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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Overcoming Workplace Jealous-colleagues

'Jealousy' arises from a resentful longing for another person's qualities, advantages or luck. It is usually aggravated in those with low self-esteem or those discontented with their own situation. It might ruin your work equations and affect your overall productivity. How are some solutions to overcome this problem:-

  • First step is to analyse whether their behavior affects your work or not. Avoid office politics and gossip. If you maintain a clean image and even temperament, the efforts of somebody trying to ruin your reputation with baseless claims will yield no results.

  • If two of you have to work in proximity, try to resolve the conflict that might be plaguing the relationship. Misunderstandings can only be resolved if you try and directly communicate with the person concerned.

  • Behave in such manner that it does not discourage or put you off. Make use of your sense of humor and laugh off the rumors doing the round. Conducting yourself with dignity will help you gain the respect of other colleagues. Eventually everyone will realize that the other person is out to mar your reputation and stop paying attention to his / her gossip.

  • If the above steps do not work out, try and convey your thoughts to your immediate superior, if team work is getting affected. Suggest to change the team members and / or lay down certain golden rules. But make sure that your colleague does not feel that you are ganging up on him or her.

  • How to Recognize Jealous Peers at Your Workplace? (1) The person will stop talking to you. (2) Won't appreciate you if you have achieved the target, set by the company. & (3) He or she will talk behind your back.

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