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Saturday, 22 November 2014

How to Tackle & Manage Tricky Conversations?

In personal or professional life, learning to navigate through difficult conversations is a must-have skill for everybody. Here are some useful tips to manage tricky conversations:-

  • Before getting in to any conversation, introspect on what you really want and what kind of behavior will help you accomplish it. And anticipate and prepare for the other person's reaction so that you have your answer ready.

  • The imbalance between what one wants to say and what one ends up saying can be rectified the moment a person becomes conscious of the tone of the conversation, and makes an effort to be patient and tolerant of the partner's view, even if she / he thinks it is flawed.

  • Meaningful conversations can happen only when people are able to engage in a healthy dialogue. Crucial conversations require focus on emotions and the ability to manage differences of opinion. We should always remember that other person is as passionate about his or her point of view. If you want your views to be respected, extend the same courtesy. Another technique to tackle the tricky conversations is to politely agree or disagree.

  • Different people respond differently to similar situations as our emotions are triggered by the way we process information in our minds. But if emotions take place in your conversation, you have three choices: (i) Continue the conversation (ii) To be silent & (iii) Burst out with anger. Keeping these options in view, you can opt for a solution-oriented dialogue or avoid the conversation.

  • Conversation is not about winning or blaming. It is about sharing and learning. The main conversations blocks are internal assumptions, possible lack of skills, inability to handle the actions or behaviour of others and too much focus on what one wants. To have a smooth conversation, never indulge in unhealthy gossip.