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Monday, 1 February 2016

Employers! Interview Questions To Be Avoided

Are you in Recruitment Department or a HR Manager or authorised to recruit for your company? Here are some questions you should never ask the candidates applying for job in your company:-

  • Are You Married?: There is no benefit to asking about marriage status during the hiring process as marriage has nothing to do with a person's career.

  • Your Religion?: With some exemptions (like recruiting for church or religious camps), there is no reason to ask about a person's belief system. Instead of asking directly, ask indirectly whether the candidate will be ready to work on the days / schedules required for the position.

  • Plan to become pregnant (if married)?: It is never appropriate to ask a woman candidate if she is planning to become pregnant as some women of a certain age are likely planning to have children.

  • Your Age?: Most candidates mention age / date of birth in their 'Resume' and some might not. Still it is not ideal to ask age. Smart hiring managers will come know the (approximate) age just by scanning through the educational qualifications, working experience etc.

  • Your Spouse Employed?: A spouse' employment / unemployment is no indicator of how capable the candidate is to perform the necessary duties. It is better to avoid asking this type of question.

  • You Smoke / Drink?: What a person does in spare time away from work is none of company's concern. Even your company follows 'non-smoking' environment, avoid this question before hiring.

  • Prefer Career or Family?: Question like this opens the employers up to claims of discrimination. Answering to this question by the candidate (by preferring either) will be contrary to each other (career and family).

  • Have Children?: If you know that the candidate is married (from the 'Resume), it is not ideal to ask about the children. If the company expects frequent travel by the candidate after selection, recruiters can directly ask whether the candidate (if selected) will be able to travel whenever required or work overtime on short notice.

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