    • The premium for the wedding insurance may vary from Rs.4000/- to Rs.15000/- depending upon the coverage.

    • In case of any mishap, insured will have to submit the claim form within 30 days of the mishap.

    • Insured will have to submit the documents like Bills, Payment Receipts, Proof of Money spen.

    • If the loss is due to loss by criminal act like robbery, Insured will have to submit the copy of FIR along with Bills of the valuable.

    • In case of accidents or injuries, proof of hospitalisation will be reqiured by the Insurance Company.