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Monday, 8 September 2014

Snoring - Why & How to Stop it?

Snoring - the biggest bedtime annoyance - is not only a male problem, it affects women too. It is found that around 42% of adults snore. What are the reasons for snoring and how to stop it? Explained here:

  • Reason No.1: Overweight is a main trigger for snoring in men, as they tend to put on weight around their necks.

  • Solution: Losing weight through diet and physical exercises will help in stopping snoring.

  • Reason No.2: Consuming Alcohol: Consumption of alcohol, sleeping pills and sedative medication can cause the muscles in the back of the throat to collapse which leads to snoring.

  • Solution: If consumption of alcohol cannot suddenly be stopped, it can be reduced and / or should be consumed at least 4 hours before going to bed.

  • Reason No.3: Smoking. Smokers are likely to snore more than non-smokers. The more a person smokes, the more likely he / she will snore.

  • Solution: If smoking habit cannot be stopped immediately, it can gradually be reduced and one should smoke at least 4 hours before going to sleep.

  • Reason No.4: Sleeping Position. Sleeping on back will lead to snoring. It is always better to sleep on your side because of the effects of gravity on the upper airway.

  • Solution: A well-shaped pillow will put the head in a slightly tilted position and will open the airway at the back of teh throat.

  • Reason No.5: Allergies such as hay fever affect 10-25% of the population and the nasal congestion can contribute to snoring.

  • Solution: Appropriate treatment and remedies should be taken for hay fever. Anti-inflammatory herbal spray will also help in overcoming hay fever and reducing nasal congestion.

  • Reason No.6: Mouth Breathing & Small Nostrils. Keeping the mouth open throughout the night and small or collapsing nostrils will make anybody snore.

  • Solution: Mouth-breathing device will help breathe through the nose. Wearing nasal dilators will also help in controlling snoring while sleeping.