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Friday, 25 April 2014

Managing Multitasks at Workplace

It is important to set realistic goals to multitask. How to manage & control your multitask activities? Explained here:-

  • When you are multitasking you must know which tasks need more of attention and which can be achieved with partial or limited attention. Knowing the priorities while multitasking and scheduling the tasks helps in minimising errors and being more productive.

  • It is important to set limits and should not try for unrealistic targets. Better not to say "yes" when you have to say "no".

  • Person on multitasking should make it a routine to plan for every day and to consciously practice the art of multitasking.

  • Procastination will hamper multitasking. If you have an agenda, plan early and address it as soon as possible. Time management skills will help in improving multitask activities.

  • Smart plan will help to remain focused and to be efficient in multitasking. It will allow to evaluate when and how much attention is needed to complete a task.