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Monday, 30 September 2013

Why Divorce Rate Shoots up in India?

Divorce is on the rise, be it a city or a village in India. Divorces which were common in the US have now become common even in India. You will be surprised to know that around 85% of divorce cases are initiated by women. Here are the some basic reasons for divorce in India:-

  • Working Status of the couples is one of the reasons. Wife needs to respect her husband who is the only earning member and the husband has to set aside their egos when his wife earns more than him. As either / both fail to adjust with each other, it leads to divorce. Financial freedom is one of the reasons for divorce.

  • Mostly Middle-class & Rich Families (both in rural / urban areas) have started believing that their daughter can have a better life (after divorce) without a husband.

  • Since most couples are working, their timings do not match, leading to lack of interpersonal communication.

  • People (men or women) nowadays concentrate more on the careers and less on their personal lives.

  • According to Cyber-experts, there have been cases where couples hack in to each other's email & social network accounts to colect evidence for divorce.

  • Changing attitudes in urban India along with the growing independence of women has led to increase in divorce among older couple.

  • Modern woman are able to get a solid position in society, so they become more financial independent of their husbands. Thus, if their husbands can't make them happy, they can find a new love.

  • Some of the most common reasons for divorce are : (1) Communication Gap, misunderstandings & Lack of mutual understanding. (2) Extra-marital Affairs (3) Ego between the Partners (4) Abnormal behaviour by either or both. (5) Stress (6) Not satisfied with each other & (7) Property Issues.

Use of Pornography - Impacts & How to Get Rid Of?

Printed or visual material (by Videos / Photos / Books) containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity. What are the negative impacts of use of pornography & how to get rid of this?

  • Watching pornography is like consuming drug. By watching porno, brain accommodates for the extra chemicals, building up a tolerance for and a dependency to them.

  • It destroys relationship and leads to lack of interest in face-to-face contact. elationships are built on expressions of commitment. Porn trivializes person-to-person contact. People who view porn lose out on having a normal, healthy relationship.

  • It even contributes to aggressive and negative attitudes towards the opposite sex.

  • Quitting any bad habit is not easy. But getting rid of the same will make everybody happy in the long-run.

  • When you use laptop, do it when / where others are around i.e. in public place of your home / office.

  • Break CDs and delete electronic images from your electronic gadgets.

  • Use porn-blocking software to restrict the porn-related sites / images.

  • Stay out of the situations when and where you are tempted most often.

  • If you are married and your spouse is unaware of your activities, talk about it.

  • Read or watch something useful, whenever you are tempted towards porno.

  • Have positive mental images to come out of use of porno.

Tips for Working Women

If you are a working woman, like men, you also face tougher tasks, hurdles and greater demands at your place and at your home. Here are some tips for you:-

  • If you plan to change jobs, give importance to personal safety and the office culture. Whether the job profile and work environment suit you?

  • What are the results expected of you and which targets will get you promotions, increments and awards? Bonding with the team, good rapport with clients and a positive opinion of your boss are strong enhancers in performance review discussions.

  • Assertiveness is an essential tool for any professional. Speak out well and negotiate for your dues without accepting the first offer.

  • Make sure your boss knows your contributions and your team know how you are managing with their contributions.

  • Speak about your team achievement to focus on your inputs.

  • From your superiors' / colleagues' wealth of experience or understanding, they can help you master better work attitude, skills and knowledge.

  • To get respected and treated as professional by others over time, show up on time for work, meetings and events. Meet each deadline much in advance.

  • Always focus on the present moment. For example, do not think about your friend's or relative's birthday when you are discussion with your superiors or in the meeting.

  • Help your team members learn and grow. Invest a lot of time for your team members' personal and professional success.

  • Save time in meeting your financial monthly liabilities online. Ask your service providers (Mobile/Landline/Internet Bills/Insurance Premiums etc.) to send bills / statements online.

  • Use your travel time to speak to your friends, writing notes or answering emails.

  • You can save a lot of time by shopping online for your needs like books, electronics, clothing & everything else.

Why We Criticize Others?

Why we criticise others when we have no reason to? Here are the reasons:-

  • Criticism is nothing but a cover-up for low self-esteem.

  • We criticise people because we wish to lower them in the eyes of others.

  • We sometimes disapprove ourselves when we do not value ourselves and seek to occupy a high ground by making a joke of our own shortcomings.

  • Whether you criticise yourself or another, you are doing so out of a feeling of low self-esteem.

  • Sometimes you might very difficult to discuss anything with those who are so critical all the time.

  • People criticise so as to draw attention to the weaknesses of others to prove their superiority.

