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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Men & Women! Etiquettes to Follow in Shopping Malls

Here are some do's and don'ts you have to keep in mind to ensure that your shopping experience is not hampered by an unpleasantness during sale season in shopping malls:-

  • You have to be very patient while shopping. Long queues are part of the territory when it comes to a sale. Use time to have a quick look at nearby racks to see if you have missed anything.

  • You have to keep in mind the number of clothes allowed for you in a trial room. If you want to try on more than that, ask your friend or shop assistant to keep them till you come back for them.

  • Make sure that you have joined the right queue. Do not stand in a queue that has been started by people who want to cut in to the main line.

  • Also, if you leave the queue, tell the person in front or behind you that you will be back and you have forgotten something to avoid confusion.

  • Most important you have to keep in mind that you respect the queue. Never cut the queue, even if you have just one cloth to try. And do not stand in group of friends and relatives. This will annoy other customers.

  • Do not take things that you can try on outside the trial room like jewellery, footwear or jackets which you can try openly.

  • To the extent possible, be quick in the trial room so that other customers in the queue can get their turn quickly.

  • After lifting the clothes from the showcases, do not carry the clothes to the trial room with hangers. Remove the clothes from the hangers as carrying with hangers will be cumbersome for you and it may end up snagging and damaging the clothes of yours and / or others.

  • Take time and try clothes as much as possible by allowing other customers also to try but never leave the clothes on the floor of the trial room just for the reason you are not buying. Keep in mind, what you do not like might be liked by any other customers. Do not leave soiled clothes for others.

  • As most trial rooms are very small, you will find yourself sweating in one, spray a little perfume (applicable for women!) - something refreshing. This will be beneficial not only to you and also to the next customer.

  • You have to also remember some of the above rules are applicable for Billing also.

  • Have no patience for the above, go for online shopping. Given on the right side of this blog are India's best online merchants. You can not only save time but also lot of money by shopping online for all your needs.