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Monday, 30 November 2015

Thermal Water Benefits

'Thermal Water' is mineral water that comes from thermal springs. Its facial sprays are slowly becoming an important part of a woman's daily skin care route. Here are some useful information & benefits of 'thermal water':-

  • Since thermal water flows from the depths of the earth (mainly in mountainous regions), it is free of bacteria and dirt.

  • Protected from pollution, it is not only pure but also rich in mineral salts, gases, trace elements and nutrients.

  • This water has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties along with a host of therapeutic benefits.

  • It acts as a natural skin serum and maintains skin cell activity.

  • It is often used to treat acne and eczema and reduce burn-related damage and scars. For these specific purposes, water containing calcium, magnesium or sodium bicarbonate is the right choice.

  • It is also perfect to soothe skin after sun exposure or a dermatological treatment like exfoliation, micro-dermabrasion.

  • The mineral salts, present in the mineral water, repair the skin barrier and even out the skin.

  • Available in spray form, it is easy to use on red, irritated skin, anytime and always.

  • Thermal water is highly recommended for sensitive, dehydrated or dry skin. For best use, the mist of thermal water can simply be sprayed on the skin.

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