  • Everyone wants a success story. Some get theirs by working hard and some by pulling others down.

  • A criticism to be effective, it should serve the purpose and be delivered in a gentle manner.

  • Before you criticise another, take a hard look at your own self. And every time you point a finger at another, threee of your fingers remain pointed back at yourself.

  • Before you criticise another, take a hard look at your own self. And every time you point a finger at another, threee of your fingers remain pointed back at yourself.

  • To avail Books on 'Personality Development' written by Vinita Dawra Nangia, please visit here.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

How to Select Suitable Bed?

Many stores provide customised, ready-made beds, but you should select a bed that suits your particular requirement. The bed you select should take care of your back and provide you undisturbed sleep.

  • Set aside what your friends and relatives have. Understand your personal need. Zero in on your option based on particular requirement in your home.

  • Make sure the bed you select is long enough for your height and has enough space to comfortably stretch legs without any pain.

  • As investing in a bed is a one-time affair, make sure it is durable and strong. Thoroughly inspect the bed and its framework completely.

  • Have you selected an iron-bed, check its legs are sturdy and does not have empty side inside, no nails standing outside nor any sharp corners.

  • Apart from above, if the iron bed has got rusted anwhere in the corners or nooks, avoid buying it.

  • Make sure the bed is not contrasting with your bed-room decor. The color of wood frame-work should blend with your room, especially head of the bed.

  • Peple suffering from back pains and other medical problems should be very careful when selecting the bed and the mattress.

  • As the wood beds tend to catch moisture and might get damaged in high humidity, it should be avoided.

  • You can keep the humidity levels low by keeping the windows closed during evenings and by allowing adquate sunlight in to the room during the day and to prevent growth of fungus and eliminate foul smells.

Steps for India Marriage Registration

As per Apex Court, it is mandatory for every couple to get their marriage registered. The ideal behind the compulsory registration of marriage is to ensure that women are not deserted by husband in future.

  • The procedure for registration of marriage is simple under Hindu Marriage or Special Marriage Acts.

  • The Hindu Marriage Act sets a minimum age limit of 21 years for the groom and 18 for bride & 21 years for both under Special Marriages Act.

  • Under Hindu Marriages Act, both the partners need to be Hindus. Given below is the applicable document check-list for getting the marriage registered.

  • (i) Application Form duly signed both by groom and the bride.

  • (ii) Proof of Date of Birth of both.

  • (iii) Affidavit by both, stating place and date of birth of marriage, date of marriage, marital status at the time of marriage, and nationalities.

  • (iv) Passport size photographs of both along with marriage photograph.

  • (v) Certificate from the priest who solemnised the marriage.

  • (vi) Certificate of conversion if either party is a convert, from the priest who solemnised the marriage.

  • (vii) Affirmation that the parties are not related to each other within the prohibited degree of relationship.

  • (viii) Attested copy of the divorce decree (if applicable), and death certificate of spouse if a partner is a widow or a widower.

Challenges for Working Women in India

  • The female labour participation in India is around 35% (2013) - lowest in the world.

  • Women in India find it very challenging to rise to the top at their workplace because of gender discrimination.

  • Unlike men, women have to work hard twice to succeed in their workplace.

  • However, nowadays women are provided greater opportunities to participate in strategic areas of management.

  • Besides, women get support from the government and various financial institutions.

  • Inspite of the above, for working women, it is an uphill struggle to climb the corporate ladder in India. Most Indian women are often deprived of promotions and growth opportunities at work places.

  • Women's representation on board is below 5% in India (2013).

  • India's aspiration of emerging as an economic superpower hinges on how successfully, India can empower the women to play leadership roles in various fields.

  • Working women in India face discrimination at workplace - major problem being sexual harassment.

  • Working women, to keep themselves mentally free and physically fit to the extent possible, should simplify certain things in their day-to-day life. Expecting 100% perfection from all her activites is practically not possible.

  • Above all, they should change their life-style to lead a healthy and peaceful life.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Qualities of a Financial Adviser

Choosing the right financial adviser to handle perosnal finances is one of the important decisions, investors have to take. Here is a check-list of a good Financial Adviser (both for the Financial Advisor & for the investors):-

  • A good Financial Adviser should be able to understand investors' requirements and develop a plan on their needs.

  • He should educate the investors and support in administrative / paperwork.

  • He should be able to monitor and review the portfolio with the investors.

  • He should be able to follow simple and easy to understand advisory process.

  • He should update investors informed of market developments and should have better understanding of ups and downs of the markets.

  • He should have minimum 5 years experience in his financial advise business and have a better sense of judgement.

  • Adviser's major recommendations should have worked out with good returns.

