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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Hair Shampoos! How to Use Them?

Most people who use hair shampoos make grave mistakes. Here are some tips to use them effectively:-

  • Use the shampoo that is right for your hair type - dry, oily, brittle etc.

  • Avoid shampoo-cum-conditioners. It is not possible for one product to shampoo and condition your hair at the same time. Do not use the same shampoo every time you wash as this can lead to produce build-up.

  • Before you shampoo your hair, wet well the hair, otherwise it will not work properly and will dry out your hair.

  • Shampoos are meant for your roots than your ends. When you are in the shower, make sure you focus more on shampooing your roots and using a conditioner for your ends. Never start shampooing in the same part of your scalp every day as this can dry that spot out.

  • Shampoo every alternate day and not on daily basis. If you feel your hair is a gunky mess, use some dry shampoo to suck out all the grease from your hair.

  • Do not rinse shampoo out of your hair too soon. Lather it and leave it in for a couple of minutes and then wash it out.

  • If you like hot shower, make sure you rinse out your hair with cold water as this will help seal the hair. This will result in shiny and soft hair. Also hair loss can be prevented.

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