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Monday, 1 February 2016

Good Health Ideas

Here are some good health ideas which you should always follow:-

  • Switch Off Your Electronic Gadgets Before Bed: The blue light emitted from screens can wreak havoc on your sleep quality. Each night, at least half an hour before you go to bed, stay away from electronic gadgets.

  • Walk More: A hardcore exercise, but improves cardiovascular strength, lowers blood sugar levels, and you are more likely to stick with it than other exercises. Walk more and use less your vehicles & lifts at your workplace and residence.

  • Eat Vitamin-rich Foods: Foods like spinach are high in iron and drinks like milk provide body with a healthy dose of vitamin D.

  • Book Reading Habits: Habitual book reading will enable you to have a sharper mind, feel less stressed and get better sleep.

  • Drink more and more water: Stay away from diet soda and more sugary juices and switch to water. More and more quantity of water is vital to stay healthy.

  • Mediate Daily: Meditation on daily basis will result in to improved immune system and blood pressure under control.

  • Visit Your Doctor Monthly: It is important to get a check-up at least once in a month to make sure that you are in perfect health.

  • Prefer Your Own Food: To continue to be healthy, prepare your own food and have it instead of depending upon outside foods which are often not at all clean and hygienic.

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