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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Tips to Have Control Over Electronic Gadgets?

Digital tools have become some of our biggest distractions which fill our days and make us feel busy. Most of us unlock our cellphones an average of 100 times per day. At workplace, sitting in front of a computer screen are interrupted at least every three minutes, and forfeit 28% of each day to distraction. Here are some strategies to have control over our devices:-

  • Checking emails at your workplace in the morning will derail your priorities for the day and at the same time, checking emails before going to bed also give you insomnia. It is better to avoid checking emails during first and last hours in the morning and in the evening respectively.

  • So before checking emails, social networks or responding to pone calls, it is better to finish the most important tasks in the morning itself.

  • If you are really struggling with procrastination, consider an internet blocker and shut off instant (unwanted & useless) alerts and notifications in your electronic devices.

  • You can set specific times to check your social media, emails and phone calls.

  • For a better night sleep, shut off all your electronic devices at least half an hour before you go to bed. A great use of this time is to read a book you like to get a sound and deep sleep.

  • Use your phone when you are alone and your mobile-phone & meal time definitely should not go together.

  • If possible, try to be phone-free for one full day each weekend. If difficult to follow with immediate effect, try to be phone-free an hour initially and gradually increase the number of hours.

  • If you strictly follow the above rules, you can give your attention only to the task at hand to accomplish more.

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