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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

5 Best Chemistry Books for Engineering Entrance Exams

Engineering Aspirants! Parents! Searching for best Chemistry Books for all India Engineering Entrance Exams? After a thorough research & analysis, given below are the best 5 Chemistry books to prepare / practice for any Engineering Entrance Exams in India:-

  • Book No.1: A New Pattern Text Book Of Physical Chemistry For Competitions: A New Generation Book For JEE & All Other Engineering Entrance Examinations, authored by A. S. Singh and O. P. Tandon, is a text book for Chemistry students who intend on applying for JEE and other important entrance exams for Engineering students. About G. R. Bathla Publications Pvt. Ltd G. R. Bathla Publications Pvt. Ltd was started by Mr. Manoj Kumar Bathla and Mr. Vishvnath Bathla, the directors of the company. They have published books like New Pattern Numerical Chemistry: A New Pattern Book for IIT-JEE and all Other Engineering Entrance Examinations, New Pattern Advanced Problems in Organic Chemistry: For - JEE and All Other Engineering Entrance Examinations 5th Edition, Objective Chemistry Vol. II 2/e, New Pattern Objective Chemistry for JEE Vol. 1 and Textbook of Physics Vol. - II 17/e.

  • Book No.2: Concepts of Physical Chemistry 7/e, authored by Bahadur P, is a comprehensive book for students doing their B.Sc, and those who are specializing in Chemistry. It is essential for candidates applying for the JEE Main and Advanced examinations. Bahadur P is an Indian academician and writer. He has a vast experience in teaching at various levels of education at prestigious Indian schools, and currently works with G. R. Bathla Publications in bringing out informative and helpful texts for students across the country.

  • Book No.3: This book, Concise Inorganic Chemistry, begins by covering SI units and nomenclatures in the Periodic table. Then, the subject content of the book is divided into six parts. After the main coverage, there is an extensive appendix section, a total of 15 appendices.

    The six main parts are Theoretical Concepts and Hydrogen, The S-Block Elements, The P-Block elements, The D-Block Elements, The F-Block Elements, and Other Topics.

  • Book No.4: The exceptional quality of previous editions has been built upon to make the tenth edition of Atkins' Physical Chemistry even more closely suited to the needs of both lecturers and students. Material within chapters has been radically reorganised into discrete topics, to give the text an inviting modular feel. This restructuring increases the digestibility of the text for students, while making it more flexible for lecturers to teach from. The extensive learning support provided throughout the book now includes new checklists of key concepts at the end of each topic, to reinforce the main take-home messages in each section. The mathematics support for students has also been significantly expanded, with the addition of new Chemist's toolkit boxes, which provide useful reminders of essential mathematical concepts and techniques. The coupling of the broad coverage of the subject with a structure and use of pedagogy that is even more innovative will ensure Atkins' Physical Chemistry remains the textbook of choice for studying physical chemistry.

  • Book No.5: The book Solomons & Fryhle's Organic Chemistry For JEE (Main & Advanced), was written by author M.S. Chouhan. He presently works as the HOD and Director of Vibrant Academy at Kota, Rajasthan. He has more than 10 years of experience in training JEE (Main and Advanced) aspirants and about 15000 students have studied under his guidance. The books he wrote use stepwise methods and easy-to-understand-approaches for solving problematic questions. Students under his guidance are easily able to master basic skills and enhance their ability for solving all types of questions that are asked in JEE.