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Friday, 27 April 2012

Safe Regn. with Matrimonial Sites

Getting married is your life-time decision. Following are the tips for you to take safe and precautionary steps before & after registration with matrimonial sites.
  • As you know who you are, draw a clear picture of your values, life vision, goals & your requirements in your mind.
  • While registering, mention something good about yourself & the qualities you expect from your life-partner.
  • Provide accurate and honest information & upload your most current photo to your profile.
  • If you want, you can choose the options of restricting your Photo, Horoscope & References by protecting them.
  • Login regularly but keep your login details confidential.
  • Never give out your personal details like Debit / Credit Card & Bank Account information to anybody.
  • Keep away from money scam. Protech your PC/Laptop with Latest Version of Anti-virus Software.
  • Be cautious of people who ask irrelevant questions and / or do not answer clearly.
  • Inform your family members / friends before you meet the person. Never meet alone any person until you know him/her well.
  • Make sure you introduce the prospect to your family members & get them involved in your decision-making process.
  • Once you get engaged / married, remove your profile from the Matrimonial Sites to avoid unnecessary follow-up by matrimonial alliance seekers.
Wishing you Safe & Secure Matrimonial Registration / Search!

Resume Cover Letter Techniques

Recruitment Managers opine good 'Cover Letters' are very influential. Some do's and don'ts in your Cover Letter to grab the employer's attention:-
  • Do not open your sentences as 'I am writing to apply for your ad of Sundays Newspaper or you are a great company'. This type of sentences fails to capture employer's attention.

  • Recruitment Managers expect something unique about yourself which involves a two step process.

  • (i) Analyse the job advertised and determine the skills required for that job. & (ii) Present the employer, how you will meet the employer's needs.

  • Being with a strong opening sentence highlighting your major selling points and skills that you would bring to the job.

  • For example, open your sentence as '12 Years Experience in Senior Marketing Management with proven expertise in marketing FMCG Products for a Blue Chip Company'.

  • As body of your cover letter states that you can perform the duties in a desired manner, outline how you will handle the tasks. Clearly highlight the action taken and the results achieved.

  • Prepare your cover letter in one page with any power phrase that would attract your recruitment manager's attention.

  • Your cover letter should develop interest of the employer to turn pages of your 'Resume' to call you.

  • Once you have finished your cover letter and resume, scan over it again and again to also ensure that they are error-free.

  • Boosting Employee Morale

    Morale is a state of mood, mind or mental condition of any individual or group to perform a assigned tasks. Morale may be positive (optimistic - high morale) or negative (pessimistic - low morale). How can a superior bring high morale among his subordinates? Give below are the basic techniques:-
    • If you are a superior / manager, make sure that you sincerely listen to your subordinates' suggestions and their creative ideas by your non-verbal body language and communication.

    • Most superiors do not spend enough time with their subordinates. Time and again, superiors should let their subordinates know that they are available for their subordinates and care about what is going on?

    • Sharing general information with employees will make them feel involved, improve morale as secretiveness can be dangerous to morale.

    • Expectations, Qualities, Output and Performances of employees will vary from one another. Superiors should know how to financially and non-financially motivate employees for a high morale among the group.

    • If you, as a superior, are not satisfied with the performance of any of your subordinate, approach them immediately with your feedback of how to improve his performance as things are not quite right.

    • As a superior, if you have trouble in maintaining your level of motivation on the job, try to keep your demotivation away from your subordinates, at the same time, you try to get back on the right track.

    • Never make false assurances which you cannot fulfil just to get the things done as it will lead to low morale in future.

    • Being biased towards particular subordinate/subordinates also will lead to low morale. Superiors should take utmost care in dealing with all subordinates by treating them equally.

    • Every employee wants to grow professionally and also personally. High morale of the employees can be maintained by allowing them to join professional courses, attend training classes to develop themselves for career advancement. This would make the employees feel a greater sense of recognition, achievement & involvement in jobs.

