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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Email Signature Tips

Your personal brand is important. It makes a positive impact on how you present yourself to others. It can even help you land your dream job. Some useful tips and quick methods for making your email signature more unique and creative here:-

  • If are actively seeking employment and have strong Linked profile, add the link to the bottom of your email to help connections learn more about your skills.

  • Save a photo of your handwritten signature to put at the end of your emails. This will add a personal touch and stand out against the words on the page.

  • To show what is important to you or a goal, you may be trying to reach, put a motivational quote in your email signature.

  • Right after your name, come up with 3 words that best depict your field, values or profession like 'Branding', 'Consulting', or 'Design' like that.

  • Pull one blog post from your portfolio to showcase in your email signature. Make sure you keep it updated with your last work.

  • If you are a professional, target your audience skillfully by building buzzz about an upcoming event or new job opening.

  • Add a professional head-shot or logo from your current school, internership, or job. Creatively targetted visual depicts personal brand which adds value to the overall message of your email.

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