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Friday, 16 January 2015

Students & Parents! How to Learn Effectively beyond Exams?

Many students and parents are of the opinion that only pure memorisation leads to good results but they fail to understand that exams are not the prefect evaluators of learning, knowledge or skills of students. The road to true success lies in maintaining a proper balance of the learning process and exam preparation. Here are some useful tips for students & parents:-

  • Students: Before start studying any topic, question what it is all about, how it connected to what you learnt earlier, how learning such topic would be useful in future and what are the challenging issues in that topic. This will help the students to get more involved in preparation.

    After completing the topic, revise your learnt concepts, connect it to some real-life incidents or discuss with your friends. You can also apply the learnt concepts in your day-to-day life.

    Never stop questioning as 'questioning attitude' satisfies your creative and exploratory mind, and helps develop a good memory.

    Divide every topic in to smaller bits and examine them. Understand the first part completely before you move on to the next one.

    Have a long-term career goal and try to connect each subject with your ambitions. Neglecting any one subject can hold you back or create limitations later.

    When exams get over, many students neglect textbooks. This mistake creates a gap between the previous year's learning and the beginning of the next year and students struggle to catch up with learning pace again.

    Always make it a point to revise the learnt materials to strengthen and reinforce what you have learnt earlier and to face challenges of the upcoming year.

  • For Parents/Teachers: Before pressurising your child / ward due to stiff competition, you have to give a thought to all the above-mentioned factors.

    Parents have to ensure that they have to spend more quality time.

    And they should know child's capacity and their shortcomings before burdening them with high expectations.

  • It has been proved many a times, that the topper of a class is not the one who ends up with the best career or the highest salary. It is important to understand the true meaning of learning. Only a true learner can survive and live a better life in the future.