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Monday, 28 September 2015

Yoga Basics

Some Yoga Basics which you should always follow :-

  • Practice yoga in the morning with empty stomach after your daily ablutions. It is always better to do yoga in an open space - in the terrace, varandah or lawn.

  • Do your yoga with yoga-mat on an even surface to get the right postures.

  • Facing north or east direction will be good while doing yoga.

  • You have to keep your mind calm and happy and do not allow you to get angry or irritated.

  • During the yoga exercise, make sure that your are tension free on your nerves, nose, ears, neck and eyes.

  • Avoid practicing yoga, when you have fever, cough and cold.

  • Do not practice yoga in haste and avoid force and jolts of any kind.

  • You should take bath or have food only after half-an-hour of doing yoga and you can have water after 15-20 minutes.

  • You can practice yoga twice a day. But you have to take in to consideration your age, physical and mental condition, flexibility, capacity, environment and time available.

  • Always be confident and be firm that yoga you practice will eliminate diseases from your body and keep you fit. Positive thinking will cure diseases while practising yoga.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Parents! Tips to Prepare for Your Children's First Day of School.

Most parents get stressed when their child starts their schooling. If your little child is about to take their first step in to the big wide world and its primary school, it can be daunting for you. Here are some tips / steps you can follow for your children:-

  • Getting organized before the school starts is the first step. You have to make sure that you have got everything your child will need on the first day.

  • Share your experience with your child about your first day of school. Explain about school rules & timings to let your child know what is expected? Make them confident that teacher will always be available to help and tell that you will be there at the end of every day to talk to them.

  • Before the first day, show your child inside the school & playground when not surrounded by people.

  • On the first day, ensure everything is ready the night before and leave yourself enough time in the morning to enjoy the day.

  • If you are particularly concerned about your child settling in or you know there are problems at home which may affect their behavior, talk to the teacher. Try to enjoy rest of the day, without worrying about your child.

  • To have the quality time with the teachers (who will be excited to share with you about your child) at the end of the day, make sure you are not late to pick up your child.

  • To make your child fresh next day, make sure that they get plenty of rest everyday.

  • To have the things run smoothly on daily basis, always stay organized.

  • As children build relationships naturally, allow them to do, but at the same time, do not force them to have friendship with those whom they do not bond.

  • Allot 10-15 minutes to ask your child about how school is going. Ask short, simple and easy to understand questions to get concrete answers which will enable you to take corrective measures / actions, if the need arises.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Kindney Stones Preventive Measures

If kidney stones are not treated in time, they can cause irreversible damage. However, lifestyle and diet can play an important role to keep away kidney stones. Here are some preventive measured you can take:-

  • Daily water intake is an important preventive measure. Drink water as much as possible along with other fluids to produce at least 2 litres of urine daily.

  • The amout of water should be consumed on a periodic basis about a glass or two, every hour. People who work in hot weather should drink more water to replace the fluid they lose by sweating.

  • Drinking enough water helps keep urine diluted and flushes away materials that might from stones. Lemon & orange juice hinder stone formation. Grapefruit juice, colas, beer, wine, coffee and tea should be avoided.

  • Eating spinach once in a while or adding tomatoes to the daily food preparation does not really harm or increase the risk of stone formation, but harmful if taken on daily basis.

  • Milk helps in reducing the stone formation.

  • People who take supplementary calcium to maintain the bone density should take the calcium tablets along with the food.
  • Reducing sodium intake is preferred to reducing calcium intake. The consumption of meat, fish and eggs should be reduced, as they contain purines, which break down in to uric acid in the urne, resulting in uric acid stones.
  • Eating excessive chocolates and nuts like cashew also should be avoided as they contain oxalate.
  • Once a person forms a stone, his chances of forming another stone are very high. most of the small stones pass spontaneously, but the larger stones may require treatment. If te stones are not treated in time, there can be irreversible damage to the kidneys.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Nutrition-Supplement Pills! Good or Bad?

As you go through your daily newspapers, you will come across a lot of appealing advertisements of nutritional supplements that promise you weight loss and regained health. A lot of people want that secret pill or powder to reach their fitness or perforance goals. Whare the hidden dangers of nutrition-supplement pills? Which is better - pills or whole foods? How to use the supplements in a best way? Here are they:-

  • No kind of dietary supplement has ever directly aided in fat reduction. It hardly works. Prescription weight-loss pills do not work for everyone, and their benefits may be modest.

  • The reason most people perceive fat burners to work is that they typically start a diet and exercise programme at the same time, they start taking the pills. It is nothing but diet and exercise - not the fat burner - that results in fat loss.

  • Supplement pills are not intended to be a food substitutes as they cannot replicate all the nutrients and benefits of whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Whole foods offer good benefits over dietary supplements like Essential Fibre, Greater Nutrition & Protective Substances.

  • Whole foods are complex, containing a variety of micro-nutrients that body needs. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes also provide dietary fibre. Most high-fibre foods are also packed with other essential nutrients, which are not available in any pill.

