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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Skincare Tips for Men

A prescribed course of medical treatment for a good skincare for men does not have to be filled with lotions and potions. Most men prefer a less complicated skincare prescription. Here are some basic tips:-

  • Most men often take very hot showers and using harsh soaps or face scrubs as they feel skin is oily. This tends to make skin dry and also makes skin appear wrinkled and much older.

    It is important to choose a gentle cleanser that will clean the skin from the dirt and oil without drying out skin.

    There are several face washes for men now which will clean without drying the skin and if you are not comfortable with a face wash, a moisturizing bar of soap will do the needful. Many of these now contain colloidal oatmeal that hydrates while cleaning.

  • A good quality razor can be a lifetime item, so wise one should be chosen. Men should use that razor which fits their skin sensitivity and beard coarseness.

    Many razors now have lubricating strips that can protect the skin after shaving and it is important to watch for the extra blades as they can sometimes pull the hair below the skin a little too deep.

    A moisturizing shaving gel is the key to providing a barrier of protection while shaving. Men should shave in the shower or immediately after taking bath as facial hairs are much softer from the warm water and steam.

  • An after-shave hydrates and soothes the skin. After-shave lotions should be alcohol-free because alcohol dries skin or soothing after-shave balm can be used to reduce any burning sensation or roughness.

    Moisturizing daily will men's skin soft and smooth. Fragrance-free products are easily available. They are suitable for sensitive skin too. Men should not forget to use the moisturizer at night before they go to sleep.

  • Men before leaving home should apply sunscreen. Men who do not use sunscreen increase the risk of sun damage which may result in redness, irritation and skin pigmentation.