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Monday, 24 November 2014

How to say 'No'?

Most women & men habitually say 'Yes' as they risk being termed selfish, if they do not. It is not about being inconsiderate or egotistic when you have to turn down somebody's request. It is about having a balanced approach. It may seem a bit strange and difficult to say 'no' if you are a compulsive 'yes-sayer'.

But consider the power of saying 'No', it can save you time and energy for things that you really care about. It can keep you away from people to take advantage of you. It gives you mental strength and lets you enjoy your life more.

  • Anybody can restrain from saying 'yes' immediately. Making on the spot decisions can put you in a fix. You can always tell a person that you will let them know after you have had time to think about it.

  • Consider the time commitment carefully. Most of us miscalculate the time it really takes to do a task. If you are asked to complete a task within 2 hours, check your schedule. If it looks tight, say you can take it up whenever time permits.

  • Be firm and do not feel sorry. And do not say 'yes' simply because you are capable. You will be presented with several opportunities to express your skills. Consider your time availability, family commitments and other responsibilities before you accept any request.

  • Set your priorities. Before you accept a request, take time to consider if you are really willing to spend the time and energy on this new commitment. Re-evaluate your priorities when you have too much to handle. Create healthy boundaries that will help you maintain self-respect and enjoy relationships.

  • Be very clear while turning someone down. Some people are extremely persistent and do not get the message unless you are really firm with them.