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Friday, 19 December 2014

Tips & Rules for 'Grocery Shopping'

Deals, offers & discounts by merchants / malls have resulted in buying much more than what we actually need, resulting to wastage of your hard-earned money. Here are some important & useful tips for your grocery shopping:-

  • Before you go for shopping, make a grocery list. Note down only what you need and buy only those.

  • Never go shopping when you are hungry as shopping with hungry mood will tempt you to buy more than you need.

  • Always try to shop alone or with a friend or neighbor who is health-conscious and who believes in eating a balanced meal. Do not get attracted to junk foods, especially with 'Buy 1 Get 1 free' offers. Do not go with your children for grocery shopping as they force you to buy snacks which are high in sugar and fat.

  • Keep in mind, canned, frozen and pre-packaged foods are high in fat, sugar, sodium or all of them. Fill your cart only with fresh items as it will be healthy for your family members.

  • Even most low-fat foods are manufactured with sugar or salt to make up for the taste factor. Check for the ideal & healthy contents like 5 grams or less per 100 grams for Sugar, 0.3 grams or less per 100 grams for salt, 5 grams or less per 100 grams for fat. Eat for healthy value and not for calorie value.

  • You will notice even in small grocery shops that high-calorie snacks, chocolates and chips are kept in a highly visible and attractive manner. Never get attracted towards them.