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Friday, 27 November 2015

'Relationship' Essentials

All our relationships depend on the principle of mutual accommodation. We truly are linked to the people we associate with and those we love. We all have deep driving desire to master the principle of human relations. Some essential elements of an ever-lasting relationship here-below:-

  • Minimal expectation is the key to happiness and better relationships. Abnormal expectations, disapointments and frustrations lead to bad relationship.

  • By being responsible, let us not always expect others to take responsibility. When things go wrong, make an effort to forgive and let go.

  • Communication needs to be built on right understanding with no urge to judge, but with an intent to understand first and then, to be understood. This will help in sealing and cementing relationship.

  • As we grow older, we may or may not win an argument but we loose good will and often the relationship too. To maintain good relationship, we have to keep an open mind, view things from others' point of view.

  • As everybody likes a compliment, we should be generous with them by complimenting them to continue the good relationships with others.

  • Each of us has our own way of responding to situations. So we should not impose our ways to others. This will help keep the doors of comfort and friendship open.

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