    Fruits and vegetables contain naturally occurring substances which help protect against cancer, heart disease, diabetes and igh blood pressure and they are good sources of antioxidants.

  • You will be surprised to know that dietary supplements have risks. They are mostly self-prescribed with no input from informed medical sources. Some ingredients found in dietary supplements are added to a growing number of foods, including breakfast cereals and beverages.

  • Still want to use food-supplements pills? Here are some best ways to use them. (i) Check the ingredients of the pills that you really need. (ii) Avoid multiple herbal content supplements. (iii) Weight-loss supplements or those which claim to improve sexual or athletic performance should be avoided. (iv) It is always better to buy food supplements from the authorized / reliable retail stores than online. (v) After using the supplements, if you feel any side effects, immediately approach your Doctor.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Women! Make-up Tips for Natural Looking Skin

Some simple steps to master the art of creating the perfect base for an enviable skin tone and texture.

  • The first and most step to a perfect finish is to choose the shade that matches your skin perfectly. Make sure to test the shade in natural light as overhead lighting in stores can cast unattractive shadows.

  • The next step is to clean your face with gentle cleansing foam. You can also use moisturizing face wipes to cleanse your face and neck of any dust or grime.

  • Before you put on the foundations, use a primer to create a base. A primer will help the foundation stay on your skin for longer and also prevent patches or an uneven result. Even a light-weight moisturizer acts perfectly well as a substitute. Ensure that you allow five minutes for the moisturizer / primer to completely soak in to your skin before applying the foundation.

  • Next step is to dab small amounts of liquid foundation on to your face. Focus on teh center of your face - starting from the nose, mouth, chin and then center of the forehead and blend thin layers in to your skin by working outwards from the middle of your face.

    Use fingers or a soft sponge to perfectly mix the foundation in. Include your neck also to avoid a differently toned face and neck.

  • Now conceal the problem areas on your face. For concealer, choose a shad lighter than your foundation. Apply the concealer with a small brush on to the darkest parts of under-eye circles and lightly blend it with the foundation layer.

  • The above simple rules for make-up basics are fool-proof, easy to follow and are suitable for every occasion.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Career Scope in IT Industry

In recent years, an entire gamut of career choices have emerged in the field of Information & Technology. From Website Designing to Programming to Developing Games and Digital Marketing. It is not just engineers who can work in the IT. With specialisation of anybody interest, the IT world opens up many careers.

  • There are various options that help anybody carve their own career in the IT world. A professional degree in IT such as a website producer and network administrator can be some of the many options. A part of basic IT education like MS Office, SAP, Clouding etc. will be an added advantage for those who want to aspire in IT career.

  • IT education is more about learning the latest and necessary aspects of computer and its education. IT managers are crucial in every industry today, including in non-IT companies as almost every company has website.

  • Taking in to account the constant changes in technology, additional knowledge of C++ , Java & Oracle also seen as the hot tech skills, companies nowadays are looking for.

  • A student with additional IT qualification can not only find a job in the field of his/her interests, but they can also use their knowledge in IT to specialize themselves in various fields. With an IT education that supplements graduation degree can open new horizons in terms of careers and professions. Some of them include, Software Programming, Gaming, Digital Marketing, Hardware Networking, Data Analysis & Web Developers.

  • Graduates with knowledge of web developing and designing can build websites, write codes to make them function. Game testing or game writing software can prepare any graduate for a career in the field of gaming. Software Engineering as well as those who spend time and energy learning programming can build a career out of this. Most organizations today need online marketing strategies which include social media marketing. For this, Digital Marketing is an ideal IT course for anyone involve in planning, implementing and analyzing digital marketing.

  • Hardware Networking is a rapidly emerging field where many youngsters are finding a career. With offices, homes, banks and industries making extensive use of computers, and telephones and television turning to Internet for connectivity, network connectivity is required everywhere. Its maintenance is a key job.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Mobile Wallets! Ins & Outs

Mobile-wallet is a mobile-based virtual wallet, where you preload a certain amount in your account created with the mobile wallet service provider, and spend it at online and offline merchants listed with the mobile waller service provider. Depending upon the service provider, you can also pay through apps, text message, social media account or website. What are the types of wallets? What transactions you can make? How you can use your pre-loaded money in the wallet? What are the pros & cons of Mobile Wallet? Answers here-below:-

  • There are four types of mobile wallets in India - open, semi-open, semi-closed and closed by Mobile Wallet Providers like Airtel Money, Pay TM, Free Charge, iKaaz, mRupee, m-Pesa, Oxigen Wallet & Idea Money.

  • The biggest advantage of mobile wallets is the massive rewards in the form of discounts and cashbacks.

  • You can transact anything and everything, right from utility payments to e-tailing and offline payments. You can even perform most of your daily transactions.

  • Coming to type of wallets, open wallets are the ones that allow you to buy goods and services, withdraw cash at ATMs or banks and transfer funds. It also allows to send money to any mobile number / bank account.

  • Airtel Money is a semi-open wallet which allows you to transact with merchants that have a contract with Airtel. Cash can be withdrawn. Closed accounts are popular with e-commerce companies, where a certain amount of money is locked with the merchant in case of a cancellation or return of the order, or gift cards. Semi-closed wallets like PayTM allows the users to buy goods and services at listed merchants and perform financial services at listed locations.