    • If you, as a superior, feel satisfied with the performance of any employee, delegating more authorities and responsibilities will serve as a prime motivator and morale booster. It also shows your confidence in their abilities. Involving them in goal-setting also will improve their morale.

    • Employees contribution can be appreciated in staff meetings, company newsletters and trade journals.

    Why Some Elders Refuse Help?

    You might have come across some older adults who are reluctant to ask for help or accept it when offered. Why? Here are the reasons:-

    Denial. The person feels difficult in accepting the reality of his / her aging and the prospect of inceased dependence on others.

    Pride.  The person might not want to appear weak or incompetent in front of others.

    Discomfort.  The person does not like the idea of strangers coming into his or her home or the role reversal involved in accepting help from younger generations, particularly children.

    Guilt.  The person does not want to worry or disturb the family.

    Anxiety.  The person fears he or she will be pressured into leaving the comfort of his or her home, end up in a care facility and generally lose control over his or her life.

    Resentment.  The person perceives concerned family members as critical or intrusive.

    Personality.  The person has always found change difficult or been fiercely independent, stubborn or private.

    Finances.  The person is concerned about the cost of recommended equipment and services due to limited means.

    Cognition.  The person may be in the early stages of brain disorder by emotional disturbance and lack insight into her or his needs and capabilities.

    What is 'Break-up'?

    • 'Break-up' is, the termination of an intimate relationship by any means other than death but is less likely applied to a married couple.

    • Break-ups are very difficult as they involve giving or receiving pain, and they make us feel we are unlovable.

    • They represent the loss of relationships, shared dreams and commitments.

    • Break-ups are high-stress situations which might even lead to death because of a broken heart.

    • Depression that occurs after a break-up can even cause cancer.

    • People tend to go through a serious identity crisis after a relationship ends.

    • When a couple undergoes a divorce or break-up, 75% of immediate family and friends are likely to break-up as well.

    • After a break-up, men tend to get lonelier than women and are more likely to turn to alcohol and drugs.

    • You can can make things a litter easier for yourself by giving serious thought to and considering all the reasons for the break-up.

    • Learn to love yourself. Take care of yourself and remind that you still have a bright future ahead of you though may sound impractical right now.

    • Regain your old self and start a new life.

    Functions of a Principal

    Typical functions of a School Principal include:-
    • A school principal should be able to develop and manage educational programs for students.
    • Should plan and monitor budget of expenses and income for the school.
    • May plan and direct building maintenance.
    • Should interview and recruit teachers.
    • Should continuously observe and evaluate the performance of teachers.
    • Should be able to prepare Class Schedules, Records and Attendance Reports.
    • Should know the requirements of Supplies, Equipments and Instructional Materials required for the students and allocate them analytically.
    • Should be capable of establishing healthy relationships with Community Organisations and other schools to coordinate educational services.
    • Should have the willigness to listen to the suggestions of teachers, students and parents concerning educational and behavioural problems in school.
    • Should develop and coordinate educational / cultural programs through meetings with staff, teachers and issue directions to smoothly conduct the same.
    • Above all, school conforms to all Govt. Regulations.

    Monday, 16 April 2012

    Body Language

    Human body is capable of sending more than 7 Lac different non-verbal signals that others pick up. Some body language is the same regardless of sex.

    There are some primary elements of body language : Face, Eyes, Posture, Gestures, Voice, Movement, Touch and Appearance.

    Posture & Gesture  Posture includes how the head, shoulders, legs, arms and hips are held. Each of these body parts work separately as well as together ot send non-verbal cues.

    Voice  Voice is included in body language - tone of voice, volume, emotion and pace - as there are many vocal cues from the voice in addition to words.

    Touch  Touch is capable of communicating so many different messages. Touch can be divided into four main categories : friendship, professional, social and intimacy.

    Appearance  Appearance includes clothes, neatness, body shape and anything else that provides visual messages and cues to other people.

