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Monday, 8 February 2016

Verbal Statement Mistakes To Be Avoided!

We all have said things that people interpreted much differently than we thought they would. Verbal slip-ups often occur because we say things without knowledge of the subtle implications they carry. There are some (following) phrases / statements that emotionally intelligent people are careful to avoid in casual conversation:-:-

  • "You Look Tired": Instead of saying this, ask "Is everything OK?" Instead of assuming someone's disposition, just ask to enable him / her, open up and share.

  • "All The Best / Good Luck": This phrase implies that they need luck to succeed. It is a subtle one. It certainly is not at the end of the world if you wish someone good luck. Instead say, "I know you have what it takes" This is better than wishing others.

  • "You Always or You Never....": No one always or never does / can do anything. These phrases make people defensive and closed off to your message. Simply point out what the other person did that is a problem for you. Or you can say "It seems like you do this often".

  • "You Have Lost a Tone of Weight": This statement creates an impression that you are being critical. It also implies that he / she used to look fat or unattractive. Instead say, "You look fantastic".

  • "As I said Before": This phrase makes it sound as if you are insulted at having to repeat yourself which is hard on the recipient of your communication. It is better to avoid this type of statement.

  • "You Were Too Good for Her Anyway": When someone severs ties with a relationship of any type, personal or professional, this comment implies he has bad taste and made a poor choice in the first place.

  • Source : Huffington Post.

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