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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Your Life Partner's Lies - Why & Signs?

Lies which are harmful can even destroy relationships and whole families Here are some facts, reasons & signs of / for telling lies:-

  • There are certain facial cues which give away if someone is telling the truth or not. Body language also can reveal whether somebody is lying or telling the truth.

  • Some reactions are caused by nervousness and some by chemical reactions in the body while lying.

  • A chemical reaction causes people's face to itch when they lie. The common indicators are touching the nose or cheek and rubbing finger under nose.

  • Person telling lie may either cough several times or clear throat a few times.

  • The person may even chew on lip. Eyes may dart from left to right, back and forth.

  • Another sign is that the person blinks his / her eyes several times in a row, faster than the normal blink rate of once every 10 to 12 seconds.

  • There are other facial indicators and a good many body movements and ways people talk are some indicators of telling lies.

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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Women! Irregular Periods - Causes & Remedies

Many parents and adolescent girls are unsure of the normal ranges for menstrual cycle length, amount and duration of flow through adolescence. Here are some causes & solutions to irregular periods:-

  • Some of the causes (for irregular periods) include : Pregnancy, Medication, Stress, Eating Disorders, Excessive Physical Exercise, Weight Loss, Anemia, Chronic Illness, Premature ovarian Failure, Uncontrolled diabetes & Thyroid Disorders.

  • Parents & adolescent girls need to understand what a normal menstrual cycle is, its length, duration and pattern. If the cycles that have been regular become irregular or the periods do not come for a period of 90 days, a medical evaluation is mandatory.

  • Teen-girls should share their concerns with their mothers or trusted adults or a good doctor.

  • Mother should help her daughter to be prepared with a sanitary napkin in her school bag for emergencies.

  • Bodily clues like backache, leg and abdominal cramps, bloating etc. may indicate the onset of periods which everybody should know.

  • Polycystick Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common causes of irregular periods and may be associated with excessive body hair and obesity. Thyroid disease ca be easily treated.

  • Menstrual health is the combined responsibility of the parent as well as the teen.

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Monday, 18 January 2016

Sugar - Ins & Outs.

If you are one of the many people who have tried to cut back on sugar, you know how diffficult it can be. When we eat sugar, an over-stimulation of the reward centers causes us to become addicted to it. Here are some truths about sugar & its negative effects:-

  • When we eat foods which are high in sugar, the reward centers of the brain are activated and large amount of dopamine is released which makes us eating sugar feel so good.

  • Over time and with an over-stimulation of those reward centres, we develop an addiction to sugar because it simply makes us feel good when we eat it.

  • Due to the powerful effects sugar has on the brain, it can be thought of like actual drugs like heroin and cocaine do.

  • Women should not have more than six teaspoons of sugar per day and men nine teaspoons.

  • Added sugar is also a poison. It has no nutritional value and lacks any essential proteins, minerals and vitamins.

  • Added sugar is one of the worst and most toxic ingredients in our diet and can have harmful effects on our metabolism and contribute to the developments of numerous serious health conditions and diseases.

  • Too much sugar is harmful to the body and promotes inflammation and diseases & might even lead to breast cancer.

  • Sugar is hidden in so many of the foods we consume every day, found under different names like fructose, lactose, sucrose, maltose, glucose, and dextrose. High fructose can be found in frozen dinners, some vegetables, peanut butter, pickles, salad dressing, soup & canned fruits.

  • To have control over sugar, eat minimum amount and opt for natural alternatives. It is better to get your sugar fix from naturally sweet fruits as opposed to processed foods. Fruits are still high on sugar, so better not to have over limit.

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Monday, 11 January 2016

Bedwetting - What? Why? Solutions

'Bedwetting' means an involuntary passage of urine at night. This is a very distressing condition and causes emotional problems and considerable psychological damage.

  • The prevalence of bed-wetting decreases with age. It is more in boys than in girls and also if there is a similar history among parents.

  • Possible causes may be, inadequate production of ADH which reduces urination at night, genetics, poor sleep hygiene, caffeine & bladder problems.

  • Symptoms : Suspected physical, mental or sexual abuse, neurological or urological problem or history of repeated urinary tract infections.

  • Some solutions : Adequate fluid intake according to physical activity and ambient temperature, avoiding caffeine-content drinks, normal and healthy diet & using the toilets at regular intervals.

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Thursday, 7 January 2016

New Job Mistakes To Be Avoided

When a person begins his / her first job, priorities and lifestyle habits change. Due to professional stress, focus on health goes down. Nowadays, most of the new job-goers face major health issues. To have a healthier life, here are some mistakes which first-time office-goers commit and how to avoid them:-

  • To satisfy the employers, most in their first job spend the whole day at work place. This will make them bored, lazy and unenthusiastic. It is better to move out during weekends or in the weekdays evening by playing outdoor games, hiking and traveling.