  • He should have the willingness to have a long-term relationship with the investors by making them more comfortable for discussion financial affairs.

  • He should focus only on those prospects whose profiles match his existing investor-clients.

  • He should charge very reasonable fee per transaction or annual fee or fixed fee from the investors.

Workplace Enemies! How to Identify Them? How to Avoid Enmity?

People in personal, professional and social lives often fail to spot their enemies who appear as their friends (called as 'frenemies' - friends+enemies). Spotting them early and maintaining a safe distance keep us healthy both mentaly and also physically. Here are some simple devices to identify them:-

  • Are you good in body language reading? If you find that frenemies' body & oral language contradict, then they could be frenemies.

  • They have the habit of comparing you with others to demoralise you.

  • When you are in urgent need of help, they might not come forward.

  • Without valid reasons, they often oppose your suggestions / advice.

  • They might speak unfavourably about you to others.

  • They always compete with you constantly and keep track of your progress.

  • Many times, it can be seen that to save oneself, an employee can involve his / her friend easily. Why it happens & what you should have / should not have done?

  • Never discuss your personal issues with your colleagues / superiors / peers & subordinates.

  • Never criticise your bosss in front of them. The other person might use your criticisim to get into the good books of your boss.

  • Maintain professional relationship with others. Never mix your personal and professional life.

  • Maintain appropriate distance in the office. Avoid involving in physical display of affection.

  • Do not use office emails and messengers for personal conversation. And never involve in office romances which will hinder career growth.

Algorithms for Technological Advancement

Algorithms is a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations. Some illustrative examples of how algorithms help in technological advancement:-

  • You search for something in Google Search Bar (for example, 'worthwebway'), in a fraction of seconds, you will get the results related to the website - 'worthwebway'. What makes this possible? Algorithms - a simple of set of mathemetical rules embedded in the software.

  • The use of computers has elevated the sophistication and use of algorithms in daily transactions to unparalled levels.

  • You access ATM, book Air, Bus & Hotel, you are expanding the scope and range of algorithms.

  • Every time we use computers, phones or mileage calculators, we are using algorithims.

  • Facebook friends search is also based on algorithms but they are more complex.

  • Aadhaar Card also is based on biometrics, which use an algorithm to store and retrieve fingerprints.

  • Algorithms are capable of analyzing a given fingerprints and match it against a database.

  • Algorithm is used to predict crimes like house breaks.

  • You will be surprised to know that USA use algorithms for predictive policing.

  • Criminologists research on how an algorithm-based Geographic Information System (GIS) can be used to trace out the ethinic, economic and political aspects of a riot. This ensures prevention of riots.

e-Insurance Account

You might be aware of demat account. The benefit of demant account is that it keeps all investments electronically together in one account. The investors will have no fear of losing the physical documents.

Soon the Insurance investors will be able to have e-insurance (electronic insurance) account.

  • The IRDA has registered 5 companies as Insurance Repositories - NDSL Database, Central Insurance Repository, SHCIL Projects, Karvy & CAMS.

  • The above companies will maintain data of insurance policies in electronic form for insurers and will open e-insurance accounts for policyholders.

  • The biggest benefit is that Insured would no longer have to worry about losing your insurance companies.

  • The insured will get a username and password and it will be easier for the insured's nominee to track insurance details when required.

  • The insured should definitely share the account details with the nominees.

  • Not only Life Insurance, the account will allow the insured all other insurance policies also like Car, Health etc. The insured will have the option of opening multiple accounts.

  • The Insured will also be able to transact online like remitting premiums and sending service requests like switching over the plans.

  • Opening an e-Insurance account is free of cost and the insured has the option of moving from one insurance repository to another.

  • For Insurance / Financial & other online needs, please visit : Online Needs Through Worthwebway From Here.

Factors for NRIs to buy property in India

Here are few things NRIs should consider for investing in properties in India:-

  • To which place NRI will have to return? This depeonds upon family background of husband and wife.

  • Where the children will continue their higher education. Climiate of the place NRI wants to shift and where their family members will be?

  • Duration of stay in foreign country after buying the property. Assume, you buy a flat or villa and you will be able to move only after 5 years. Here you have to weigh the pros and cons of keeping it vacant or letting it for rent.

  • Renting the property out will have its own headaches, like finding a good tenant and / or getting the repairs done. Here, having a trustworthy property manager will be ideal.

  • How the investment will be funded? Loan from Banks / Financial Institutions or own fund? Here proper planning is needed if the property is under construction. Here the financail adviser will be able to suggest suitable options.

  • The property should in single name or in joint name? To decide this, tax liability and liability of monthly instalment are to be considered.

