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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Why We Should Sleep?

Here are some reasons for our sleep:-

  • Sleep boosts mental health. Long term sleep increases depressive symptoms and, at the same time, too little rest can also heighten feeling of stress and worry. It is ideal to sleep 7-8 hours / day.

  • It physically clears our mind. Our brain clears itself of trash or bad toxins that accumulate over time, when we sleep. This is the reason we feel better when we wake up from a good nights rest.

  • It helps in our decision-making process. Our shuteye can influence our decisions. A period of unconscious thought can help aid better decision-making.

  • It helps our memory power. Proper amounts of sleep can help our brain stay sharper and boosts our power to recall. A well-rested mind makes it easier to remember tasks and facts.

  • It helps us in a better mood as a lack of sleep can make it hard for us to regulate our emotions.

  • It helps us to focus on everyday tasks. Our shuteye can help us remain sharp and alert throughout the course of our day. Even naps can help boost our focus. Sleep also improves learning and problem-solving skills.

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