    Eyes  Reading the eyes can play a major part in reading body language over all. Different directions of the eye convey different message. If you pay attention to the eyes, they convey tons of information / messages about a person.

    Movement of Eyes & Meanings  (i) Looking Right - Creating, Guessing, Lying, Storytelling. (ii) Looking Left - Recalling, Remembering, Retrieving "facts". (iii) Looking Right & Up - Visual Imagining, Fabrication, Lying. (iv) Looking Right & Sideways - Imagining Sounds (v) Looking Right & Down - Accessing Feelings. (vi) Looking Left & Up - Rcalling Images, Truthfulness (vii) Looking Left & Sideways - Self-talking, Rationalizing (viii) Rubbing Eyes - Disbelief, Upset or Tiredness (ix) Eye Shrug (Upward Eye Roll) - Frustration. & (x) Raised Eyebrows or Flash - Greeting, Recognition, Acknowledgement.

    With one or combination of these elements, there are seven universal body language messages : sadness, fear, boredom, anger, distaste, happiness and surprise.

    Sunday, 15 April 2012

    Heart Attack Symptoms

    A heart attack occurs when the supply of blood to the coronary artery (vessels that carry blood from the heart through the body) is stopped d to a blood clot. Coronary heart diseases are the leading cause of death for both men and women. Heart attack symptoms in men differ from the heart attack symptoms in women. A few important heart attack symptoms in men are:-

    Sweating  Abnormal Sweating Abnormal sweating can be an indication of an impending heart attack.

    Shortness of Breath  If there is lack of of blood supply to certain muscles of heart, they lack in oxygen which will result in shortness of breath.

    Dizziness or Light-headedness  A feeling of light-headedness or a feeling as if you will pass out is also a warning sign of a heart attack due to the lack of blood flowing to the brain because of inadequate pumping of the heart.

    Anxiety  Most people get panicky and suffer from a sudden panic attack for no reason, prior to heart attack.

    Indegestion  Heartburn, fullness, chocking feeling, and indigestion may also occur due to a heart attack.

    Irregular Heart Beats  If the heart beats faster as compared to the regular heart beats, person suffers from a heart attack.

    Stomach Distress & Vomitting  Prolonged upper abdomen pain occurs because the pressure that is building up in the chest is passed down to the abdomen.

    Chest Pain  The pain occurs in the center of the chest - feeling like a squeezing pain that often lasts for more than a few minutes or may resurface again. The person may experience fullness, heaviness, tightness, or pressure in the chest.

    Pain in other Body Parts  Chest pain can extend to other body parts like the shoulder, back, arms, teeth or jaw. Sometimes there is no pain in the chest, instead, a pain which may occur in the mentioned body parts that is often neglected.

    To prevent the progression of heart disease and avoid another heart attack, follow your doctor's advice and make essential lifestyle changes. By controlling your diabets, smoking, maintaining healthy body weight, following an exercise plan, and by controlling stress, you can lower your blood cholesterol.

    Friday, 13 April 2012

    7 Best Airlines

    Around the World pass on American Airlines (AA) or straight to Singapore. But following skies are considered 'the friendliest & best in the world':-

    British Airways  Regarded as an Industry-leader, BA carries more than 35 million passengers annually. BA aims to privide the best travel experience from booking to boarding, take-off to landing. The airline's main operating bases are both outside of London: Hearthrow, the world's largest international airport, and Gatwick. It has been consistently serving the best of the world cuisine, finding inspiration from culniary circles, trends, fashion, and art and ten adapts these for delivery and presentation in an aircraft environment. British Airways realises that a journey is more than just a flight.

    Cathay Pacific Airways  Based in Hong Kong, CP impressively offers service to more than 85 destinations worldwide. CP pays attention to every little detail to make it as enjoyable as possible by its passengers. CP has won many awards including for Service, Safety & Busines Innovation and has even ranked No.1 for its first-class lounge and business lounge that same year.

