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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Etiquettes (as a guest) before / on 'Marriage' Function Day

Weddings are a great place to socialise and use your networking skills to make a good lasting impression. The couple and their families spend months planning the wedding day, making sure that is it is an affair to remember for one and all. Here is a list of some important rules to follow when you are invited as a guest:-

  • If your partner or spouse is invited to the wedding, then the name will be written on the invitation card as 'Mr & Mrs Iyer'. But if either of spouse name appears, never go with a plus one. Also, do not take your kids, if the invitation does not say 'Iyer Family'.

  • If the invitation card includes 'RSVP' (a request for a response from the invited persons for confirmation of their presence for the function), respond immediately about your presence or persons attending instead of you.

  • Reach the marriage venue at least 15 minutes in advance. Avoid sitting in the first 2-3 rows as families of bride and groom take these spots.

  • Unless you are the groom's / bride's best friend or close relative, it is better not to enter their make-up room.

  • As far as dress-code is concerned, lighter colors are usually suitable for morning / afternoon and for evenings, darker colored dress will be ideal.

  • You will have to maintain silence once the wedding ceremony starts. Avoid coughing or talking to others or attending to phone-calls. Phone ring tones / your conversation over mobile might distract the bride and groom.

  • Gifts: (a) If the invitation says 'blessings only', respect it as there might be a valid reason for expecting the same by groom/bride family members. If you still want to give a gift, you can do the same after the wedding. (b) Give something that will be appreciated by both the groom and the bride. (c) Teaming up with other friends will be a great idea. (d) It is better to get your gift couriered to prevent the bride / groom from having to haul dozens of boxes back home. (d) If you want to gift the couple a large amount, you can do it via Cheque. & (e) Are you a close relative either to the bride or to the groom, gift gold or jewellery or gold coin / gift card will be ideal.

  • As the couple will have to talk to everyone, keep your communication short with the couple.

  • Before you leave, thank the bride and the groom, their family members for including you on this special occasion.