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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Your Life Partner's Lies - Why & Signs?

Lies which are harmful can even destroy relationships and whole families Here are some facts, reasons & signs of / for telling lies:-

  • There are certain facial cues which give away if someone is telling the truth or not. Body language also can reveal whether somebody is lying or telling the truth.

  • Some reactions are caused by nervousness and some by chemical reactions in the body while lying.

  • A chemical reaction causes people's face to itch when they lie. The common indicators are touching the nose or cheek and rubbing finger under nose.

  • Person telling lie may either cough several times or clear throat a few times.

  • The person may even chew on lip. Eyes may dart from left to right, back and forth.

  • Another sign is that the person blinks his / her eyes several times in a row, faster than the normal blink rate of once every 10 to 12 seconds.

  • There are other facial indicators and a good many body movements and ways people talk are some indicators of telling lies.

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