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Friday, 19 December 2014

How to be Mentally & Physically Fit at Your Workplace?

Though we put more emphasis on our healthy eating and regular exercise, health problems like back-pain, knee pain, spinal issues & spondylosis have become common now for most of us. The major reasons for these issues are, bending the wrong way, lifting some heavy objects, driving for long hours or sitting in a wrong posture etc. How to be mentally and physically fit at your workplace? Here are some useful tips:-

  • Everyday Morning Walk: If not in a park, at least on the treadmill, take a walk every morning. Walk as much as possible. Use stairs in your workplace and park your vehicle little bit far away from your office to walk.

  • Food Habits: Eating plenty of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits or fruit juice will keep you away from health problems.

  • Body Posture While Driving: While driving long distances, ensure that your knees are level with your hips. If needed, use artificial back support. Keep your chest parallel to the steering wheel as the distance from the steering wheel is a crucial element in avoiding problems in the wrist, back, neck, arms, shoulders and your spine.

  • Body Posture at Your Workstation: Use a footrest to keep your knees level with the hips. Your chair should push the lower back forward. The computer / laptop screen should be levelled with your head.

  • Resting Your Wrist: Avoid bending your hand and wrist when using computer / laptop keyboard. Keep your hand and wrist in a straight line while working.

  • More Simple Relaxation Exercises: (1) Sit straight and stretch with your legs with toes facing upward. Try to raise your legs 30-40 degrees and slowly put them down without touching the floor. Try this for at least 20 times. (2) Every hour, walk around at least for 5 minutes to overcome your sleepy mood or yur laziness.