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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Parents! Tips to Prepare for Your Children's First Day of School.

Most parents get stressed when their child starts their schooling. If your little child is about to take their first step in to the big wide world and its primary school, it can be daunting for you. Here are some tips / steps you can follow for your children:-

  • Getting organized before the school starts is the first step. You have to make sure that you have got everything your child will need on the first day.

  • Share your experience with your child about your first day of school. Explain about school rules & timings to let your child know what is expected? Make them confident that teacher will always be available to help and tell that you will be there at the end of every day to talk to them.

  • Before the first day, show your child inside the school & playground when not surrounded by people.

  • On the first day, ensure everything is ready the night before and leave yourself enough time in the morning to enjoy the day.

  • If you are particularly concerned about your child settling in or you know there are problems at home which may affect their behavior, talk to the teacher. Try to enjoy rest of the day, without worrying about your child.

  • To have the quality time with the teachers (who will be excited to share with you about your child) at the end of the day, make sure you are not late to pick up your child.

  • To make your child fresh next day, make sure that they get plenty of rest everyday.

  • To have the things run smoothly on daily basis, always stay organized.

  • As children build relationships naturally, allow them to do, but at the same time, do not force them to have friendship with those whom they do not bond.

  • Allot 10-15 minutes to ask your child about how school is going. Ask short, simple and easy to understand questions to get concrete answers which will enable you to take corrective measures / actions, if the need arises.