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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Memory Tricks for Students

The best way to remember what a student has studied is to have a real understanding of a topic through constant questioning. Here are some techniques to help you retain the concepts the student has learnt. Here are some simple memory tricks for the students:-

  • Association: Words, numbers or pictures take meaning in relation to the information around them. Chains of connections both visual and verbal will air one's memory effectively.

  • Repetition: It is a good idea to write what one has read. This helps with spellings, mathematical tables, definitions, dates and events.

  • Flash Cards: It is a good idea to make revision cards with key words of all concepts.

  • In Phases: Some students find it easy to learn an entire concept in a single stretch while others like to break it down in to sub-topics and approach them separately.

  • Linking: Students can create mental images for every concept learnt. They can even bring in their own personal experiences to remember the concepts better. Students should visualise comparatively easier images for the topics. They can also try linking concepts with real world or imaginary objects.

  • Mnemonics: I am sure all students are familiar with this technique. Just like we remember colors of the rainbow by the mnemonic 'VIBGYOR', a wide range of topics can be remembered in the same manner.
  • Every student has his own ideas and methods to learn. The trick is to find what is right for each one. To ace the exams, all students need a cool mind. And they can make their dreams come in to true by hard work.