    Thai Airways  Headquartered at Bangkok and, as the national airline, TA offers domestic and international air travel and related services. Thai Airways International growth was greatly accelerated in 1988 and it has contributed to the advancement of all types of technology related to the world's commercial aviation. TA which has a manpower strength of over 24000, has earned a worldwide reputation for offering high standard products and customer services.

    Virgin Atlantic Airways  Born in 1984, VA was the first airline to offer individual TVs to their business-class passengers. Even today, VA continues to be an innovator in airline amenities, offering a super economy service and introducing the longest flat beds in its upper class sections for long-haul flights. It has regular service to more than 25 destinations worldwide.

    Malaysian Airlines  Spread across six continents, MA has a fleet of more than a hundred aircraft and continues to set new world standards with their enhanced in-flight services, reliable ground support, and excellent infrastructure. MA aims to provide a service that ranks among the best in terms of safety, comfort, and punctuality not only trans-Pacific, but within Asia.

    Japan Airlines  which invested around 30 million dollars, for state-of-the-art in flight entertainment features, affords passengers as even more enjoyable travel experience. Although JAL is one of the pioneers in technology, it has never lost sight of its two important assets: gracious service and a tradition of excellence.

    Midwest Airlines  A small airline that flies only within the United States. It offers its passengers wide leather seats, superior service, chocolate chip cookies backed on board, and competitive fares. It also offers non stop jet service to major destinations in the Midwest and to selected cities on the East and West Coasts of US. Their commitment to passenger service and comfort has earned them the reputation as "the best care in the air".

    Thursday, 12 April 2012

    Choosing Insurance Policy (India)

    Getting Insurance Policy is an important aspect and choosing right insurance policy is equally important. Here are the important factors to be considered for choosing the right Insurance Policy:-
    • Your current & projected income.
    • If married, earning capacity of your spouse.
    • No. of individuals financially dependent on you in your family.
    • Your ability to pay premium at any point of time in future, even when you will not have constant fund inflow.
    • Your age, medical state & future financial plans.
    • Thoroughly analyse the cost for the insurance policy and its benefits.
    • Decide whether you need pure insurance or insurance covered with investment opportunity for income tax exemption.
    • Duration of the Policy & Premium you will be have to pay (Monthly/Quarterly/Half yearly/Yearly).
    • Select the type of Policy (Term Insurance-Limited Period, Endowment-Lump sum return after specified period, Unit Linked (or) Money Back-Periodic Returns).
    • Most Important. Do not buy Life Insurance Policy if you are not sure that you will be able to continue the policy. Instead, invest in Banks & Post Office Schemes.

    Friday, 6 April 2012

    Benefits of Weight Lifting

    Our body composition changes each year as we age. We become less active, gain body fat and lose muscle.

    Starting a weight-training program can be a major step against your aging process. Regular weight training (2-3 time / week) has many benefits:-
    • It shapes your body.
    • Improves skin texture and keep our skin tight.
    • Gives more energy for daily activities.
    • Supports and stabilizes our joints.
    • Strengthens the supporting muscles that surround joints.
    • Strengthens our abdominal and lower back muscles.
    • Burns more calories.
    • Helps bones to improve your posture.
    • Helps in lower blood pressure by keeping your blood vessels more elastic.
    • Weight Lifting Exercises need utomost care and concentration to avoid accidents.

    Need for Health Insurance

    • Compared to Life Insurance, Health Insurance Premium is affordable.
    • For some, Insurance might be an additional financial burden, but not having a Health Insurance will cost more.
    • Even if you are young and healthy, it is ideal to have Health Insurance.
    • Health Insurance costs and benefits to you can vary. Analyse each one closely and select best deal for you.
    • If you go for the cheapest plan, thoroughly check the benefits available.
    • Some policies will cover specified network of hospitals and other service providers.
    • If you want your policy more flexible, you will have to pay more premiums.
    • Get Health Insurance Plan for your elderly parents.
    • To overcome financial hardship against unforeseen health expenditure, health insurance is necessary.
    • If you are covered Health Insurance by your employer, you do not need buy health insurance separately.
    • Buying Health Insurance is, buying peace of mind when you need unexpected hospitalization.

