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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Students! Tips to Crack Multiple Choice Questions in School Olympiads / IIT-JEE / Medical Foundation Course Tests / Competitive Exams?

Students! Mastering standardized test taking strategies for multiple choice questions is a key component to successful standardized testing. The following tips for answering multiple choice questions can be very beneficial the next time you take a standardized test:-

  • Before starting your test, keep your mind cool. Leave no room for any nervousness and / or exam-fear as these will block your thinking power.

  • Once you are told to start answering the questions, have a glance over the question paper at least for 30 seconds till last page of the question paper.

  • Keep in mind, if the bubbles to be darkened with pen, think twice and make 100% sure that you are darkening the correct option & for the correct question number, as you cannot erase the darkened bubble filled with pen.

  • Also, before answering questions, read them well, preferably 2 times. Do not miss the words like 'incorrect, not correct, right, wrong, true & false'. Think twice before answering this type of questions. Though you know the answer well, you might mark wrong answer.

  • First attempt those questions which are the easiest for you.

  • In case of Mental Ability / IQ / Maths, you have be very careful while making calculations. Check twice the steps when solving the problems.

  • While cracking / trying to answer any complicated question (particularly in Maths), if you take more time, skip the question and come later. Do not waste more time for 1 question.

  • As you might skip difficult questions, make sure you are attending to correct questions and darkening against the said question-number. Use finger to overcome this mistake.

  • If you skip any question, put a tick / cross mark on the left side to come back later. This will help you to immediately locate the questions you have left to answer later.

  • Every half-an-hour, take a break of just 20-30 seconds just to energize yourself to proceed further. You can have a small quantity of water.

  • While trying to answer, eliminate the options which think you are confident, are not right.

  • If more than one option is correct, probably "All of the Above" is the correct answer.

  • In "All of the Above" choice, if one of the statements is true, do not choose "None of the Above".

  • In "None of the Above" choice, if one of the statements is false, do not choose "All of the Above" choice.

  • If there is no penalty / negative mark, answer all questions.

  • Do not often see your watch to know the time (left). Have a look over your watch after you have answer at least 75% of the questions.

  • After attempting all questions, if you still have time, go through your question / answer sheets to ensure all questions have been answered. If possible, evaluate how many minimum number of answers are correct. Self-evaluation will be helpful in the long-run, specially when you appear for IIT / JEE / Medical / Engineering Entrances / CAT & Other competitive exams for jobs.

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