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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Educating Children About Sexual Abuse

Educating children on what sexual violence and abuse is and equipping them with safety measures is the responsibility of parents and guardians. Since every child is susceptible to sexual violence, all children need to be protected. Parental role in teaching children the sanctity of sex and moral living is of utmost importance. Being fore-warned is being fore-armed in today's world, where rape and sexual abuse have become so rampant.

Parents and guardians must believe that sexual assault and rapes are crimes and also that the law requires such cases to be reported to take action against the culprits. Here are some indicators of sexual abuse & how to educate the children about it:-

  • Indicators of Sexual Abuse: (a) Abrupt changes in personality and performance at school. (b) Unexplained fear about a person or a place. (c) Physical signs like bruises, scratches, soreness around private parts.

  • Educating the Children: Children should be taught that they have to talk about anything that affects them. If anybody violates their comfort and safety, it should be immediately told.

  • If someone asks them to keep a secret about anything they did, they must surely share that with parents, close family members or siblings.

  • Children should be assured that saying "no" to anything they feel uncomfortable about is fine. It is not bad manners. They must be guided to not get enticed or coerced with gifts.

  • Children must be told not not to hug, kiss or sit on anyone's lap, even if it is a close family friend or relative. Physical boundaries need to be taught.

  • Parents should teach their children that their bodies belong only to them and that is nobody else's business to touch or fondle them. Children need to be taught the actual words and names for body parts or else it will become a challenge for them to explain in case of abuse or assault.