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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Teenage Friendship - Pros & Cons

Friends occupy an important part of a teenager's life. Every teen shares a bond with the peer group because this is the group that is perhaps going through the same things. Here are some pros & cons of teenage friendship:-

  • Teen friendship are not always bad. They can be wonderful experience and sometimes blossom in to more meaningful and long lasting relationships in adult life.

  • If there is a healthy competition among peers, it can boost self-esteem.

  • Peers, sometimes, can be great guides in making career choices.

  • They help foster empathy and kindness if one can get involved in activities like volunteering.

  • They are invaluable in times of crisis for seeking help and advice.

  • In spite of above, during the teen years, one can yield to wrong peer pressure as there is a deire to experiment and indulge in thrill seeking and risk behavior.

  • Some of the ill-effects may include addictions to smoking, alcohol and ohter substance abuse.

  • Peers even sometimes can force to bully others, either physically or electronically. Gang violence, theft and other crimes are often a result of peer pressure.

  • Peers also threaten rejection or breaking a friendship.

  • To overcome the above negative peer pressure, teens should anticipate situations like being compelled to smoke or drink and think of a strategy well in advance.

  • Teen should also know how to make right choices. If you are invited to smoke or drink, think of a reason like pending works etc. instead of giving in.

  • Most important is the selection of your peer group. You should choose your group wisely. You should hang out with those who think similarly, have same moral values and who influence you in a positive way.

  • Sometimes it is good to be assertive and be courage to say 'No' firmly and quietly without resorting to violence.

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