  • Have you considered all the above factors, your financial adviser who understands your needs, will be able to advise when and what rate the property should be bought and when it can be sold.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Heart Attack - Symptoms, Do's & Don'ts

Heart has to work 24 hours a day. Blood is supplied to the heart through its coronary arteries, which if get blocked, cuts off most or all blood supply to the beart. Symptoms of heart-attack can vary from person to person. Some important precautionary measures, do's and don'ts:-

  • During a heart attack, the heart muscle dies within a few minutes from the lack of water supply. Timely medical care is of essence to save the patient's life.

  • The patient feels pain, discomfort, uneasiness and heaviness in chest or neck or jaw or back or abdomen or arms or shoulders along with breathelessness, sweating, sweating and irregular heartbeat.

  • Firstly, have the affected person sit down, rest and try to keep calm. Help him to take the chest-pain medicine which he might be talking already before calling an amubulance. Loosen his clothes.

  • Do not leave the person alone and do not wait for the symptoms to go away. And do not give the person anything to drink, unless prescribed by his Doctor already.

  • Chewable or dissolvable aspirin will always be helpful.

  • The sooner the patient gets to the emergency room, the better the chance of his survival.

  • The first hour is of heart attack is most crucial to saving the life of the patient.

  • Keeping emergency numbers of nearest hospital or doctor always handy will be helpful.

  • Ensure a member of your family or friend or neighbor is reachable at all times.

  • And the family members including children should know whom to call during emergency.

  • Keeping Nitrate tablet under tongue can also be done but only with medical supervision.

  • The aim of hospital will be to restore blood supply to the beart in the quickest possible time to minimise damage to the heart muscle, already affected.

  • The patient is treated either by the mode of Angioplasty or Thrombolysis. Former method is known as better and most successful treatment than latter.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Why You Are Not Getting Promoted?

You might be a hard-working and dedicated employee. But working hard means nothing to your superiors or management if you do not understand what else goes into getting on the radar of your superiors. Here are some of the reasons for not getting promoted, though you are hard worker and a dedicated employee:-

  • You spoil your career when you engage in office gossip and getting yourself involved with people who do the samething, be it inside or outside your company. Your superiors are watching you closely all the time. Always stay away from gossiping.

  • When you are in meeting with your superiors / boss, peers and subodinates, do not disagree with your boss, does he raise any issues. Discuss in public but disagree in private. How you make your boss feels plays an important role for your promotion.

  • Being happy in tough times and sressful situations is a much difficult task. But you should try to be positive and professional everytime you feel unnecessary or excessive concern, excitment or interest about something.

  • Set aside your personal feelings. create a healthy distance by allowing others' valuable suggestions and feedback with calm and appreciation. Then express your thoughts in a like manner - a quality which your superiors / peers / subodinates expect from you.

  • Think before you commit anything. If you are not confident of achieving the target, ask for more time. If you fail in your commitment, then you are no longer reliable in the eyes of management and will lose the credibility.

  • Frequent changes in HR policy like leave travel policies, office timings, cost-cutting measures etc. will be one of the reasons for your tension at your work place.

  • Is it manadatory for you to response to all emails which are sent to you? Then you will be caught up in the grip of emails and your tension will mount up whenever you get mails.

  • In your office, issues are resolved on time, then you have a good office environment. If your superiors / peers / subordinates are incapable of resolving issues and prolonging the same, then your tension will mount up.

Why Jobs of Some Working People Tense-filled?

Your job is tense-filled? Here are some of the reaons that you might across in your office:-

  • First and foremost, the type and quality of boss you have. Your boss should be able to give clear direction, empower you and follow 'free-rein' leadership style to leave you freely to perform your work. Contrarily, if he always demands something and micromanages your work, then your job is definitely tension-filled.

  • If you are surrounded by people (peers, subordinates & bosses) who always come up with meaningless questions in the meetings and presentations, then that will be one of the sources of tension for you.

  • If you are assigned impossible deadlines for productivity, then your tension mounts up as the target date approaches.

  • If your office meetings are (generally) conducted during / just before lunch-time, then your tension is likely to mount up.

  • If most of your superiors are prone to short-tempered, then your tension will increase. If they calmly address the isssues, then you are working in an office with good atmosphere.

  • Frequent changes in HR policy like leave travel policies, office timings, cost-cutting measures etc. will be one of the reasons for your tension at your work place.

  • Is it manadatory for you to respond to all emails which are sent to you? Then you will be caught up in the grip of emails and your tension will mount up whenever you get mails.

