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Monday, 14 March 2016

Tips for Parenting Teenage-Children.

When a child enters adolescence, the psychological changes of puberty can be very subtle and cause considerable anxiety in the parents. An understanding of adolescent development and behaviour plays an important role in learning how to parent a teenager:-

  • First of all, love your children. Maintaining a channel of communication, giving unconditional love, showing affection, hugging the teen-children and praising their achievements will boost their self-esteem.

  • Teens also like boundaries. Involving them in setting the limits and making them clear about the rule negotiable and non-negotiable will build a good rapport between the parents and the children.

  • Giving freedom within limits, involving them in making decisions, allowing them to make healthy choices, will also foster growth in the children.

  • Other positive parenting skills include : (i) Tuning to the challenges faced by the teens in today's competitive world. (ii) Discussing sensitive issues like sexuality. (iii) Being emphathetic and learning to express emotions without fear. (iv) Imparting coping skills and learning to deal with failures & (v) Giving opportunities for physical activity and creative learning.

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