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Monday, 22 December 2014

Hair Coloring! Do's & Don'ts.

Men or Women! Hair coloring can turn into a disaster if not done right. Here are some do's & don'ts for hair coloring:-

  • Choose the right color, keeping your skin tone in mind. To find this, look at your wrist. If the shade of your skin is greenish, you have cool skin tone & a yellowish shade means you have a warmer skin tone.

  • Always keep in mind the color of your eyes and eyebrows. Many people have cool skin and warm eyes. For this, you can can pick a neutral shade to balance both.

  • Make sure that your highlights should be three shades lighter than your original hair color. Before getting colors like purple, red, blonde or gold, check if they go well with your skin tone.

  • To have a bright & sun-kissed look, consider the Brazilian blonde look in which streaks aer added only to the tips of the hair.

  • Concentrate highlights on the lower portion of hair i.e. from about your ears down, to help slim and elongate your face.

  • If hair falls past your shoulders, lighten the lowest few centimetres a little to make your face appear smaller.

  • To soften a strong, square jawline, have thin streaks spread evenly throughout your hair with a few extra-light highlights in the front section.