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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Men! How to Maximize the Impact of Your Perfumes / Scent?

Do you use perfumes / scents on daily basis? Here are some useful tips on how to maximise its impact for you:-

  • We all have a different body smell. Initially, you might not like perfumes / scents but gradually will start loving them. Scents take some time to grow on us.

  • Better places to apply perfumes are your chest, biceps and the muscles. Do not apply on wrists and behind your ears as these areas produce lot of sebum (an oily secretion of the sebaceous glands), which will change the smell of your perfume.

  • Never mix fragrances by using shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, hair gel etc. Opt fo minimally scented grooming products.

  • The better hydrated your skin, the longer your perfume lasts on it. Use a fragrance-free moisturizer a few minutes before applying. If you have dry skin, reapply perfume a little more.

  • If possible, carry the perfume with you. Perfumes / scents / fragrances will leave your skin after around 4 hours.

  • Do not over-apply the perfumes as some people will not like to smell you before they see you. If you have over-applied, dilute it by slightly wiping your skin with a warm / wet towel.

  • While applying, do not hold the perfume bottle too close to your skin. Leave a gap of at least seven inches from your body and apply. Following this, the coverage will be more. Apply some in to the palm of your hand and wipe it over your upper body.

  • Treat your perfumes with care and store correctly. Keep them away from extreme temperature and strong sunlight. Kept it in a cool place. You can also keep them in your fridge.

  • Women tend to appreciate smells sniffed through their right nostril more than the left one. Men, as such, should stand always on women's right side to impress them.