    Thursday, 5 April 2012

    Pros & Cons of Tech. Advancement

    Over the last 20 years, technology has grown tremendously at a faster rate. People enjoy many benefits brought by the innovations during the last decade. Technology today has spread in almost all aspects of our daily life.

    • Helps in Social Networking (SNS) like Facebook, Skype, and Twitter.
    • Incorporating technology on the job helps any organisation run smoothly and efficiently.
    • Technology controls the world in which we live. Uses of technology gives companies the cutting edge over their competitors.
    • Due to technological advancement, students are able to learn globally.
    • Saves time and money and has made our life easier.
    • Provides great deal of convenience in speeding up personal and business transactions like Paying Electricity, Credit Card Bills & Online Shopping.
    • Communication is made easier and faster through social networking programs. It enables everybody to keep in touch wih each other at a very affordable cost. 
    • e-Learning programs provide immediate feedback on learners' performance.
    • Easy access to any type of information for anybody.
    • Technology enables people aware of natural disasters in advance to save their lives.

    People believe that technology has only positive impacts, but there are definitely dangers and drawbacks:-

    • Leads to less face-to-face contact among family members as nowadays almost every family member has a computer / laptop.
    • Some old employees of any organisation are reluctant to change as it is difficult for them to grasp new technological features.
    • As people ignore physical activities and spend most of the time with technology, it affects their health and eyes.
    • Technology has exhausted the outdoor activities for children as many they browse through social networks and internet for a long hours.
    • People fail to go to sleep earlier as they are constant alert to remain in touch with their friends & family members online.
    • It leads to lot of accidents. Some people are not aware when, what, where, why & how to use the electronic gadgets.
    • Because of process automation, it reduces the manual labour leading to unemployment problems even in developed countries.
    • As people are totally dependent on computers and other technologies, if they break down, humans are not able to work and become less self reliant.
    • Video Games and internet access have negative effects on society.
    • Leads to loss of friendly and face-to-face communication.
    • Technology increases the possible of crimes by tech-savvy people like accessing personal and financial information from non-tech savvy people.
    • Prono-videos are easily accessible even by children.

    How To Buy Properties in India?

    To avoid falling into legal hassles, utmost care to be taken before buying land / property. Here are the factors to be considered before buying land / property:-
    • Check the legal Status of the Land and legal right of the owner of the property in Govt. records.
    • Title Deed - Stress for original deed and get it examined by your lawyer.
    • Tax Receipts / Bills - confirm whether taxes payable to Govt. are fully paid by the owner.
    • Encumbrance Certificate, confirming the land does not have any legal dues and complaints for around 30 years.
    • Release Certificate by the bank from whom the owner would have availed home loan and has duly paid all his dues to the bank.
    • Release Certificate - Get release certificate by the co-owners, if land is owned by more than one person.
    • Agreement. To be prepared by a lawyer and signed by both the parties, containing clauses relating to cost, advance already paid and amount payable in installments.
    • If you buy Flat / Apartment, check reviews from the existing customers.
    • Make sure that penality clause is included in the Agreement for delay in completion of the project by the Flat Promoters.

    How To Place Ads in 'Classifieds'?

    Advertising being an important part of marketing your goods and services, you need to create advertisement which catches your buyers' attention and gets them thinking on the need to buy your product. Equally important for your advertisement to do is the ability to get an edge over your competitors. Here are the simple tips:-

    • Give utmost importance to the title of the Advertisement.
    • Use catchy phrases & be specific to catch the readers' attention.
    • If you own website for your business, begin with name of your website, followed by your advertisement content.
    • Use less words that say more to grab a customers' attention, stop them & read your advertisement.
    • Place advertisement to sell either one product or service. Sell one thing at a time. Advertising multiple products / services in same ad. will lead to confusion.
    • Make your advertisement more informational & interesting.
    • Write the advertisement in an easy, conversational manner and not in a formal way.
    • Write as clearly and factually as possible.
    • Place the ad. in correct category.