  • In your office, issues are resolved on time, then you have a good office environment. If your superiors / peers / subordinates are incapable of resolving issues and prolonging the same, then your tension will mount up.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Pros & Cons of 'Workplace Relationships'

You have workplace friendships? You are more likely to enjoy at your workplace during working hours or lunch. Most seniors perceive workplace relationship as a boost in employees' productivity and their retention. Contrarily, some seniors perceive it as a problem both for the individuals and also for the companies. Here are some pros & cons of workplace friendships:-

  • Employees get to know each other and work as a team.

  • Younger generation employees expect to have a good time at work and wants their co-employees as friends instead of as office colleagues (peers).

  • Even older works prefer socialable workplace to stay in the job.

  • Employees might get distracted from their work due to socialising with other co-employees

  • Maintaining confidentiality is much difficult.

  • Some other ill-effects of workplace relationships are: (i) Favouritism (ii) Clash of Roles (iii) Overlooking poor performers by superiors & (iv) Difficulty in implementing rules with friends.

  • Negative impacts of workplace friendships can be overcome by building a team, rewardig according to performance, avoidance of direct friendships with reporting subordinates by superiors.

Your brain-power is in-tact? Check Here.

People aged 65 or sometimes below suffer from brain disease which can destroy memory and thinking skills and will lead to inability to carry out even the simple routine tasks. Check one or more signs of your losing brain power here:-

  • Memory loss of confusion like forgetting your car keys or switching off the gas or your any other simple / routine tasks.

  • Difficulty in doing your familiar tasks like putting things in odd places or asking same questions repeatedly or forgetting to switch on the gas while cooking.

  • Problems in Communicating. Difficulty in having your conversation and / or you use completely different or unrelated words while communicating with others.

  • Getting confused suddenly like start feeling where are you and you got there?

  • You are not able to properly plan and you feel difficulty in concentrating.

  • You misplace things which you need frequently like keys, wallets, pens, tv remotes etc. You would have forgetten where you had exactly kept them.

  • You might feel upset or get angry when you are taken out of your comfort zone and / or you might get suspicious, depressed or anxious.

  • You might stop participating in social activities.

  • You feel trouble in recognising the visual images. You will pass by a mirror but will think the image in the mirror (it is you), that it is somebody else.

  • To overcome the above problems, affected persons should (i) do regular / simple physical exercise, have a healthy foods by eating lots of fruits and vegetables. (ii) take medicines on time & (iii) keep themselves engaged in puzzles and games.

Tips for 'Cancer Survivors'

Tips for 'Cancer Survivors':-

  • Cancer patients are living longer nowadays by using modern medicines and with the help of screening, diagnosis and special treatments.

  • But there are some psychological angle - anxiety and mental depression being some of the most common after-effects of cancer.

  • To regain balance and to combat worries, activities like yoga, mindfulness & meditation will be much useful for cancer patients.

  • Solving puzzles, painting & playing musical instruments will also be beneficial.

  • Cancer survivors should be aware of how to lead healthy, post-cancer life.

  • Smoking and second-hand smoke will cause poor health among the survivors.

  • Regular physical exercise will reduce the risk of chronic illness.

  • Cancer survivors should avoid excess body weight gain as excess weight is a risk factor for them.

  • Eating healthy diets will keep weight in check and improve energey levels.

  • Cancer survivors should stay connected with their family members, friends and specially cancer survivors. This will reduce stress, depression and fatigue and improve quality of life.

  • Apart from regular check-ups, ancer survivors should get tests that screen for heart diseases and diabetes.

Food Poisoning - Causes & Remedies

When you have contaminated food or water, food poisoning happens. Here-below are main causes and remedies:-
  • Unhygienc food at home or restaurant. Cooks do not wash their hands properly or the utensils, cutting boards and other cooking tools are not clean.
  • Frozen foods not stored as per the instruction and / or reheated properly.
  • Vegetables or fruits not cleaned properly.
  • Meats or Eggs not well-cooked and raw meat or fish might lead to food poisoning.
  • One of the important causes is unclean water and the water not treated.
  • Anyone, irrespective of age / sex, are affected by food poisoning.
  • Persons affected by food poisoning should consume adequate fluids.
  • 1 litre clean and treated water can be consumed, mixed with half teaspoon of salt and 4 spoons of sugar.
  • Affected pesons should take plenty of rest.
  • Self-medication will be risky. Any medicines should be taken only after doctor has prescribed.
  • If you are not able to drink fluids, visit hospital which will give fluids through IV (Intravenous Therapy to give supplements to the body in case of emergency)..
  • Most important advice for the affected person is, not to have fried, spicy foods and sweets. They should have only light foods.