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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Sure Shot Job Interview Questions

Job-seekers! To present yourself well at a job interview, you need to prepare in detail, have to thoroughly research the company, the needs of the hiring manager and the principal goals of the organization.

There are some shortcuts. You can count on several basic questions coming up - in one form or another - in almost every job interview. Fumbling answers to these questions can really trip you up. If you take adequate time to prepare and target your responses, you will surely get selected from the candidate pool. Here are some basic questions which employers ask from the job- seeker:-

  • Tell Me About Yourself: Not only does your response to this interview opener form your all important first impression, it can often set the tone for the follow-up questions your interviewer will pose.

    You need to respond with your branding statement consisting of : What you do - the functions you perform, prior position titles and the responsibilities you have held, your experience level, training undergone, educational qualifications, some key skills and accomplishments relating specifically to the position for which you are applying.

  • Why Do You Want to Work Here?: Make sure to let your hiring manager know that you have researched their company. List out about the positive aspects about the organization, latest innovations and their expansion plans.

  • What Do You Consider to be Your Greatest Strengths? : This is your invitation to sell yourself. You want to highlight how your skills and experience combine to create a direct match with the position requirements. You can distinguish yourself from the competitors (other job seekers) by adding the added value you will bring to the job and to the company as a whole.

    Make sure that you are well-practized to this question in your responses. You have to speak confidently. List out minimum of 5-10 skills that relate specifically to the position for which you are applying. Project the positive results you have achieved for your previous employers - quantifying accomplishments whenever possible.

  • Any Questions You Have to Ask Us?: It is critical that you come with a list of well-thought out questions. Then you can pick-up and choose the most appropriate as the interview unfolds.

    It is best to start with open-ended questions that will get the hiring manager talking about his / her true needs like what do you see to be the most critical components of the job or what needs to be done immediately.

  • If you prepare compelling and targeted responses to the above basic (typically asked) questions, you can approach the interview from a position of strength.