    Stenography, the process of writing in shorthand, was developed by an Englishman Sir Isaac Pitman in 1837. In spite of technological advancement, invention of dictation machines, stenography is still widely used all over English-speaking world and is not dead by any means. Financially unsound lower middle class & poor people, who are not able to afford for higher education, even today prefer learning Stenography with affordable fees. 

    Some important and interesting information about shorthand:-
    • It is a method of recording human speech in brief. You need lined paper and a pencil to draw different shaped strokes.
    • Learning stenography needs lot of patience.
    • It needs continuous and rigorous practice on daily basis, at least 3 hours / day for a year.
    • Determination to spend as much time as you can practicing shorthand. I used to spend at least 7 hours / day for practizing shorthand.
    • It is good to have an instructor to learn stenography.
    • Circles and straight lines make up the basics of its alphabets with 24 consonants in basic.
    • It is easy to write shorthand with a mechanical pencil with a self-advancing lead.
    • If you commit mistake while writing stenography, quickly circle mistake and write again next to it.
    • Speed skills in shorthand may vary from 60 to 120 words per minute (WPM).
    • To improve your shorthand writing in speed, you need to have a dictator who is good in pronouncing the words and is able to give you dictation at the speed you desire.
    • Good English knowledge will be added advantage for any stenographer. If you miss any of the vowels or words, your English knowledge will help you complete the transcription.
    • Before start writing, better to have a blank space on left side with a margin. You can note any key word while taking notes for any reference later.
    • Keep your fingers totally free and flexible enough while writing.
    • If you have started writing at 80 words per minute accurately, you can try to write Radio / TV news in shorthand. This will improve your concentration and speed.

    Wednesday, 4 April 2012

    Qualities of a Psychologist

    A psychologist provides individual and group counselling services in universities, colleges, schools, clinics, rehabilitation centers, veterans administration hospitals, and industry, to assist individuals in achieving more effective personal, social, educational, and vocational development and adjustment. Typical Qualities of a Psychologist include:-
    • Requires master's degree, or a PhD in the field of Psychology.
    • Collects data about individual through us of interview, case history, and observational techniques.
    • Selects and interprets psychological tests designed to assess invidivual's intelligence, aptitudes abilities, and interests, applying knowledge of statistical analysis.
    • Evaluates data to identify causes of problem of individuals and to determine advisability of counseling or referral to other specialists or institutions.
    • Provides occupational, educational, and other information to enable individual to formulate realistic educational and vocational plans.
    • Conducts counseling or therapeutic interviews to assist individual to gain insight into personal problems, define goals, and plan action reflecting interests, abilities and needs.
    • Follows up results of counseling to determine reliability and validity of treatment used.
    • May engage in research to develop and improve diagnostic and counseling techniques.
    • May administer and score psychological tests.

