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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

'Narcotics' Harmful Effects & Strategies to Stay Away.

The purpose of this article is not to list out the types of narcotics (illegal addictive drugs), available across the world. This article explains the harmful effects of 'narcotics' and precautionary measures one (specially teens) should take to not to get addicted to it.

  • All narcotics are very dangerous and carry severe health hazards.

  • All stimulant drugs can make the heart-beat abnormally high and lead to collapsed veins and fatal heart attacks.

  • Injectable drugs can even lead to HIV, AIDS or Hepatitis due to repeated use of syringes.

  • Slight overdose of some drugs can make the consumer stop breathing and go into a coma.

  • Some stimulants can lead to muscle break-down, kidney, liver and heart damage, brain swelling and even death.

  • What parents & teens should adopt some strategies to stay away from narcotics? Here are some tips.

  • Teens should never fall prey to peer pressure at any cost. They should have the courage to say 'NO' firmly to all tempting invitational offers of drug consumptions.

  • During any type of functions / party, it is advisable not to drink anything, that is not opened or poured before you.

  • Parents should spend enough time for their children. They should talk to children about the risk of drug use and its abuse.

  • Parents should themselves set an example. Children of drug abusing parents are at a greater risk of drug addition.

  • Teens should always watch their drinks, if a drink is left unattended for any amount of time. It is better to dump it and get a fresh drink.

  • If your friend has been drugged, do not leave him / her alone. Seek help immediately, but not from any stranger.

  • It is advisable for the teens to travel or go to any party in a group of 3-4 (trusted) friends.

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