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Monday, 26 September 2016

Love Addiction! Why? Some Facts.

Highly delighted by early days of 'love' affect the brain in the same drugs like cocaine or pain relievers do. Some people are (often) to addicted to love. Why? Here are some facts:-

  • Love addicts have a chronic and compulsive craving for romantic love to get a sense of security and self-worth. They move swiftly from relationship-to-relationship or stay in an emotionally (or physically) abusive relationship as they feel a need for it.

  • More people, under the age of 30, have the history of 6-7 relationships. The practice of rebounds is going up. There is no sorrow or a cool down period before jumping in to a new alliance.

  • The reason, most people keep changing the relationship, is when one relationship sinks as they do not feel any need to prove that there is nothing wrong with them. And they can find an alternate partner easily in this technology advanced world.

  • There are some who do not get hit by the emotional baggage of multiple relationships. People with low self-esteem, family history of abuses of neglect, coming from unhappy homes, or with bad experiences in a serious relationship are more likely to get caught in this love spiral.

  • Each time they get in to a new relationship with a new hope that this will work or this time will be different if they go back to same abusive partner.

  • Some basic reasons for getting addicted to love are : (a) You think, if someone loves you, you will be happy (b) Looking for a love as seen in any of your favorite movie (c) Ever not been in any relationship (d) You expect your lover to make you feel loved all the time & (e) You come to a conclusion in your head that someone is 'yours' .

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