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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Students! Tips to Face Exams Stress-free.

For most smart students who utilise some study techniques, examinations are not a scary affair. And board examinations are easier than believed. Then how to face examinations stress-free? Explained here:

  • Learning and practising relaxation, positive thinking and panic coping techniques can help reduce your stress to a great extent.

  • To get familirised with the real examination scenario, simulating examinations at homes will be good.

  • Most of the students can follow the techniques of studying by mind maps, using linear, spider or patterned notes for each chapter.

  • While studying for the examinations, students should make sure the they learn each topic and not just selective few as the pattern / syllabus often changes.

  • While studying for the exams, revise at least the basics of all concepts if not the details. Different subject requires different methods of studying.

  • In case of Maths, students should practise lot of worked examples to understand the concepts clearly. Use color coding for formulae and some visual images like maps to recall them.

  • For Science, students should use highly visually active techniques to test oneself on visual diagrams.

  • As far as History & Geography, forcing mind to remember concepts is not a good idea. Instead, key word maps & notes should be reviewed at regular intervals.

  • The best way to remember what one has studied is to have a real understanding of a topic through constant questioning.

  • Students should follow some memory tricks like 'Associating the Information / Concepts, Revising, Using Flash Cards, Linking concepts with real world or imaginary objects to boost their confidence and feel stress-free in the exams.

  • Every student has his own ideas and methods to learn. The trick is to find what is right for each one. Cool and calm mind will help the students, perform well in the exams.