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Monday, 31 August 2015

Reference Books! A Need for Students?

Not only parents but also students nowadays want to have all the study materials like reputed private publishers' books, coaching centers' books, school teachers' assignment books etc. Most of the students, especially 10th & 12th standard students, possess four to five different reference books / materials for all subjects apart from their text-books. Some facts about reference books & strategies for the students to study are here-under:-

  • Most of the reference books / materials are same but packaged differently in varying sizes and brands. But it should noted and kept in mind, some reputed publishers books, though highly priced, contain large number of questions for the students to practice.

  • Students will even come across one reference book in which a particular topic has been dealt in a novel way and will be much interested to know how another reference book has dealt with same topic. Although both say the same thing, students get lost and mesmerized in the word web of the books. Rather than making a concept clearer, it helps them in memorizing a concept.

  • But as far as Maths subject is concerned, reference / practice books will contain different problems which will be very helpful for the students to practice. Here more reference / practice books help the students to practice more & more numerical problems in subjects like Physics & Mathematics and make them confident for the exams.

  • There is no harm in referring to books. Instead of many books for reference, students could buy only one book to seek clarification. But for practice, it is ideal to have as much as practice books / question banks etc.

  • Students, before starting to study any topic, should always brush their memory of the same topic which they might have already studied in previous years.

  • Parents and teachers should allow adequate time to process knowledge to intelligence. This will allow them to answer any HOT (High Order Thinking) questions and develop devotion to studies. As a result, the student will be more confident in how they approach the topic and not take the shorter route to success.