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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Making 'Maths' Interesting

The subject 'Maths' can turn out to be one of the easiest and fun-filled subjects, if taught (also learnt) in an innovative manner. Mathis is an abstract subject which involves using large numbers, placement of numerals while performing subtraction, long multiplication and long division. The onus is on the education providers to implement an integrated approach towards teaching subjects by incorporating activities like games, music, dance and art. Here are some few strategies:-

  • Chinese Checkers: This strategic board game can teach the concept of prime and composite numbers.

  • Role Play: Role Playing can demonstrate the Indian and International number system, profit and loss, equivalent fraction and similar concepts.

  • Dance & Music: Even dancing and music can teach the young minds basics of multiplication, division, factors and multiples.

  • Ludo: A classic game, ludo can teach the basics of LCM (Least Common Multiple).

  • Teachers should follow the above techniques to make their class interesting and they should never fail to applaud the good students.

  • Peer tutoring will also act as booster for the students.

  • Art therapy where students use art media to explore their creativity will help them understand their drawbacks.

  • Teachers should feel convinced that the students have understood the present topic before going to the next topic.

  • Parents also should follow-up on the daily concepts taught in the classroom.

  • Parents should not force their children to move ahead of their syllabus. The methods implemented in school may not be the same as the parents'. This would lead to confusion and hinder children's learning power.

  • By implementing the fun part of learning, mathematics can help them score more in exam without any fear. This strategy will help the children to explore and investigate and thereby sharpen their thinking skills like power of analyzing, power of synthesizing and their evaluation.