  • Not to worry about your money in your mobile wallet as service providers cannot have free run over it. RBI has strictly laid down a set of guidelines for them.

  • There are some merits and demerits in having Mobile Wallet. Your pocket-wallet can be stolen or misplaced but your mobile can never be. Mobile wallets allow you to pay in one-tap unlike net banking which has time-consuming process.

  • While using Debit / Credit Cards, users have to disclose sensitive bank data on the merchant's site or banks which can lead to unwanted financial transactions. Another big advantage of mobile wallet is 'big savings' in the form of discounts / rewards / cashbacks.

  • Inspite of above merits, it should be noted here that only mobile-savvy people (with dependable and speedy internet connection) can use such services. Some mobile wallet service providers have limited numer of e-commerce / online merchants like Snapdeal, Flipkart, eBay, Foodpanda, Naaptol etc. , listed with them. Mobile wallets are useless for high value payments.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Men in 20's & 30's. Solutions to Pimples.

One in four men has pimples in 20's or 30's. Here are some simple solutions for them :-

  • It is best to discontinue heavy-carbohydrate and sugar treats.

  • While shopping for skincare products ensure that the product does not contain pore-blocking ingredients (non-comodegenic) that exacerbate acne.

  • Sunscreens and moisturizers are usually quite comodegenic. Men should avoid anything with lanolin, mineral oil, fragrance and cocoa butter, and should not use product after product over the skin.

  • The most common reason for pimples is that it is caused by dirt. To overcome this, men should cleanse the face minimum twice a day by using a gentle formula content face wash ayurvedic products.

  • Extracting the pimples yourself will cause a whole bunch of other problems. It is always ideal to avoid it.

Fixing Wi-fi Problems

Most of us have Wi-Fi installed at our home or office. But sometimes we face problems with our Wi-Fi connection due to lack of service by service providers. Here are some tips and tricks to get them fixed :-

  • Placing the Wi-fi Router at the right place is most important for a smooth wireless internet connection. Routers emit radio signals, which make it critical that you place it away from other electrical equipments like televisions and refrigerators.

  • It is ideal to place the router in a central location, especially away from direct walls and as high as possible from the floor so that the signals from the router travel in a downward direction.

  • Identifying dead spots is where the router is unable to direct signals is important. Dead spots can be identified with help of applications like Wi-Fi Inspector, Assia's Cloudcheck, Net Stumbler or Amped Wireless Wi-Fi Analytics Tool.

  • A poor Wi-Fi connection can also be caused by signal interference from other routers installed close by or due to some other electrical equipment nearby. This problem can be overcome by changing the frequency channel by tweaking the options found in the router's default settings page. Channels 1,6 & 11 are the best choices for minimal interference and maximum output.

  • It is possible that someone in your vicinity is stealing your data and resulting in a poor internet connection. You can check the number of devices connected to your Wi-Fi connection from the router's settings page.

  • It is highly recommended that you reboot the router manually every once in a while.

  • By following the above ways, you can ensure that the frequency support and teh channels of the router get internally refreshed, which ends up boosting your Wi-Fi speed output as well.

Friday, 4 September 2015

'Juvenile Delinquency' - Facts & Impacts.

'Juvenile' is a a person below 18 years of age and it refers to anti-social or criminal activity / offence of that child. Some the criminal offences include sexual crimes, homicide, drug addiction, property disputes & violent crimes. According to research, positive youth development is the key to prevent teens from turning into offenders. This type of criminal offence is more often a group phenomenon rather than an individual act. Given-below are some facts, risk / preventive factors & warning signs (all parents must watch out) for their children :-

  • Worldwide, crimes committed by juveniles have been on the rise in the recent years. As detailed below, there are risk & preventive factors for delinquency.

  • Gender: Male-teens are more likely to become offenders as compared to female-teens.<

  • Individual Factors: Attention deficit by parents, hyperactivity disorder, low IQ, aggressive behaviour, drug abuse, violent victimisation & learning disorders.

  • Family Atmosphere: low parental income, harsh disciplinary methods, poor monitoring by parents & authoritarian styles of parenting. Community factors like socially disorganised neighbourhood, decreased economic opportunities & poor community participation are also responsible for the delinquency.

  • Other Factors: Associating with delinquent peers, gang involvement, exposure to media violence through you tube etc., poor academic performance & ethnicity are some other factors that lead to delinquency.

  • However, there are some protective factors which prevent the teens from delinquency like good academic performance, spirituality, good social skills, high IQ, shared familiy activities, good coping strategies and problem solving, involvement pro-social activities & strong healthy peer relations.

  • Useful Tips for Parents: (i) Parents should always keep their communication channel open for their children (ii) They should monitor their activities and peer group. (iii) Should teach them how to handle disputes in a peaceful manner (iv) Watch for aggression and academic performance. & (v) Above all, they should constantly watch the medial & social networks usage by their children due to technological advancement.