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Monday, 28 September 2015

Yoga Basics

Some Yoga Basics which you should always follow :-

  • Practice yoga in the morning with empty stomach after your daily ablutions. It is always better to do yoga in an open space - in the terrace, varandah or lawn.

  • Do your yoga with yoga-mat on an even surface to get the right postures.

  • Facing north or east direction will be good while doing yoga.

  • You have to keep your mind calm and happy and do not allow you to get angry or irritated.

  • During the yoga exercise, make sure that your are tension free on your nerves, nose, ears, neck and eyes.

  • Avoid practicing yoga, when you have fever, cough and cold.

  • Do not practice yoga in haste and avoid force and jolts of any kind.

  • You should take bath or have food only after half-an-hour of doing yoga and you can have water after 15-20 minutes.

  • You can practice yoga twice a day. But you have to take in to consideration your age, physical and mental condition, flexibility, capacity, environment and time available.

  • Always be confident and be firm that yoga you practice will eliminate diseases from your body and keep you fit. Positive thinking will cure diseases while practising yoga.