  • Eating more of fast food as lifestyle changes after joining the new job. It can can increase bad cholesterol, obesity and increase the risks of heart diseases. Eating healthy foods, vegetables, fruits and doing physical exercises daily will keep the persons fit both physically and mentally.

  • To avoid headache, back pain or stress, taking short breaks is important. Relaxation gaps during work can help you tremendously. Taking a long breath can help improve thinking process. Meditation also acts as a doorway to reduce stress, anxiety and anger levels.

  • Sitting at a desk and working for hours at a stretch increases the risk for cardiovascular diseases. To overcome this, divide the taks for the day where you can move around alternate hours and avoid sitting in front of the computer beyond 20-30 minutes.

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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Women! Body Language Mistakes To Be Avoided

Most of us do not know, when we have a conversation lasting for 30 minutes or more, we send more than 800 non-verbal signals (communication) by our body language. While we are saying something, we might be expressing another by our body language. To minimize miscommunication, avoid the following mistakes:-

  • Try not purse your lips when having an important conversation with a colleague, boss, or friend. It can make them think you are holding back. A lip purse is what people typically do when they are trying to withhold or cover information. We do this subconsciously as if our brain is telling our lips.

  • Whenever you peer over your glasses at someone, even if you do not mean it this way, it come across as critical. Avoid this unintentional nod is as simple as looking someone right in the eye. To avoid miscommunication, just take your glasses off or push them up onto your head.

  • Playing with your earrings, necklaces, or bracelets sends careless behavior by your body language. The inside of the wrists, neck, and hair are pheromones zones, the parts of the body that trigger attraction.

  • Our eye naturally follows objects in motion. Every time you touch your hair, you distract the receiver of your communication. Even teasing, twirling, and flipping might come off as anxious behaviour. Hair touches, even if you are not actually nervous, look like pacification gestures.

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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Tips to Name Your Baby or Your Business

According to graphology theory, the letters used to form a name, play an important role in anybody's business and personal life. The right name takes a business to greater heights while an unbalanced name mars it. Here are some useful tips for you to name your baby or your business:-

  • Out of the names you have shortlisted, further shortlist those names which contain equally divided number of vowels and consonants, be it for your baby or for your business. Best examples : Google & Facebook.

  • Success rate will be more if the name is more if the name is dominated by more vowels than consonants.

  • If any consonant letter is repeated any number of times, it should be taken as single count.

  • Avoid using generic name as it does not mean anything.

  • Avoid using the alphabet 'c' at the end of the name. And never repeat the alphabets 'Q', 'W', 'Y' & 'Z' more than twice in a name.

  • There are some alphabets which have zero value like 'B', 'G', 'S' and 'T' and which should be avoided while framing the name of your baby or business.

  • When choosing a telephone number, vehicle number, or any other number, look for a balanced number which is equally divided by the numerals of lower and upper segment. Alternately, you can choose a number where a few numerals are used and most of the numerals are repeated.

  • If you want to use numerical in your business name, pick numbers equal to the letters that are used. If you want to use numbers only, choose a number and repeat it number of times.

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Tips for Deep & Peaceful Sleep

Having peaceful & sound sleep is an important magic pill we all need. Here are some tips to have it:-

  • Wear eye mask to eliminate all kind of lights to make you fall asleep.

  • Sleeping naked helps anybody feel much more at ease and unrestrained in bed, and definitely contributes to better sleep.

  • Presence of electronic gadgets in bed room often stresses anybody out. Stay away from these to have a good sleeping environment.

  • Research well in the net and have the best mattress to sleep. Prefer quality and set aside the cost.

  • While on bed before start sleeping, read a book that tires your eyes to sleep. Avoid racy novels that will get you excited and awake for a long time.

  • Avoid coffee or alcohol 4 hours before you go to bed.

  • Essential oils help stimulate sleepiness. Do aromatherapy or mix essential oil with water and spray on your bedsheets and pillowcases.

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Email Signature Tips

Your personal brand is important. It makes a positive impact on how you present yourself to others. It can even help you land your dream job. Some useful tips and quick methods for making your email signature more unique and creative here:-

  • If are actively seeking employment and have strong Linked profile, add the link to the bottom of your email to help connections learn more about your skills.

  • Save a photo of your handwritten signature to put at the end of your emails. This will add a personal touch and stand out against the words on the page.

  • To show what is important to you or a goal, you may be trying to reach, put a motivational quote in your email signature.

  • Right after your name, come up with 3 words that best depict your field, values or profession like 'Branding', 'Consulting', or 'Design' like that.

  • Pull one blog post from your portfolio to showcase in your email signature. Make sure you keep it updated with your last work.

  • If you are a professional, target your audience skillfully by building buzzz about an upcoming event or new job opening.

  • Add a professional head-shot or logo from your current school, internership, or job. Creatively targetted visual depicts personal brand which adds value to the overall message of your email.

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