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Thursday, 7 January 2016

New Job Mistakes To Be Avoided

When a person begins his / her first job, priorities and lifestyle habits change. Due to professional stress, focus on health goes down. Nowadays, most of the new job-goers face major health issues. To have a healthier life, here are some mistakes which first-time office-goers commit and how to avoid them:-

  • To satisfy the employers, most in their first job spend the whole day at work place. This will make them bored, lazy and unenthusiastic. It is better to move out during weekends or in the weekdays evening by playing outdoor games, hiking and traveling.

  • Eating more of fast food as lifestyle changes after joining the new job. It can can increase bad cholesterol, obesity and increase the risks of heart diseases. Eating healthy foods, vegetables, fruits and doing physical exercises daily will keep the persons fit both physically and mentally.

  • To avoid headache, back pain or stress, taking short breaks is important. Relaxation gaps during work can help you tremendously. Taking a long breath can help improve thinking process. Meditation also acts as a doorway to reduce stress, anxiety and anger levels.

  • Sitting at a desk and working for hours at a stretch increases the risk for cardiovascular diseases. To overcome this, divide the taks for the day where you can move around alternate hours and avoid sitting in front of the computer beyond 20-30 minutes.

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