    Self Evaluation for Managers

    Are you a Manager in a Company? How will you measure your progress as a Manager in creating a workplace of joy. Following exercises are for you to do yourself as an inventory to help you become a better Supervisor or Manager:-
    • Best Boss Vs. Worst Boss:- (i) Write down the initials (of name) of the worst boss you have ever had & what that person did to be such a bad boss (iii) Then write down the initials (of name) of the person who was the best boss you have ever had and what that person did to be such a great boss. Now analyse what kind of boss are you? Look at the behaviours you have listed and consider if any of them describe the way you manage your employees.
    • Boss Vs. Leader:- (i) Think about what the words "boss" and "leader" cannote to most people. (ii) In 2 columns, list what each one of them does (a) What does a boss do? & (b) What does a leader do? Now compare two lists. Which one are you with yor employees? Where does a boss or a leader get his or her power? Is the boss always a leader? Is a leader always a boss?
    • Gift of Trust:- (i) Think about a boss you trusted completely. How did that make you feel? (ii) What kind of commitment did you have to that manager? (c) Do you trust employees? What are some concrete ways you can demonstrate that trust in actionable & believable ways?
    • Rewards & Recognition:- Create a folder for each one of your team members. Keep a list of human-level things about that employee like family information, favourite sports games, their passion, favourite food/restaurant and anything else that makes them unique. Ask each employee to make a list of the things they would really like as rewards (financial & non-financial). Add these lists to each personal's folder.Ask your each team member to write on a paper the reasons why they stay at your organisation and keep it in each individual's folder.
    • Blend Work & Family:- In a group of five or six, ask your employees how you might make their lives at home better. List the ideas they come up with and then brainstorm how you might make some of these happen. Do this exercise at least twice a year. Once a year, provide an opportunity for the families of your employees to visit your workplace. Make this a celebration. Related Links

    Tuesday, 3 April 2012

    'Modus Operandi' of Cyber Attackers

    Most cyberattacks are random. According to Symantec Anti Virus Group President, Francis Desouza, in 2011 there were 300 million cyberattacks. But some attackers know exactly who they want to reach and how to steal information. Here is their 'modus operandi':-
    • A hacker first chooses his target company which has vital information that he needs or to get access in to it.
    • The hacker identifies an employee or the person who has all vital data with valuable information. Mostly, he will do research on social networks like Facebook, Linkedin to know how best to target him.
    • The hacker then sends an email to the targeted person that appears to come from a friend or business associate.
    • It might include an attachment that looks legitimate but contains a malicious computer code that will give the hacker access to the target's computer.
    • The code is often original and of high enough quality that it is very difficult to detect the hacking.
    • The hacker then uses his acccess.
    • He steals data from the victim's computer or to root around the network for valuable information.
    • Most cybercrime is basically an online smash-and-grab job.
    • The hacker is likely to wait undetected for valuable information to steal, or to continuously steal information over time.

    Break Habits & Make Changes

    A habit (good or bad) is a behaviour you repeat again and again. You tend to repeat it once you learn a behaviour that helps you in some way. Soon it becomes normal behaviour for you. After few repetitions, it becoms habit.
    Habit begins with finding a certain way to do something, it works, you stick to it and then you stop looking for other (better) ways whereas you can. Here are five steps to help you break a habit and make a change:-
    • Know you can change:- Confidence is everything. When you know you can change, you can. As you learn what to do, you will become more and more confident. Everybody and anybody can change. So show your confidence & show your strength.

      Millions of very serious alchoholics have quit drinking. They found it hard. But they stayed with it and they were successful.
    • Unlearn learned Behaviour:- Any behaviour that can be learned can be unlearned. Unlearn something means, finding another (better) way to achieve the same goal. Like, crying and drinking, find another behaviour to help you get your way. Some habits are easy to change, others are more difficult.
    • Make a Decision to Change:- (i) Want to Change:- The more you want to do something, the stronger your decision will be to do it. (ii) Take Responsibility for yourself:- Take responsibility for any problems that you cause through your habit. When you take responsibility for what you do, you can break a habit. (iii) Have a Clear Goal or a Clear Set of Goals:- For example, when you quit drinking, you have two main goals : (a) Getting yourself free & (b) Regain good health.
    • Cope with intense desire or compulsions:-:- Addictions consist of your intense desire and compulsions. To quit any addition successfully, the single best way to cope is to wait them out. Each time you have an intense desire or compulsion, do not act on it, but simply be aware of it. Try any of the relaxation techniques. Coping with your cravings does get easier. You get stronger and stronger.
    • Find Something to replace your habit:- You have two solutions for this. (i) Finding a new way to do the same thing. & (ii) Doing something completely different. For instance, you can find a new way to clean your teeth like changing your pattern of brushing such as rinsing with salt water. When you break a habit, you can do something different when you break the habit. You can use your time to do something else.