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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Science-Backed Sex Secrets for Married Couples

Couples who have a healthy & active sex life have the habit down to a science. Anyone can steal the tricks of people who make sex a priority. There is no 'Kama Sutra' or self-help book required. Instead, it all comes down to tapping into your own psychology. Here are some research-backed secrets of couples who have regular sex with their (respective) partners:-

  • Personality affects every aspect of life, including sex. Newly-wed couples in which woman ranked high in agreeableness, or the desire to please others, tended to have sex more often than other couples. The research looked at the personality traits like conscientiousness, agreeableness, openness, neuroticism and extraversion to make a conclusion.

    The study also found that while men tried to initiate sex more, the women were ultimately the ones who determined whether or not the couple engaged in the activity.

  • A study found extra hours of sleep corresponded with higher levels of sexual desire in college-aged women.

  • Emotional intimacy can spark physical intimacy. 75% of sexually satisfied men and 74% of sexually satisfied women reported that their partner said 'I Love You' during their last sexual encounter. Many of the same individuals also said that setting the mood and engaging in sexy talk also helped with satisfaction.

  • Trying new things in bed also make the respondents happier. And who won't want to engage in an activity that makes them happy more often?

  • Regular physical activity can enhance sex drive, particularly for men. Men who exercise more report better erectile function. Regular workouts also may help reverse a low sex drive.

  • Sex is supposed to be pleasurable, not an item to-do list. When couples were asked to have more sex, they viewed it more like a chore and subsequently experienced a drop in mood. The key goal to having better sex may be not making it a goal at all and just letting the desire - whenever it hits - steer either couple in the right direction.

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